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Chapter 177: The Whereabouts of Azure Dragon Leg Guards

Chapter 177: The Whereabouts of Azure Dragon Leg Guards
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"The legendary Azure Dragon Supreme Battlesuit, these are its true parts. According to legends… if a Battle Sage collected all five pieces of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, then he could even slaughter deities."

Li Qinghong then added, astonishing everyone, "If Zhang Hangtian could display even one percent of their true power, then master probably would've lost at that time. These Azure Dragon Tyrannical Gauntlets are the claws of Azure Dragon Supreme Battlesuit and can be described as its most lethal component."

Li Yunmu now saw the true appearance of the Azure Dragon Tyrannical Gauntlets for the first time. At this moment, they weren't just two simple gauntlets but rather covered the whole arm until the elbow. They were deep black in color and were scaled like a dragon's skin. Five dragon claw shaped bones, which appeared to be like gold sometimes and diamond at other times, grew from Li Qinghong's fingertips.

She moved her wrist once, and the new bones suddenly covered the top of her fingers, completely turning them into black dragon claws. When she moved her fist again, these bones withdrew back, revealing the Azure Dragon Tyrannical Gauntlets covering her fists.

Clearly, Li Qinghong was quite familiar with this weapon.

"Unfortunately, I'm truly unable to use this Azure Dragon Deity Suit's true killing power. Master, it is indeed related to you by fate."

Li Qinghong reluctantly took off the gauntlets and pushed them toward Li Yunmu.

"En? I'm related to them by fate? Why do you say that?" Li Yunmu involuntarily asked.

"Because only those who use king crystal armor or have the strength of the sage layer can truly merge their crystal armor with these Azure Dragon Gauntlets. The crystal armor of others is simply not compatible with them."

Old Hou bitterly laughed.


At this moment, Li Yunmu became even more sure that his decision to congeal king grade crystal armor hadn't been the least bit wrong at that time.

Either don't congeal your armor or congeal the best one.

Due to Old Hou, Li Qinghong, and Lin Jian's explanations, Li Yunmu gradually gained a little bit of understanding toward the most formidable supreme battle suit in the world.

Under the entire heaven, there were only five of such supreme suits!

They were Azure Dragon Deity Suit, Barbarian Battle Deity Suit, Witch Deity Suit, Hegemonic Deity Suit, and Dual Star Deity Suit.

It was rumored that these five supreme suits had come from five different deity secret regions and had been created using the blood essence and flesh of deities. And all of these suits consisted of five components.

These components were - helmet, breastplate, leg guards, gauntlets, as well as the final and most important component, which was the core of the suit, deity crystal.

During the past two hundred years, many formidable ancestors had gathered scattered parts of the supreme battle suits from the historic ruins in the Seventh Dimension.

Almost everytime all the components of a supreme battle suit were gathered, it resulted in a great carnage.

According to the publicly known information, only War God Temple's War God had gathered the majority of the components of one of the supreme battle suits. He presently had four parts of the Barbarian Battle Deity Suit, the helmet, breastplate, leg guards, and gauntlets. He now only lacked the deity crystal which was considered as the most core component.

But even so, War God was praised as the most powerful person on Earth, just because he had gathered the four components of the Barbarian Battle Deity Suit.

The reason why the Central Continent stood above the other continents in terms of influence and strength was precisely because of this reason. It had nothing to do with whether the average strength of its fluxers or their combined strength was highest, just that it had War God who could suppress everyone else.

From this, the terrifying strength of War God as well as the Supreme Battle Suits could be clearly seen.

When Li Yunmu heard everyone's explanations, only then did he completely realize how valuable were these Azure Dragon Tyrannical Gauntlets which he had obtained from Zhang Tianhang.

"Then what about the Azure Dragon Deity Suit. In the six continents, who has gathered most of its parts?" Li Yunmu couldn't help but ask.

"Azure Dragon Deity Suit… four of its components' locations are known. The helmet and breastplate are in the hands of Northern Continent's Frontline God. He is the person who has gathered the most of this deity suit. His two parts are mainly for defense, so his defense is tyrannical."

"Northern Continent's Frontline God." Li Yunmu instantly felt some pressure. This person was the Northern Continent's most powerful person, basically someone on the same level as War God.

He had now obtained the Azure Dragon Gauntlets, and heavens only knew whether it was a good thing or not.

However, the meat had already entered his mouth and so, given Li Yunmu's nature, he naturally wouldn't spit it out. It could be said that he could only find a way to benefit himself instead from this danger.

Lin Jian continued, "Another part of Azure Dragon Deity Suit, the leg guards are in the hands of a Halted Fluxer of our dimension, his name is Devil. He is the second most powerful person in the Fifth Dimension. He is extremely sinister and nefarious by nature, not someone who can be trifled with."

"That's right, Devil is so strong because he managed to get his hands on Azure Dragon Leg Guards. His movement speed can be considered as the greatest within the Fifth Dimension, there is no one who can compare to him. This monster has remained within the Fifth Dimension for five years now. Back when he started, he didn't hesitate in discarding his cultivation and starting from zero, just to use those Azure Dragon Leg Guards. He has now already congealed the king crystal armor and can properly utilize the deadly power of that part of the deity suit.

"Frontline God had once sent many people from his group to hunt him down, but until today, no one has been able catch this person. If Master wants to fight with this Devil, then you must find a way to restrict his speed first or perhaps become even faster than him,"Li Qinghong suggested.

"Oh… I have no such intentions for the moment. The secret that I've obtained these Azure Dragon Tyrannical Gauntlets must stay among the four of us."

Li Yunmu indeed didn't have any intention of seizing Devil's Azure Dragon Leg Guards for the time being.

There were three reason for this. First, since Frontline God had been trying for so many years without any success, it meant that this Devil person wasn't someone who could be easily trifled with. Second, his main priority at the moment was to increase his cultivation so that his strength could increase as well.

Otherwise, even if he possessed heaven defying battle prowess and could fight against rainbow crystal fluxers who had a much higher cultivation than him, his cultivation would remain the same. In the eyes of Flux Masters, he would remain as only a slightly powerful ant.

And finally, the third reason was that Li Yunmu still required this Devil person to handle the pressure of Frontline God. If Li Yunmu got his hands on two components of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, then a superpower like Frontline God would focus his entire firepower on him alone.

"Little brother, you don't need to worry. My Hou family is now another ant walking on the same rope as you. What we discussed today, this old man guarantees that whether Hou family exists or not, this matter will certainly not reach the ears of the fifth person. At the moment I'm just afraid of that Bestial Sage…" Old Hou said with a trace of worry.