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Chapter 186: Difficulties in Choosing

Chapter 186: Difficulties in Choosing
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In a mountain cave within Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain, Li Yunmu didn't move for three days and three nights. Suddenly, a golden light erupted from his body, filling the entire cave.

Golden flux energy!

He successfully reached Golden Crystal Flux Disciple!

He required only five days and five nights to go from the lowest layer of Ordinary Crystal to Golden Crystal.

Only took five days!

If his cultivation speed was announced to the public, then probably even the large clans with enormous reserves would find it unimaginable.

When talking about Flux Disciples, reaching Golden Crystal layer was considered as passing a small threshold for the people of major powers.

After all, the large amount of active golden crystals required to reach this layer created some trouble even for the major clans. Golden crystal dimensional beasts weren't that easy to kill, and they didn't usually gather in groups.

It wasn't that easy even for Li Yunmu. After reaching the silver crystal layer two days ago, he had spent the past three days gathering active golden crystals.

Crack, crack, crack, crack
Li Yunmu stood up and, the sound of crunching echoed from his bones. He slightly moved his power, and flux energy bubbled forth from his whole body.

Unprecedented power!

After he attained the golden crystal layer, the number of flux points making the circle of energy had already reached forty. This was a huge jump compared to the fact that five days ago he'd only had twelve flux points at ordinary crystal layer. This was more than three times.

As more and more flux points were opened, Li Yunmu had a growing sensation that they were being incessantly nourished by the flux energy, gradually increasing his strength.

The largest transformation was naturally the amount of flux energy, which came from the network of forty flux points scattered across his whole body.
Li Yunmu made a fist, and his flux energy erupted forth. There was even a layer of it, coiling around his fist and visible to naked eye.

The flux energy at this level is really profound, at least compared to when I was an ordinary crystal flux disciple. Its amount also increased more than ten times. If it's like this at golden crystal layer, then I wonder how tyrannical it'll become after I reach rainbow crystal layer and open seventy-two flux points, Li Yunmu mused in his heart.

This transformation was truly powerful, and it intoxicated him.

But if he wanted to take another step and reach rainbow crystal layer in one breath, then the level of difficulty would grow exponentially. Even he didn't have hope to collect 504 active flux energy crystals and enter rainbow crystal layer for the time being.

This was the reason why, unless a major event happened, rainbow crystal fluxers didn't appear in public. After all, they had to gather the required number of active rainbow crystals and prepare to enter the next dimension. This task alone kept their hands full.

"System, while I was undergoing closed door cultivation these days, what changes happened in the outside world?"
Li Yunmu was still adapting to the large increase in his cultivation base. While adapting, he enquired about the current situation.

[There isn't much change. Chaotian Sect recalled their disciples and is now searching for host's whereabouts.]
Li Yunmu nodded. This had been within his expectation. He then asked again, "Have you deduced the probable strength of this sungod flame killing spell? After increasing my cultivation, what are the chances of me breaking this spell?"

[According to the information provided by Li Qinghong, the system has already made a deduction. With host's current strength, there is only a thirty percent chance of breaking this spell, which isn't sufficient,] the system aptly replied.

"So formidable? Still just thirty percent?" Li Yunmu asked, extremely shocked. He hadn't expected that even after greatly increasing his cultivation and becoming a Golden Crystal Flux Disciple he still wouldn't be able to break the spell using the absolute strength the system had suggested previously.

Li Yunmu thus finally became aware of the profoundness of the hidden reserves of a sect.

However, it didn't matter, for he still had time. The Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Realm wasn't a region which could be easily infiltrated by fluxers. Chaotian Sect will certainly need to spend a lot of time to find his traces.

This being the case, Li Yunmu decided to use this opportunity to increase his strength.

Since his cultivation couldn't be raised to the next step for the time being, he pondered for a moment and opened his information panel.

Experience points: 191,300.

Ability points: 156,218.

Space elements: 13,788

Blood fiend points: 66,630.

Without him being aware of it, he had already become incomparably close to the required amount to congeal the fourth shadow. As long as he hacked for a day, he could easily accumulate the necessary number of points.

Because of the large amount of ability points, his confidence also gained a boost. This amount was sufficient to upgrade his Admiralty Cover by a few layers.

Furthermore, since the blood fiend points crossed sixty thousand, Li Yunmu could use six Deity Execution strikes. If he didn't encounter an opponent who had some treasure to defend his mind, then Li Yunmu's Deity Execution would be able to cut through anyone.

However, all this wasn't important. The thing that mattered most was that after hacking in the dimensional battlefield for the past few days, participating in more than twenty battles, his space elements had far surpassed the major threshold of 9999.

There was no need to wait now.

Without any hesitation, he for the first time offered to exchange the points for a top notch body refining technique.

Once the large number of space elements was used up, his consciousness sea filled up with cultivation books, and all of them were about body refining.

After one glance, Li Yunmu calculated that there were thirty-six of them. They all slowly rotating around his sea of consciousness.

Ox Devil Pure Body Secrets, Initial Dragon Pure Body Secret, Great Sun Body Refining Secrets, Diamond Devil Body Refining Secrets, Unbroken Diamond Body Refining Secret, Five Phases Refining Body Secrets, Muscle Marrow Body Refining Secrets

It was a feast for Li Yunmu's eyes. When his consciousness stopped at one body refining method, its general summary would flow into his mind.

Li Yunmu couldn't decide which method to choose. Looking at their names, all of them seemed extremely impressive, really worthy of being called the top notch cultivation methods.

"System, given my comprehensive strength, which of these would be most suitable for me."
Li Yunmu couldn't decide, but it didn't matter, because he still had the system's in-depth analysis.

He, Li Yunmu, didn't have any positive traits, but he was well aware of his abilities. After experiencing system's in-depth analysis previously, he made his decision and handed over the authority to it.

[Given host's present situation, system recommends three techniques for you to choose from. First is "Muscle Marrow Body Refining Secrets", which can change your innate talent and increase your future cultivation speed. But its weak point is that, its body refining effects are mediocre.]

[Second is the "Great Sun Body Refining Secrets", this body refining technique has extremely high compatibility with Great Sun Method of Chaotian Sect. If you cultivate the Great Sun Method after this, then the effects of both of them will be multiplied, greatly increasing your power. Its body refining effects are top tier.]

[Third is the "Blood Tyrant Body Refining Secrets". This body refining technique is extremely compatible with the Sacred Purifying Pearl. Furthermore, this technique places emphasis on the defense, so it will greatly increase the power of your flesh.]
Before long, the system picked out three body refining techniques and recommended them to Li Yunmu.

Although all three of them were top notch, but the aspects they focused on were different. If he only had to choose on the basis of compatibility with the Sacred Purifying Pearl, then the third technique Blood Tyrant Body Refining Secrets would be his best choice. However, at this time, Li Yunmu was greatly hesitant.

Of the three body refining techniques suggested by the system, he could only choose one, but each of them had their own strong points. The choice thus caused great distress to Li Yunmu.