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Chapter 163: How Can You Act so Arrogantly?

Chapter 163: How Can You Act so Arrogantly?
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"Aerial Domain Sealing Barrier?" Li Yunmu asked in hesitation.

"Li Yunmu, since we have come for you, how can we not know what treasures, you obtained in the Tower of Glory. Wings torn from Wind Child, price five hundred tower badges, really too expensive. You are truly courageous," Gu Chengfeng praised him lightly.

Li Yunmu's heart sank. That damned video shot by the dimensional hunter squad which filmed him fighting against the rooster dragons in the sky had indeed revealed Wings of the Wind, his secret trump card.

When Li Yunmu saw the opponent using Aerial Territory Sealing Barrier, this sage level weapon, he felt that he had still greatly underestimated the people of this world. Especially the deep reserves of top clans.

However, the opponent had only began to reveal his deep reserves. Soon, Li Yunmu discovered that the land under his feet had suddenly started to stiffen. It began to transform into hard cyan-steel rain marble.

Aerial Territory Sealing Barrier, he had information about this item. This sage level weapon's ability was simply a perfect counter to destroy all the lords of the sky. It would forcibly transform an area in the sky into a sealed zone.

The magnitude of the aerial domain sealing barrier was decided based on two factors. The power of the sage weapon and the strength of the person implementing it. Presently the range of this barrier wasn't very large, extending only up to three kilometers.

However, given that these people were using various methods to control the situation to the greatest extent, did Li Yunmu still had the ability to break through this sealed range?

The soft forest land had transformed into cyan-steel rain marble. Li Yunmu had never heard about this method which even spirits and gods wouldn't be able to figure out.

The cyan-steel rain marble was an ore whose hardness was extremely high. Even if the large pincer beetle could dig through earth on a rocky mountain, but in front of this super hard marble, his efficiency would be greatly decreased. This meant that it could be discarded as useless at this moment.

It could be said that the two methods used by the opponent were completely focused on suppressing Li Yunmu's two trump cards.

But instead of showing fear, he said coldly, "You just now used a golden dragon claw to kill that rainbow crystal fluxer. It was Eight Pole Flame Dragon Claw skill, wasn't it?

Li Yunmu's abrupt calmness, which was completely out of his character, caused Gu Chengfeng's pupil to shrink. "That's right, it's an extremely rare peak level flux claw, Eight Pole Flame Dragon Claw."

"That means I haven't made a mistake. Apparently you, a majestic Halted Fluxer, have abandoned your pride to become a lackey of that lord."

Li Yunmu's expression turned completely icy.

The claw skill revealed by the other party just now was identical to the one used by the golden crystal fluxer that had come to assassinate him. It was only natural then the it had remained etched in the deepest part of his heart.

Li Yunmu wasn't a good person, but he also wasn't someone who liked massacres. Yet he was someone who remembered his hatred and would never sit quietly until he took his revenge.

Now it showed up that the most vicious powers acting behind the scenes was acting under the commands of the Flux Sage of Heavenly Cloud City's fluxer guild. Li Yunmu hadn't expected that this person's influence would be so profound, to the extent that even the powers of three largest betting companies would also serve him. This lord's schemes were extremely terrifying.

"So what if I did. No one can keep a secret as properly as a dead person," Gu Chengfeng said with a faint smile.

Li Yunmu also smiled. That's right, in this world, there isn't anyone who can keep a secret better than a corpse.

The next instant he suddenly made his move, bursting forth with Insect Step, and rushed towards Gu Chengfeng.

"Today, allow me to kill a lackey first, to let that lord feel the the fear of trying to scheme against me, Li Yunmu," he declared. So what if you're a Flux Sage, as long as you aren't a true deity, there will certainly be a day when I will kill you!

This was the first time Li Yunmu erupted forth with Insect Step which had recently been upgraded to the fifth level in front of others. Everytime he used sudden instant acceleration, he would cover several tens of meters. After continuously using this instant acceleration a few times, in the blink of an eye, he had already covered more than half of the distance to Gu Chengfeng.

"What kind of abnormal footwork is this, stop him!"

Gu Chengfeng's expression changed slightly. The Halted Fluxers in the Fifth Dimension who were more formidable than him could be counted on fingers, but this person, who was rushing towards him, was already a great abnormality whose strength couldn't be evaluated using normal standards. It could be said that the present Li Yunmu was actually considered by many people a monster who had broken the balance.

The spectacle which many peak layer powers of the Fifth Dimension as well the small group of Halted Fluxers never wanted to see was occuring right now.

Even among Flux Masters of the Sixth Dimension there would be many who wouldn't be willing to see Li Yunmu jumping around like this. Given the monstrous speed at which his strength increased, even Flux Masters wouldn't want to see him ascending to the Sixth Dimension. Since if that happened, their lives might no longer remain safe and peaceful.

"Ha ha, you arrogant brat, just with an ordinary fluxer's strength, you still want to cause the lord Flux Sage to fear you? Experience the power of this technology which has exceeded this dimension."

The leader of the thirty-six fluxers using the dimensional heavy cannons, Large Beard—whose face, as expected, was covered by a thick beard—lifted his hand and gave a decisive command.

Instantly, the group half-squatted down and aimed the pitch black mouths of the dimensional heavy cannons at Li Yunmu.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Many energy beams carrying the power of destruction swiftly rushed to attack Li Yunmu.

"What bullsh*t power of technology which surpasses dimensions. If it can't hit people, it's just a piece of junk!"

As the attacks of the numerous heavy cannons reached him, Li Yunmu erupted forth with Insect Step using his full strength, and his figure suddenly transformed. Many movements which couldn't be displayed because of the restrictions of human body could now be easily done by Li Yunmu.

Horizontal shift, sudden dash, rapid retreat, high jump, urgent descent—all these moves became available to him after attaining the fifth level, 'Outstanding', of Insect Step. When he displayed this full strength, the dimensional heavy cannons couldn't lock onto him anymore. Even their ability to judge where he'd dodge was also of no help.

Seeing that Li Yunmu was still rushing forward and hadn't slowed down in the least even after being bombarded by many destruction energy beams, Gu Chengfeng's complexion sank, and he began to rapidly retreat backwards.

This abnormal person rushing forward suddenly scared him. After all, this was a terrifying existence who had already killed Li Qinghong and Blade Overlord Lin Jian.

"How is it possible? What are you all doing? I asked you all to focus your bombardment on him, not fire at empty space!" Large Beard furiously roared like thunder.

He couldn't believe that a fluxer from the Fifth Dimension had surprisingly escaped without sustaining any damage from the thirty-five dimensional heavy cannons.

Can't hit, sir, I cannot lock onto him, a golden crystal fluxer inwardly complained. He had been trying to aim at the opponent for a very long time, but still hadn't shot his cannon.

It wasn't that he didn't want to open the fire but that he clearly knew the outcome if he took this shot. Since he already knew it wouldn't hit, then why would he take the shot, unless he just wanted to miss?

He was perfectly aware that every one shot of the cannon used up a large amount of dimensional coins.

"Sir, the opponent is changing his posture too irregularly in a weird way and is also extremely quick. My three shots all hit the air."

"Can't be locked on, prejudgement is also useless. It has lost all of its effectiveness."

Hearing the information sent by his subordinates, Large Beard went crazy.