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Chapter 176: Pearls Cast Before a Pig

Chapter 176: Pearls Cast Before a Pig
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"Certain. Weren't you doubtful before that it was temporal layer? Then why are you now so certain that this weapon has been upgraded to Nirvana layer?" Li Yunmu asked, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. "This weapon has certainly been obtained from a golden crystal fluxer. He was called Zhang Tianhang, and should be descendant of a Flux Sage."

Li Yunmu quickly narrated the details of him killing Zhang Tianhang. He remembered it well, since that person had left quite a lasting impression on him. He'd had many divine protection seals, an imprint left by a Flux Sage, and even treasure weapons.

"Zhang Tianhang?"

After hearing Li Yunmu's word, Old Hou as well as Lin Qinghong and Lin Jian, who were standing nearby, all cried out in surprise at the same time.


After seeing the identical responses of the three people, Li Yunmu prepared himself for what was to come. He silently nodded to himself.

"No wonder, no wonder, so it was this person," Old Hou said, smiling bitterly.

"Okay, what is the history of this sage descendant, tell me," Li Yunmu asked with interest. The events that had taken place could not be reversed, and so he now had many enemies. Perhaps collecting them had already become his habit.

Li Qinghong, Lin Jian, and Gu Chengfang were all Halted Fluxers. All of them had suppressed their cultivation and remained alive even after major powers had tried to hunt them down for a long time. If they could accomplish this, then why couldn't Li Yunmu do the same?

"This Zhang Tianhang, there is actually nothing pertinent to say about him. If I was to describe him in one line, then he could only be said to be mud on top of a wall. However, he had a powerful background, for he was a second great-grandson of Bestial Sage. His only second great-grandson, the only person in this world who possessed his bloodline. You have enormous guts to have slaughtered Zhang Tianhang. This hatred is not one that can be resolved."

The old man sighed while shaking his head.

"Ha ha, so what should I have done, just allowed his second great-grandson to kill me? What kind of logic is that?" Li Yunmu said with a sneer.

"Say, what kind of god is this Beastial Sage, I've heard about many sage level powerhouses, but all of them seem the same to me. However, according to Old Hou's words, it seems like this Bestial Sage is someone extraordinary among the sage layer experts?" Li Yunmu asked, paying serious attention to it.

Strategy requires one to look down on the enemy, but tactics require that one doesn't underestimate the enemy. Not to mention when that enemy is a Flux Sage.

"Bestial Sage hasn't established any faction or clan; however, he is extremely protective by nature. Zhang Tianhang was his only direct descendant in the world. So he greatly valued him, and all experienced fluxer knew about it, and accepted this matter as such. Even we Halted Fluxers wouldn't go provoking him if there wasn't exceptional hatred between us. After all, a river can't offend an ocean," Lin Jian said solemnly.

"And what is the precise strength of this Beastial Sage," Li Yunmu asked while nodding.

"Extremely formidable. Sixty years ago he had already became a Domain Sage, so right now his cultivation should be in the high layer."

The sage layer is generally divided into three major realms: Ordinary Sage, Domain Sage, Battle Sage.

People known as Ordinary Sages were those whose flesh had broken through to the sage layer, allowing them to become a Flux Sage powerhouse. They were the weakest type of Flux Sage.

The next step was Domain Sage. They had formidable strength and were considered as the group of people standing at the peak of the strength pyramid of the six continents.

However, Domain Sage, this major layer, was divided into three minor layers. From low to high, they were divided among Lower Flux Sage, High Flux Sage, and Senior Flux Sage.

To Lower Flux Sage belonged those Domain Sages who had congealed a weak domain, whose quality was not that good. Their domains weren't concise and compact and had many flaws.

As for High Flux Sages, they represented those Domain Sages who had congealed higher domains which had few flaws and were naturally many levels higher compared to those of Lower Flux Sages.

