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Chapter 179: Wealthy and Domineering

Chapter 179: Wealthy and Domineering
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The underground market of the Virtual Dimensional World was located underneath the most prosperous business district of the rainbow crystal fluxers' region. The transactions in this black market were handled according to invisible rules which were mutually agreed upon previously.

After all, many items sold here had mysterious origins, since most of them had been looted from other people. That's why the majority of sellers didn't want to reveal their treasures openly and preferred to keep their identities secret, and so they came to the black market to sell their loot or buy what they required.

Li Yunmu led Li Qinghong and Lin Jian to have lunch and then hurried to come here. The three of them didn't retain their previous swagger when they entered this place; a black gown with a face mask were the most commonly seen dress code in the black market.

Midday wasn't the time when the business at the black market was at its peak, but the place was still filled with numerous fluxers who were mixing among themselves like dragons and fishes.

"Master, a major transaction like buying a dimensional space eye can only be done at the Thunder Underground Company. However, the prices will be extremely high," Lin Jian said, leading Li Yunmu to into the underground company he had just mentioned.

According to his experience, if you wanted to make a big purchase like dimensional space eye, then the decision shouldn't be made hastily. If you were intending to spend a lot of time in the wilderness, then maybe you should consider purchasing a secondhand space eye that's been shot down. The price would be greatly reduced than if you were to buy an all new dimensional space eye from the Thunder Underground Company.

However, Li Yunmu didn't have the time to wait for that. After the manager received them and learned of their purpose, he instantly led them into a room with precious items. Soon, Li Yunmu saw three dimensional space eyes.

The price for all of them was nine hundred million!

If it had been ten days ago, Li Yunmu probably wouldn't have been able to buy even a single component of a dimensional space eye. However, he now only wrinkled his brows a little, but still immediately decided to purchase all three dimensional space eyes and paid for them right away.

Spending nine hundred million in one go, how domineering!

Li Yunmu instantly turned into a VIP of the largest black market company, the Thunder Underground Company. It was evident that there weren't many people who would be so domineering as to take out nine hundred million dimensional coins without much thought.

Great wealth!

The dimensional space eyes produced by the government of the Central Continent were much better compared to the ones produced by private companies. Their manufacturing price was one hundred million dimensional coins for one; however, here, the price had almost tripled, and without any increase in quality.

But Li Yunmu didn't bother with it and immediately threw the money at the manager. He didn't even consider wasting a month for some second hand shady goods.

When Li Yunmu was finished with his purchase, suddenly, a low level fluxer was pushed out of the company by a shopkeeper who kept cursing him.

"What bullsh*t runic page, although the damaged runic pages do sell for a good price, how can you motherf*cker think that just one page is a treasure and ask for such a high price for only a single damaged runic page? Get lost!"

This was nothing out of the ordinary, all the businesses opened in the black market operated this way. If you had money, you were their grandfather. If you didn't have money, then you were their grandson.

All the other business and customers kept moving on their way without paying any attention to this matter. Preaching logic was just nonsensical in this area.

However, when Li Yunmu looked at the black crystal fluxer holding the damaged runic page in his hand, he was immediately startled. He was really fortunate, surprisingly it belonged to the same series of runic pages which he had obtained from the dwarf witch clan.

At this time, the system gave a timely reminder, [Host, the system has detected a damaged runic page of the dwarf witch clan which hasn't been gathered yet. If you could purchase it, the system could deduce the entrance even more accurately.]

Without waiting for the system to speak more, Li Yunmu walked forward and asked, "This damaged runic page, how much do you intend to sell it for?"

"Three million. It must be three million and not a coin less."

The black crystal fluxer was startled, but when he saw the two followers walking on Li Yunmu's both sides as well as the manager of the Thunder Underground Company accompanying him, he immediately became excited and quoted a high price.

"Done, however, you must also tell me about its origin."

"Ok, but since you also want to hear the relevant information, that will be five million," the black crystal fluxer hurriedly said.

At this time, the staff of the Thunder Underground Company which had pushed the black crystal fluxer outside anxiously said to Li Yunmu, "Didn't you hear the initial price he quoted. He had intended to sell it to our Thunder Underground Company for a price of one million..."

But it was too late, because Li Yunmu moved his hand and touched the stellarcomm on the other man's hand, immediately transferring five million dimensional coins.

Wealthy, domineering, an idiot with money! At this instant, not only the staff of the Thunder Underground Company, but even the black crystal fluxer himself were left completely astonished.

The goods hadn't been delivered and this person already transferred the money to his account? There was surprisingly such an idiot in the world! Didn't he know that this was the black market, if you paid the money first, then which motherf*cker would proceed with the bargain?

However, he didn't dare to run off, for the next instant Li Yunmu said one sentence that froze him in his tracks. "You can choose to renege, you can also try to leave, but then your life wouldn't be yours anymore."

One average line of warning intimidated everyone in the surroundings, including the staff of the Thunder Underground Company. It was the first time that they had encountered someone using such domineering tone in the territory of a large scale underground company. Generally, even rainbow crystal fluxers wouldn't dare to talk loudly in front of this company.

Who was this person?! He had spent nine hundred million without any hesitation and even talked in such a domineering way to a customer of the Thunder Underground Company, who was startled to the extent that he didn't respond.

In the end, the black crystal fluxer handed over the damaged rune page to Li Yunmu.

"Let's go."

After getting his hands on the rune page, he didn't remain to listen to the origin of this runic page and disappeared from the Virtual Dimension World.

Five million dimensional coins weren't important. What really mattered was to get his hands on the page efficiently, without providing any opportunity for others to dip their fingers into this matter.

After returning to the real world, the trio appeared at the cave in Setting Sun Mountain Range. Of the three shadows, only Li Tian had remained behind to defend while the other two had already went to the surrounding area to continue with the hacking.

Li Yunmu looked over their harvest, and decided that the efficiency wasn't great. In the past few hours they had only earned two thousand experience and ability points. The number of dimensional monsters in the forests of Setting Sun Mountain Range wasn't great to begin with, and when the large group of fluxers launched their hunting operation here, they also killed many of them in passing.

"Master's method was really good. The company clearly knew the genuine price of this damaged rune page, yet they tried to use reverse psychology to lower the price. But they had never expected that while doing that they would encounter an unexpected event where you would cut them off. The company must be regretting it at this moment."

Lin Jian could see through the petty tricks used by the Thunder Underground Company without even trying.

"This rune page is a good treasure, I had heard that a twelve light king grade dimensional beast was born in the dwarf witch clan not long ago, so this rune page should've come from there. The secret it contains is certainly extremely valuable, but since this is only one page it isn't of much use."

Li Qinghong sighed.

"Who said there's only one page?"

Li Yunmu raised his hand which held seven rune pages. Initially he only had six of them, but today they had become seven.

"Dwarf witch clan's kind grade dimensional beast, was it master who killed him? Don't tell me your heavenly world..."

This time, both of the Halted Fluxers reacted.

"That's right, that was where I got hold of this fortune. Come, let's go. The region we need to go to now is the location described in the map on these rune pages."

Li Yunmu walked out of the cave and summoned back his three shadows. Wings of the Wind sprouted out from the king crystal armor. and he instantly flew into the sky, rushing toward the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain.

"He not only killed a king grade dimensional beast, but also gathered seven damaged rune pages by himself?"

Lin Jian and Li Qinghong looked at each other and saw the awe in the other's eyes. They then immediately equipped their heavenly batwing armor and flew over to catch up to Li Yunmu.