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Chapter 162: Who Will Have the Last Laugh?

Chapter 162: Who Will Have the Last Laugh?
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"Not good, be careful, this youngster went to the ground to flee. He should have learned some extremely high level escaping technique that works on the ground."

Li Yunmu suddenly dropped into the group of Colossal Lion City and unleashed his killing technique.

The eleven rainbow crystal powerhouses in the sky also reacted and did their utmost to descend. However, at this instant, something strange happened!

An intense sound of something rushing through the wind echoed from the distance.


This sound caught the eleven rainbow crystal powerhouses off guard. Four of them still hadn't managed to respond by the time several black rays of light penetrated their bodies.

"It's the runic sealing spear!"

The expressions of the remaining seven rainbow crystal fluxers changed greatly and they yelled out loudly, "Careful."

Barely a moment had passed when the sound came again.


Again three of the remaining seven rainbow crystal powerhouses were penetrated by this black ray.

Sudden, this was too sudden! The black rays arrived extremely swiftly, to the extent that no one was able to react to them. Even Li Yunmu who had been charging towards the enormous lion, preparing to kill, couldn't not slow in his movements, his expression changing slightly.

He quickly evaluated the situation to determine whether he could use his fifth level Arrow Evasion to dodge this extremely fast black ray.

He needed to admit that this sudden attack was really too astonishing. It also allowed him to come to a realisation that the concealed unique attacks in this world couldn't be underestimated.

With just two attacks, of the eleven rainbow layer powerhouses, seven had been killed. The formidable defense offered by rainbow armor was penetrated like paper by the black ray's attacks.

However, this wave of sudden attacks had just barely begun.

Suddenly, the thirty-six fluxers from some king city used this confusion to attack. Thirty-six dimensional heavy cannons were suddenly aimed at the group of Lu City. One after another, the weapons unleashed waves of destruction on more than ten riders of the Colossal Lion City's Lu Family.

Under the collective attack of all cannons, among the Colossal Lion City's riders, almost each person and mount received focus fire attacks of at least three cannons.

In a short time, the people who'd been acting with great arrogance suffered great casualties.

The Earth Dragon Valley's squad, whom Li Yunmu couldn't see through previously, also followed closely behind and attacked. One after another, all of them spitted a mouthful of blood essence and dropped it on the little lizards sitting on their shoulders.

The next instant, the small lizards instantly began to swell like mad. They howled in terror inducing voice and began to transform into lizardmen one after another. Once they had gained their new forms, they pounced towards the Illusionary Sound Snow Palace's seven fairies with their ferocious mouths wide open.

The illusionary sound attack of the seven snow fairies had basically no effect on these lizardmen who had already sunk into a state of extreme bloodthirstiness.

Targeted. Surprisingly, all these people had marked out their targets long ago.

The eruption of the three sudden fights startled Li Yunmu. Similarly, these events also filled the extremely small number of people who were receiving the transmissions of the real time situation with astonishment.

At this moment, the sudden infighting between the powers which had come from Central Continent had just begun.


As it happened, the leader of the group of rainbow crystal fluxers, Gu Changfeng suddenly arrived by the side of one rainbow crystal fluxer. He sinisterly smiled towards him and ruthlessly thrust his claw, which resembled a dragon's one, into the back of that rainbow crystal fluxer, forcefully grabbing his heart.

Out of eleven rainbow crystal powerhouses, in a short while, eight had died.

This was just too astonishing. When Li Yunmu witnessed the continuous sudden transformations, his heart filled with shock and confusion.

He had greatly underestimated the enticement of the key to a deity's secret region. He had never anticipated that the couple powers which had chosen to remain behind would start fighting against each other.

He halted and slowly retreated from their battlefield, allowing them to continue fighting one another, and coldly watched everything with rapt attention.

This final group of people hadn't been simply waiting for Li Yunmu to appear. They presently still in the middle of cleaning up those who were greedy but didn't have the strength to support it.

Enormous profits can never be shared. They have to be enjoyed alone!

This sudden infighting, which had began when no one had expected, also ended very quickly. In less than a minute, the several extremely arrogant golden crystal fluxers from the Colossal Lion City's Lu family, who were riding atop the enormous lions, were completely turned into ashes by the individual dimensional heavy cannons.

As for the seven snow fairies dispatched by the Illusionary Sound Snow Palace, they were also eliminated. Those beautiful woman who had snow white skin had been torn to shreds by the sudden attack of the Earth Dragon Valley's lizardmen standing near them. Their flesh and internal organs were scattered throughout the battlefield, resulting in an extremely bloody scene.

This was reality, the naked reality of strong preying upon the weak!

In the end, only Gu Chengfang, leading two fluxers, the troops of Earth Dragon Valley, and the thirty-six soldiers who used the dimensional heavy cannons remained behind.

This was the precisely the use of deep reserves and heaven defying methods possessed by large clans and major powers who used their huge backgrounds to control situations behind the scenes in such a way that they themselves wouldn't even need to personally attack. As long as they controlled everything from behind the scene, the end situation would always play out according to their scripts.

Li Yunmu didn't need the system's explanation for it, as he already knew that it was certainly the three largest betting companies who were controlling the situation from behind the scenes.

Furthermore, there was still a fourth power, which was hidden at some secret place. This secret power was precisely the one which had used those black rays of light to shoot down the seven rainbow crystal fluxers.

[Host, the behind the scenes powers have already started to meddle,] the system warned him.

"I know. Yet why didn't they make their move before I reached the target of killing one hundred."

Li Yunmu was still coldly watching everything with rapt attention.

[Because compared to the large bet made by just you, there were much higher combined wagers by those people who weren't optimistic about your chances.]

The system's reply was very simple to understand. Those people hadn't meddled earlier because there was a larger number of people who had wagered greater money that Li Yunmu wouldn't be able to hold on for a long time. For the profits, these powers controlling things behind the scenes naturally wouldn't attack earlier. Otherwise they stood to make a great loss.

That's why they allowed Li Yunmu to hog sufficient limelight and go on a killing spree to reach their required target in profits.

But now that they had attained this target, it was natural that they wanted to clean up their mess and kill the donkey after the grinding was done. This couldn't be considered the least bit strange, especially since this donkey didn't even belong to them.

Li Yunmu going on a hunt was just a move by a chess piece for these powers. In other words, he was just a donkey. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that even if Li Yunmu hadn't had the power to resist, these vicious powers manipulating everything would have still supported him secretly so he would have lasted this long.

The target for profit was reached now, so the next action was obviously to profit even more. They wanted to make money, they also wanted to obtain battle sage's bloodline, as for the key to deity's secret region, they were even more crazy about it.

However, would Li Yunmu let himself to be so easily disposed of, like that donkey?

Naturally the answer is no.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

Li Yunmu clapped while smiling. He was extremely stunned by the various methods used by the top powers to control the situation. Today he really experienced many things.

"What are you laughing at? Don't tell me you still think that you can escape relying upon the Wings of the Wind that you obtained in the Tower of Glory? Don't be naive."

Gu Chengfeng revealed a malicious smile, and the next instant, under the gazes of Li Yunmu and everyone else, he raised a huge barrier.

"Aerial Domain Sealing Barrier?" Li Yunmu asked in hesitation.