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Chapter 166: Breaking All Restrictions in One Revolution

Chapter 166: Breaking All Restrictions in One Revolution
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"Sacred Life Water?" Gu Chengfeng said with a pained expression, and the other fluxers also gave up all hopes. This person even had Sacred Life Water. Could he leave something for the others as well?

In reality, though, Li Yunmu didn't possess the resources to obtain an extremely valuable treasure like Sacred Life Water. He had snatched it from some fluxer whom he had killed.

Sacred Life Water was the condensed dew from the Sacred Life Tree which existed in the Seventh Dimension, and there weren't many of them even there. But even if a person had the opportunity to obtain it, he must have a powerful background to protect it .

That's why when Li Yunmu had snatched it from the silver crystal fluxer named Mountain Falcon, he'd found it unfathomable. But he hadn't expected that he would have to use it up himself so quickly.

One drop, two drops, three drops!

He poured the three drops of Sacred Life Water on his injured left shoulder: The first drop removed all traces of the runic spear's spell, second drop regenerated his flesh and bones, and the third drop restored his vitality. Li Yunmu thus removed the curse and returned to his peak state.

In the blink of an eye, everyone discovered that Li Yunmu was back at his best. And what was the greatest embodiment of this?

That was certainly the fifth level Insect Step, which had instantly become more strange, nimble, and swift. The runic spears launched from the distance were no longer able to lock onto even a hint of his presence.

The forbidden weapon runic spear had incomparably formidable power, to the extent that it could kill any existence in the Fifth Dimension. If it hadn't been created using technology transcending dimensional runes, then with the level of strength displayed by it, it would have long ago caused the descent of world punishment from the Fifth Dimension.

From this, the depths of the enormous influence and reserves behind that Lord Flux Sage could be clearly seen. He was the second person Li Yunmu came into contact with that had such authority, the first being the flux ancestor.

"Game over!"

After Li Yunmu restored himself to his peak condition, his cold voice came from the jungle.

From the beginning he had concealed all his cards, waiting for the enemy to reveal first its unknown methods, so now he had seen through the enemy's method, why would he still desire to play with fire?

"What bullsh*t forbidden skies, sealed earth. All of this will break for me."

The next instant, an unknown rotating disk emitting shining light appeared in Li Yunmu's both hands.

"Go, break the forbidden skies for me in one revolution."

Li Yunmu lightly tossed the rotating disk toward the sky.

Immediately, this item begun to swell fiercely and finally transformed into a heavenly disk which was one hundred meters in size. It began to slowly rotate in the sky, emitting dazzling light in all directions.

A sound of something breaking in the deepest parts of space rang out, and the next instant the barrier sealing the aerial domain cracked.

The see-through shield seemed to be struggling. Trembling, it gathered a large amount of energy, but it was all useless. Under the enormous power generated by the slowly rotating heavenly disk, it was finally smashed into pieces like a mirage.

"Second revolution, break the sealed earth for me!" Li Yunmu loudly yelled out.

The hollow giant disk continued to slowly rotate. The cyan-steel rain marble could put up even less resistance than the barrier sealing the sky when confronting the enormous force of the rotating disk. The strange metal began to break down little by little

"Transcending sage level weapon?" Gu Chengfeng's complexion turned deathly pale, and he couldn't control himself from yelling out loudly, "Transcended sage weapon, Void Disk?"

Even the projected images of two females and one male, standing atop the mountain peak, were also slightly stunned at this moment.

"Yeah, it should be that. In this whole world, there is only one true dimensional sage tool which can break through all kinds of restrictions, the Void Disk."

"However, this Void Disk, didn't the flux ancestor break it into three parts and put each of them for exchange at the fifteenth, twentieth, and twenty-fifth levels of the Tower of Glory? How did this Li Yunmu get his hands on the world renowned transcending sage weapon?"

The three people of the War God Temple were completely stunned.

This transcending sage Void Disk had been divided into three transcending sage level parts at the Tower of Glory. Furthermore, the conditions to exchange for them were extremely harsh. The flux ancestor had divided it into three parts and placed it at the fifteenth, twentieth, and twenty-fifth levels.

Each part required eight hundred and eighty-eight tower badges, so the three parts together would cost 2664 tower badges. Moreover, the conditions to exchange for that Void Disk transcending sage tool weren't simply in the number of tower badges.

All three of these parts had a harsh condition placed on them—one could only exchange for them while being at ordinary crystal layer. If they entered the black crystal layer, then the amount of tower badges would subsequently double and the price would be 1776 tower badges for each part.

If one was a silver crystal fluxer, then the exchange rate would triple and each part would require 2664 dimensional coins.

This was the reason why even though the flux ancestor had placed the three sage level tools in the Tower of Glory, but even after a hundred years, only one of these parts had been taken by a newcomer from Desolate Continent.

These facts made sure that until today no one had been able to obtain it and walk away. It wasn't that the people of the six continents did not desire these transcending sage tools, but rather that the difficulty was just too high.

There were even many rumors about it once. The majority of fluxers were of the opinion that even though the flux ancestor put these three transcending sage weapons in the Tower of Glory, he also placed impossible conditions to obtain them, since he didn't want anyone else to get ahold of them. That's why no one had expected that Li Yunmu would have been able to get his hands on them.

Once the disk appeared, it wasn't difficult for a clever person to understand that Li Yunmu might have silently cleared the twenty-fifth level. After this revelation, the three people of War God Temple couldn't refrain from looking at each other in dismay. A hint of astonishment was clearly visible in their eyes.

As members of War God Temple, they weren't surprised easily. Usually, although in the eyes of ordinary people, the so called proud sons and daughters of heavens were like precious gems who should be looked up to, they did not put them in their eyes.

According to them, these talented geniuses wouldn't even compare to the least powerful of their members. But presently, Li Yunmu had caused the three of them to feel astonishment.

"You cleared the Tower of Glory's twenty-fifth level?" Gu Chengfeng asked in an agonized voice.

The people of Earth Dragon Valley and dimensional heavy cannon squad looked at Li Yunmu as if they were seeing a legend. They had never expected that their target would be this sort of legendary person.

Although Li Yunmu still hadn't matured completely, but if he could survive this calamity, then in less than a few decades or maybe even quicker he would certainly become one of the legends.

After offending this legendary character to death, these people only had two choices. The first was to wait for him to mature, when he would certainly come to kill them. The second option was to kill him now using the opportunity that he hadn't matured completely yet.

In an instant, everyone decided to agree upon the latter choice.

"We all must go all out against him without holding anything back. If he doesn't die, then all of us will!"

At this moment, all the fluxers became determined to fight Li Yunmu will their full strength.

However, when the sky and earth had been sealed, they hadn't staked everything to kill Li Yunmu, so what use was going all out now that these two restrictions had been destroyed?

Looking at the Desolate Earth Valley's fluxers and lizardmen rushing towards him, Li Yunmu laughed coldly.