As for Senior Flux Sages, this layer referred to those who had succeeded fully in congealing a domain without any weak spots. They were complete masters of their domains, and hence were known by that title.

Thus, when Li Qinghong mentioned that Bestial Sage's cultivation had reached high sage layer, for a moment, Li Yunmu felt a headache.

Heavenly Cloud City's fluxer association's master was a Lower Flux Sage, but he had already created many problems for Li Yunmu. Then what chould be said about a High Flux Sage whose domain was more or less perfectly congealed. Li Yunmu's only relief was that this Bestial Sage hadn't founded any major power and was just a loner Domain Sage.

"That's still alright, we can fight back!" Li Yunmu said with a smile, after finding that only good thing.

The hatred between them couldn't be resolved. The enemy wanted to kill him, so not fighting back wasn't something he could do. If even when he possessed a great reserve like his system, he would continue to bow his head everywhere, then that wouldn't make much sense.

"Li Qinghong had only mentioned one of the facts about his strength. There is another reason why he is considered as someone who should be feared. He possesses secondary flux energy. Apart from his personal strength being formidable, he also formed a contract with three sage beasts who have extremely formidable innate bloodlines. That's why he was given the title of Bestial Sage," Lin Jian added.

Li Yunmu's mood immediately turned ugly. F*ck, this Bestial Sage is also the heaven's destined child? Cheat, his existence is just a f*cking cheat.

"What you two said is right, this Bestial Sage is a comparatively unique existence. However, destiny is also impartial. He took upon himself the name of Bestial Sage, but it is his glory as it is his downfall. Because he divided his attention to become a secondary flux energy sage, there is very little hope for him to become a Battle Sage in near future. So in a broad sense, little brother, you can regard it as good news among all the bad news," Old Hou consoled him.

Li Yunmu felt quite comfortable. Although the other party had only said these words to console him, the news that Bestial Sage is unable to become a Battle Sage indeed allowed him to breath a sigh of relief. As long as he wasn't facing an existence like a Battle Sage, he didn't feel truly terrified.

"Let's not talk about this Bestial Sage anymore. If he wants revenge, he will have to come to the Fifth Dimension for it. Old Hou, you were earlier saying something about this weapon."

"Yes, since it has been obtained from Zhang Tianhang, then I'm even more certain. This item is supremely suited for battle and its name had shaken the entire six continents. This name is renowned through all the worlds, and it is Azure Dragon Tyrannical Gauntlets.

"Their previous master was a Lower Flux Sage, but he hasn't shown himself in the past few decades. So these Azure Dragon Tyrannical Gauntlets had also disappeared for the past few decades. Even to this day there are many powerful people who are searching for their whereabouts. But this isn't important, the part that interests you is that these Azure Dragon Tyrannical Gauntlets are one of the five items of the legendary Azure Dragon Supreme Battlesuit. Although the pieces of this suit are only Nirvana layer weapons on their own, but if the whole set is gathered, they will compliment each other to the extent they it'll be the most powerful sacred suit. Some rumors glorify it even more, naming it as Azure Dragon Deity Suit."

Old Hou lamented in a tone which bystanders wouldn't understand, "One weapon of the legendary Azure Dragon Deiy Suit, this old man hadn't expected to encounter one of these weapons in his lifetime. I must offer my sincere gratitude to you, little brother, you have picked up a treasure, a supreme treasure."

Who could've expected that one of the weapons of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit would have fallen into the hands of the Bestial Sage. And what is even more important, this Bestial Sage surprisingly handed it to a golden crystal youngster who couldn't display even one percent of its true power.

Li Qinghong quickly moved to put on these Azure Dragon Tyrant Gauntlets, and the next instant, her rainbow crystal flux energy erupted. Instantly, the Azure Dragon Tyrant Gauntlets transformed, finally revealing their true forms to everyone present.

"The legendary Azure Dragon Supreme Battlesuit, they truly belong to it. According to legends… if a Battle Sage collected all five pieces of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, then he could even slaughter gods."