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Chapter 188: Finally Found

Chapter 188: Finally Found
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Three days passed since Chaotian Sect issued a must-kill order against Li Yunmu.

Within these three days' time, Chaotian Sect had dispatched a large number of disciples to make inquiries about the whereabouts of Li Yunmu. They had also posted eye-catching bounty posters on all message platforms.

This bounty posters listed Li Yunmu as a wanted individual, offering rewards for information on his whereabouts, as well as killing him.

The price on his head was unexpectedly high, to the extent that it scared people. As long as someone provided reliable information about Li Yunmu's traces, Chaotian Sect would unconditionally include this person in the ranks of their disciples and reward them with a rare A grade flux method.

As for someone who killed Li Yunmu, Chaotian Sect would unconditionally take this person in as an important core disciple of the sect and provide them with the cultivation method which the Chaotian Sect didn't pass to outsiders - the Great Sun Secret Technique.

Naturally, if those two rewards didn't interest you, you could still choose other forms of reward: money, flux methods, fifth dimensional treasure weapons. As long as Chaotian Sect had it, everything could be obtained.

It has to be said that once this wanted poster came out, all the Flux Disciples in the six continents went completely crazy in the face of such enormous rewards.

Some people exclaimed at Chaotian Sect's craziness, but even more people went mad. Within a short while, all the Flux Disciples began to move around in all directions.

But they all didn't overestimate themselves and knew that Li Yunmu was an extremely formidable opponent. Thus, they decided to go for the second best reward and began to search for information related to his whereabouts.

During the last few days, a large group of people had been keep watch over the city lord's mansion of Heavenly Cloud City. These people were extremely confident that they will be able to find Li Yunmu's traces near the goddess Lin Yuerou because the two seemed to share an extremely intimate relationship.

But some people also rushed into Devil Ox Valley Battlefield. Group after group arrived there and used all sorts of methods to extract information and monitor the idiot trio, but the outcome was always the same—Big Xiong and the other two didn't have any information on Li Yunmu.

What was unexpected, though, was that Li Daxiong kept cursing Li Yunmu over and over again. Yet this action was only because he and his group couldn't lift a finger to aid their friend in this matter. They could only hope inwardly that he would survive this calamity.

Lucky Wing Great Courtyard, which was Li Yunmu's home at Lucky Wind City on Earth, as well as Azure Dragon Mansion, where his family resided, were all being monitored by a large number of spies.

Within a short while, even ordinary people who didn't immediately know about this major event within the fluxer community became aware that something was happening.

"Who is this newcomer Li Yunmu of our Central Continent? The number of fluxers coming to inquire about him is extremely large."

"My big brother informed me through stellarcomm that he is a legendary character, even more awesome than Flux Masters."

"F*ck, your elder brother is just a half step fluxer follower, what better grasp on the situation could he have. Li Yunmu is a legendary character whom everyone knows about, someone who can even push a sect to the point that it would send out a must-kill order, so tell me then whether he is legendary or not."

"Eh, I can only regret now. If I had known earlier that Senior Li Yunmu was so formidable, then I would have made him mine long ago," said a beautiful petite girl from Lucky Wind City's sixteenth high school, with the said flash of regret on her face.

"Senior Lin Li had eyes but couldn't see Mount Tai, she surprisingly let go off Li Yunmu."

"Yes, you know what, I heard that Senior Mu's classmate Zhang Kai's family has become wealthy. I heard he suddenly received a large sum of money, probably from Senior Mu."

"That's right, even with his present status, Senior Li Yunmu truly cherishes his friendships. Not only Zhang Kai's family has become wealthy, he has also become a fluxer long ago," many juniors said resentfully.

Li Yunmu's influence within the sixteenth high school at the moment was enormous. All the students, teachers, supervisors, and even headmaster would speak of him in admiration, and as a rule, it happened in every conversation every day.

In fact, this didn't stop only at sixteenth high school. Even in the whole Lucky Wind City, from its highest residences to smallest shacks, there was no one who didn't know of Li Yunmu.

Lucky Wind City's city lord had even decided to erect a bronze statue of him in their most prosperous commercial district. With his status as Hanxia King City's Azure Dragon Heavenly General, the youth possessed sufficient qualifications even for something like this.

Regardless of whether it was the large search and capture operation or Chaotian Sect's must-kill order, his activities had alarmed the majority of fluxers on the six continents. If it hadn't been for the Fifth Dimension's restriction which didn't allow Flux Masters to enter, maybe even some Flux Masters would have started chasing after him.

Two days had passed like this, with countless fluxers searching for him, but until today... no one had been able to find his tracks.

During this period of time, Li Yunmu seemed to have completely vanished, as if he had evaporated. He didn't reply to Chaotian Sect, and neither did he show even a hint of himself anywhere.

"F*ck, this Li Yunmu seems to have been terrified to death when faced with the might of Chaotian Sect!"

"Not only seems to be. He has completely concealed himself because of this fear. He knows that one of the ten great sects is after him."

"Then what about the mysterious Li Sect? Why hadn't they moved to save Li Yunmu? Could it be that it's also scared of Chaotian Sect?"

"It isn't that strange. After all, Chaotian Sect is one of the ten great sects in the whole world."

"Ah, I wasn't at first convinced, but I've changed my mind now. Apparently the mysterious Li Sect has completely renounced Li Yunmu. Yesterday I saw Li Yun, Li Feng, and the fourth disciple Li Tian tempering their battle skills on the dimensional battlefield."

Many people were paying close attention to Li Yunmu's whereabouts, but he had entered the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain with Li Qinghong and Blade Overlord. How could ordinary fluxers dare to enter the depths of such an extremely dangerous region?

Third day passed, and everyone remained clueless. But just when everyone thought that Li Yunmu couldn't be found, on the morning of the next day, an anonymous fluxer finally responded to the must-kill order of Chaotian Sect.

"Crap, I searched for three days and three nights just to find a hint of Li Yunmu's tracks, yet someone else found his whereabouts first?"

"Brother, they haven't been found but predicted by someone. I heard that Chaotian Sect paid an enormous price to invite the scarlet archbishop of Divine Heavenly Religion to roughly predict Li Yunmu's location."

"That couldn't be true. A majestic sect like Chaotian Sect, why is it going crazy to deal with a youngster? They even invited the scarlet archbishop? If Chaotian Sect is going to this extent, what's in it for them?"

"Benefits, haha, I know, but I will not tell you. Many people understand everything in their heart, but they also will not speak," someone said and laughed grimly.

This time, the extent to which Chaotian Sect had gone to deal with a youngster had indeed aroused many powerful nutjobs.

"Then what was the predicted location of Li Yunmu?"

"According to what I heard, he hadn't actually went hiding, but had instead entered the depths of Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain to search for some treasure," a person suddenly revealed.

"Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain? My god, this person is truly courageous. Even when Chaotian Sect issued a must-kill order for him, he surprisingly still dared to go on an exploration. He truly deserves to be called a legendary newcomer who has alarmed the majority of powers of Central Continent and Chaotian Sect."

When people heard this news, they were instantly stunned. The fluxers who were previously talking down on him for being a scaredy-cat, instantly felt as if their faces were slapped. Li Yunmu had surprisingly not went into hiding to avoid this calamity, but had instead entered the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain. Who could be more brazen than him!