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Chapter 184: Showing Their Fangs

Chapter 184: Showing Their Fangs
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The first step to break through from ordinary crystal fluxer to black crystal fluxer was to transform the flux energy. The flux point in the abdomen was the most important flux point to successfully transform flux energy.

This was because all the flux energy movements within the body were inevitably linked to this flux point. Li Yunmu's innate talent value was seven, which implied that he would require eighty-four active black crystals to transform all the ordinary crystal flux energy in his twelve flux points.

At this moment, Li Yunmu had thirty-six crystals placed in front of him on the ground. They had been harvested by Li Yun and the other shadows after killing monsters for twelve hours.

With all the matters settled, Li Yunmu no longer hesitated to increase his cultivation and clasped a black colored crystal to absorb its flux energy.

One crystal, two crystals, three crystals, seven crystals Before long, the most important xx point was completely transformed to hold black crystal layer's flux energy.


The next targets were the two breast window points in the chest which would require fourteen black crystals for complete transformation. After a while, the two breast window points were also transformed successfully.

Then it was time for the celestial point in the brain. After a while, seven black crystals were turned into fine powder as Li Yunmu absorbed the energy inside them.

Within a blink of an eye, an hour passed, and Li Yunmu completed the transformation of the four important flux points in his brain, chest, and abdomen. The last of these was the most important, as it prepared his body for the black flux energy.

Li Yunmu instantly felt a change. His senses and awareness became much clearer, and his reaction speed became even more sharp.

[Ding, congratulations, your Arrow Evasion has been upgraded to the sixth level, Outstanding'.]
Once the black crystal flux energy, which had purer essence, filled the celestial point, this notification echoed in Li Yunmu's mind.

The required proficiency points had been collected long ago, and the skill which had been stuck for many days broke through to the sixth level.

So this had been the problem.
Li Yunmu now slightly understood what had happened. Although this skill, Arrow Evasion, had two words arrow and evasion in its name, but it was actually a foundation skill which was greatly related to the perception of his five senses, which he previously hadn't been able to break through to the sixth level.

This was because before the hardware, which was his body, hadn't been below the norm. Only now that his celestial point had attained the next level that the skill also upgraded.

[Ding, your Arrow Evasion Foundation Skill has reached the sixth level, and so a new ability was created - Premonition. With this skill, host will be able to sense upcoming danger beforehand, thus possessing a certain amount of buffer time to raise your defenses or prepare any other kind of response.]

"Good, good, very good," Li Yunmu said a series of praises. This Premonition skill sounded very useful, and it wouldn't be the least bit wrong to describe it as a godly one.

The Arrow Evasion's advance judgment, after leveling up, became even sharper, and Li Yunmu could now also sense incoming danger. The amount of time he got was a quarter of an hour before the strike, which meant roughly fifteen minutes. Once the skill upgraded in the future, the time of forewarning would also increase.

After this, with the three shadows Li Yun, Li Feng, and Li Tian targeting specifically black crystal layer dimensional beasts, within a short time of one day, Li Yunmu absorbed all eighty-four crystals necessary to transform his energy. It changed from ordinary crystal to black crystal flux energy, and he became a Black Crystal Flux Disciple.

However, just reaching this stage didn't imply that he had fully become a Black Crystal Flux Disciple. Li Yunmu still had to open four other flux points.

These four could be separated into two yang knee points and two ocean points which were at the elbow joints. These points were the crucial ones in differentiating ordinary and black crystal flux disciples. Apart from bringing up the quality of the flux energy by another level, these four new flux points served a very significant purpose.

The process to open them was still the same, by pouring them full with energy. As the three shadows continued to kill monsters during hack, every minute and every second, flux crystals of all layers continued to appear within Li Yunmu's badge.

Finally, in the afternoon, the two ocean flux points and yang flux points were completely opened and filled. When Li Yunmu moved a bit of his flux energy while remaining seated, he instantly felt a great difference.

This was like a previously twelve cylinder electric engine had been transformed into a sixteen cylinder gasoline engine. Not only had the engine been changed from an electric one to a gasoline, which was more powerful, but there had also been four cylinders added into the mix.

Li Yunmu spread his fingers and the blood fiend cold thunder blade appeared in his hand. Black crystal flux energy erupted, and in an instant, a strike filled with even darker blade energy laced with a layer of cold and thunder energy ruthlessly struck a stone in front of him.

The extremely thick stone was instantly cut in half.

"That's pretty good."
Li Yunmu became excited. After he became a Black Crystal Flux Disciple, the might and speed of the Aurora Killing Justice had increased by two to three times.

This deadly blade technique of his, which was known for its formidable blade energy, had become even more powerful after being repaired by the system some time ago.

If Li Yunmu now launched a full strength attack, he was confident that he could break the defense of a golden crystal fluxer with just one strike. If the three additional blade energies of the shadows were also launched simultaneously, then probably even a rainbow crystal fluxer wouldn't be able to protect themselves from being cut down.

But if he wanted to reach the level of absolute strength as defined by the system, then it still wasn't sufficient, and since it wasn't sufficient, then he must continue.

Silver flux energy transformation!

Without taking a break, Li Yunmu began to advance towards the silver crystal layer. He needed to open additional eight flux points, so he required one hundred sixty-eight silver flux crystals for twenty-four flux points, once the other sixteen were counted in.

For average fluxers who had the same level of innate talent as Li Yunmu, killing enough dimensional beasts to obtain one hundred sixty-eight silver flux crystals would require at least two months, and this was an estimate not counting in any possible troubles one may encounter. Moreover, after filling all their flux points, they would still required even more stable silver crystals to condense their silver crystal armor.

Thus, obtaining the required amount of silver crystals was an arduous task.

That's why when a fluxer advanced to silver crystal layer, innate talent was the most important factor, while enormous resources were a close second.

However, these two restrictions didn't apply to Li Yunmu. The three shadows quickly changed their targets to silver crystal dimensional beasts.

Li Yunmu had to say that the number of dimensional beasts in the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain was enormous. Before long, active silver flux crystals began to appear within the synchronized storage space.

At this moment, Li Yunmu was like an endless pit, quickly absorbing the flux energy and rapidly increasing his cultivation base.

Without waiting for anyone, the last two days of the time limit set by Chaotian Sect passed.

But Li Yunmu, who was the target of this time limit, didn't appear. For the past few days, he seemed to have completely disappeared. He didn't reveal himself in the Virtual Dimension World or in any major stellar network. There were simply no traces of him to be found anywhere.

The time limit set by the Chaotian Sect had surprisingly been completely ignored.

Three days passed, with numerous fluxers following this matter. One after another they began to pay close attention to Chaotian Sect's movements.

And, sure enough, Chaotain Sect didn't disappoint those who were paying attention to it. A must kill order was issued for Li Yunmu by Chaotian Sect, and it instantly ignited the whole fluxer world.

Chaotain Sect had finally revealed their hidden fangs to get their hands on Li Yunmu.

This was the first sect in all the six continents which had formally issued a must-kill order for Li Yunmu. Compared to the hunting operation of all the major powers, the movements of a sect attracted the attention of more formidable fluxers.

Li Yunmu, this time you will kneel.