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Chapter 165: Deadly Weapon

Chapter 165: Deadly Weapon
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"Good god, no wonder you had the ability to kill Li Qinghong and Lin Jian"

Gu Chengfeng took a deep breath. Under Li Yunmu's focused gaze, unprecedented fear of death gripped his heart.

Presently, he was a little regretful of using the secret fatal claw skill Eight Pole Flame Dragon Claw in front of this person. Although he wasn't the assassin who had attacked Li Yunmu that time, this person clearly had a vengeful nature, so today he would certainly come to kill him without relenting.

But he still hadn't lost, because behind him stood that lord Flux Sage.

At this time, the fluxers and lizardmen of Earth Dragon City had completely abandoned any intentions of entering close combat with Li Yunmu. After all, entering close combat with a person who could be considered as a battle sage of this dimension was nothing more than courting death.

They had already realized that this person's combat strength couldn't be suppressed, and one by one, all of them began to think of a way out. As for the dimensional heavy cannon squad, after the death of their commander, the remaining soldiers had lost all hopes of killing Li Yunmu.

Either their attacks couldn't hit him, unable to track his movements even with using prejudgement, or even if they hit him, he wouldn't die. Facing this sort of unrivaled footwork and absolute defense, their only hope of blasting him to pieces was if he stood still, allowing all of them to fire at him together.

But what kind of enemy would do so?

Thee opponent they faced now was this world's battle sage! He was precisely such an entity. Most of the people present here hadn't personally experienced the power of a Battle Sage, but they had heard many rumors about it.

Once a Battle Sage is born in the world, no person can rival them. They will have no flaws and triumph in every battle!

Why was the intimidating power of Battle Sages so enormous? That's because, in the whole universe, apart from some innately formidable life-forms of the Seventh Dimension, there wo gang up on such a person, even if one used ten Domain Sages to atas no creature who could threaten a Battle Sage.

Even if one used numbers attack them, it would be all pointless. In front of the formidable might of a Battle Sage, the Domain Sages could only be dominated by fear. This was the power of a Battle Sage.

As for World Masters, until the day when they were able to congeal twelve suns and became true deities, they wouldn't dare to fight with a Battle Sage outside their heavenly world. And the flux ancestor was no different in this regard.

That's what a Battle Sage is.

Li Yunmu wasn't a Battle Sage, but he was similar to one within the Fifth Dimension.

"This child's behavior reminds me of the time when master was alive. In this world, his battle strength cannot be compared to a Battle Sage's, but it is certainly very close."

At a distant mountain peak, three people were standing.

None of them were in their true forms, for they were only projected images. Among the two females and one male, the woman carrying the large vorpal sword and wearing black clothes had said these words.

"Unfortunately, it is still impossible for him to be flawless like a Battle Sage is. Today, he will perish, what a pity."

A trace of regret flashed through the face of the male, but his tone was as calm as if nothing happening in the world truly concerned him.

"Don't tell me we are just going to watch him perish under the hands of those disgusting bast*rds?" the last female, wearing battle clothes and floating like an immortal, said.

"There is no reason for us to intervene. Although he has already obtained the qualifications to participate in our trial by fire, he still isn't someone from our War God Temple."

The black clothed woman holding vorpal broadsword curled up her lips.

"En, furthermore, these are just our projections. Even if we attacked, it would still be difficult to influence the outcome."

These people were completely calm, as if they were watching a play whose outcome wouldn't affect them. Even the powers who had moved behind the scenes to create this inescapable net seemed to have not discovered their existence.

On the battlefield, Li Yunmu, as if refusing the three people's words about dying, walked out of the dust from the bombardment. His king grade crystal armor was shining brightly.

However, the next instant, he seemed to have stopped moving. Dammit, it was once again the attack of the black runic spear. Using the fifth level Arrow Evasion, he sidestepped it in advance.

Under the life and death crisis, Li Yunmu's Insect Step burst forth. His two limbs instantly seemed to have turned into countless ones, and they moved at crazy speeds so he could forcefully shift his body half a position away horizontally in less than 0.1 second.

However, even though he had Arrow Evasion, the forbidden runic spear was still extremely quick and covered the large distance within 0.1 second.


A bloody hole was forcefully pierced through Li Yunmu's shoulder, and a large amount of rune spell energy entered his body.

The wound couldn't be healed no matter what kind of medicines he might use, no matter what sort of body constitution he possessed. One after another, large drops of blood kept falling from Li Yunmu's shoulder.


This was the first time he was injured!

Even when he had been ambushed that night while hunting in the dwarf witch tribe, he hadn't received any real injury. This time, however, he got injured. His unrivaled defense had been ruthlessly smashed into pieces for the first time.

Safeguard, Admiralty Cover, king grade crystal armor, iron body, and finally the devil dragon bone armor, as well as the heavenly world's damage absorption—all six layers of his defense surprisingly couldn't resist against this deadly tool.

He finally realized how the seven rainbow crystal powerhouses had died so quickly. They were like a mosquitos which had been pierced by an extremely sharp needle, moving at the speed which surpassed the limits of human body.

Li Yunmu sensed the formidable might of a forbidden weapon. Apparently, the person who used it just now trying to kill him had no intentions to obtain the key to the deity's secret region. The Flux Sage lord still seemed only interested in obtaining his 'battle sage bloodline'.

This instant Li Yunmu felt an unprecedented crisis.

"Ha ha ha, Li Yunmu, you don't need to struggle, your stubborn resistance has already excited our bloodthirsty hearts. You should feel honored that you forced us to use the forbidden tool."

Gu Chengfeng finally breathed a sigh of relief. Lord Shadow had finally decided to kill Li Yunmu.

It could only be said that Li Yunmu was extremely formidable, even to the extent that he caused Lord Shadow to become anxious and make the decision to kill him and abandon the jade pendant.

As if confirming Gu Chengfeng's thoughts, the sharp sounds piercing through wind echoed once again.

The blood spear caught up to Li Yunmu in a heartbeat. Fast, this forbidden weapon far surpassed the speed of sound. However, Li Yunmu, who had already taken one spear, how would he dare to stay at the same place.

He burst forth with fifth level Insect Step, pouring in his full strength!

One after another the blood spears followed behind him and struck the land, leaving behind deep holes. They were just too terrifying!

At this moment, Li Yunmu had already sunk into unprecedented danger. With only a split second's difference between life and death, his figure suddenly flashed and he scuttled to enter the trunk of large tree with enough width for many people to wrap their arms around. Yet the next instant he was forced to start running once again.

No use, even the thick tree was unable to stop the blood spears from penetrating, being as easily pierced as paper.

"It's no use Li Yunmu. Regardless of how powerful you are, under the gaze of the Flux Sage's shadow, you're still only a somewhat powerful ant…" Gu Chengfeng said with a lamenting expressions on his face.

"You've already been infected by the blood spell of this runic spear. It will quickly absorb all the energy in your body, including your soul. It's only a matter of time before you run out of energy, why not renounce this useless struggle of yours."

"Yeah, right."

Li Yunmu's figure was still moving as fast as before, hardly giving that deadly forbidden tool the opportunity to lock on him, when his somewhat hoarse voice came from the jungle.

Gu Chengfeng's pupils soon shrunk fiercely when he saw that, at some point in time, a sacred bottle had appeared in Li Yunmu's hand. This bottle contained a green-colored liquid.