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Chapter 189: Three Cultivation Aspects Complimenting Each Other

Chapter 189: Three Cultivation Aspects Complimenting Each Other
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"System, how much chance do I have of breaking the Great Sun Killing Spell?" Li Yunmu asked after upgrading the Great Sun Tyrant Muscle Marrow Secrets to fifth level right away and using up all of the 150 000 ability points he had accumulated through a long period of time.

He had only reached the fifth level, but he could sense that his comprehensive ability had already become greater, and his innate talent had also improved appropriately. If he used the system's data to estimate, then if he originally needed seven flux crystals to open one flux point, the number had now decreased by half.

In other words, he only needed six and a half flux crystals to open a flux point. When he advanced to the next level, his innate talent would once again improve by 0.1.

Although the improvement right away wasn't great, this was because he had only cultivated to the fifth level. If he reached the tenth one, then his innate talent would become six. If he cultivated to the twentieth, then it would become five.

With that, his lower mid grade innate talent would be improved to high grade talent. If he cultivated to the fortieth level, his innate talent would become three, and his originally lower mid grade innate talent would have transformed into pinnacle grade talent.

Li Yunmu had to admit that this S grade body refining technique was really too heaven defying!

As least, he hadn't heard about any cultivation method or secret technique which could improve innate talent.

Great Sun Tyrant Muscle Muscle Marrow Secrets had one hundred levels. If he could cultivate to the fortieth level, then his innate talent would forcibly be improved to pinnacle grade from lower mid grade. If he cultivated up to the sixtieth level, then he could modify his body and reach the highest grade innate talent in this world- exceptional grade.

Although, let alone speaking of reaching sixtieth level, even reaching the small threshold of fortieth level was a heavy burden and a goal far from Li Yunmu's reach, he wasn't anxious about it. As long as he could improve his innate talent, everything could be achieved.

As long as he congealed increasingly more shadows, which would increase the rate at which he earned ability points, improving his innate talent to the pinnacle or exceptional grade was only a matter of time.

After some slight calculations, the system replied, [With host's present cultivation of Great Sun Tyrant Body Refining Secrets, the chances of breaking the Sungod Flame Killing Spell will increase by 10%, attaining altogether 40%.]

"What if the cultivation of Great Sun Tyrant Body Secrets reached the tenth level?" Li Yunmu asked again.

[Attaining tenth level will increase your chances by 20%, and your total chance of breaking the spell would reach 60%,] the system answered.

"60%? Still not sufficient."

Li Yunmu quickly calculated within his heart. If he wanted to break the killing spell with absolute power as the system had proposed, then he must have complete certainty. There could be no chance of anything unexpected happening.

"What if Li De was also added in the equation."

The next instant, Li Yunmu consumed two hundred thousand experience points and congealed his fourth shadow.

Once it appeared, Li Yunmu's overall combat strength increased by a great margin. Since the shadow's used Li Yunmu's personal strength as reference, as his combat capacity became higher, the combat strength of each new shadow would also be higher.

Apart from increasing Li Yunmu's power, the efficiency of hack kills and increasing proficiency for battle skills would also be improved. It was no wonder then that the only use of experience points was for congealing even more shadows.

After several minutes, Li De appeared.

Li Yunmu set him to hack mode, and Li De began to automatically search around, joining Li Yun and the other shadows who were out killing monsters.


The system once more provided Li Yunmu with the probability it had deduced.

"Still not sufficient!"

For the first time, Li Yunmu had reached an impasse. Surprisingly, even after he advanced his cultivation to the fourth layer, learned an S grade cultivation method, and congealed a new shadow, he still only had only 70% chance of breaking this Sungod Flame Killing Spell?

This 70% chance might provide a great assurance of success to others, but Li Yunmu was different. He didn't want any mishaps to happen; he wanted absolute certainty.

This wasn't a game. His enemy was one of the top ten sects of the world, and he had never confronted such power's terrifying reserves before. If he did not break the Sungod Flame Killing Spell and the enemy pulled another trick from under their sleeves on top of it, he didn't have enough confidence to be able to resist. Apart from breaking their Sungod Flame Killing Spell, he didn't have assurance to manage to escape their other traps as well.

Li Yunmu calmed down and asked, "How can I attain the remaining 30%?"

[Suggesting host to cultivate Chaotian Sect's Great Sun Method. As long as you cultivate it to a minor threshold, your chances will be increased by 30% more,] the system proposed.

"Chaotian Sect's Great Sun Method, can it be quickly cultivated within a few days.?" Li Yunmu asked with some uncertainty.

Since Chaotian Sect's Great Sun Secret Method was a secret technique, the ability points required to cultivate this skill wouldn't be few. Furthermore, he was still trying to cultivate the Great Sun Body Refining Secrets to the tenth level, so his ability points had to be allocated to it.

This immediately gave Li Yunmu a headache.

[Host seems to be mistaken. Host doesn't necessarily need ability points to cultivate this secret technique. You can also cultivate it according to the normal cultivation style and increase its level.

[Since host has already learned Great Sun Tyrant Body Refining Secrets, which has a high compatibility with it, if you cultivate both of these cultivation methods together, you will certainly achieve twice the progress with half the efforts.]

The system continued in a tone as if trying to rouse him from a dream, [Moreover, you also possess the Sacred Purifying Pearl which is highly compatible with Great Sun Tyrant Body Secrets' cultivation and would increase its cultivation greatly.

[Great Sun Tyrant Body Refining Secrets, Great Sun Secret Technique, Sacred Purifying Pearl—these three will nourish your body, refining and complementing each other…]

Instantly, the black cloud hanging over Li Yunmu's head cleared up.

The system was right. The Great Sun Body Refining Secrets and Great Sun Secret Technique had high compatibility with each other, and after the former being merged to form an S grade Great Sun Tyrant Body Refining Method, the compatibility had increased even more.

Furthermore, this body cultivation method would work great with the Sacred Purifying Pearl to produce the best effects.

Li Yunmu could only now understand why he didn't necessarily need to depend upon the ability points to increase his cultivation. Even if he used normal cultivation methods, his cultivation would be much more effective with the two techniques complementing each other.

Immediately, all his hesitation disappeared, and he took out the red crystal crane, which could move across dimensions to issue summons, and imported a single idea into it.

"Go, tell Li Qinghong and Lin Jian to come back, now."

After inputting his thought, Li Yunmu tossed the red crystal crane toward the sky.

Up above, the crystal began to shine with bright lights as if it had come alive. Then the crane began to flap its wings, at the first flap surpassing the speed of sound. After the second flap, it disappeared from Li Yunmu's vision. Once it flapped the third time, it disappeared from the space and entered the void layer between the dimensions to travel.

Moving across dimensions!

This was the unique ability of red crystal crane. It was no wonder then that this item, which only had one use of transmitting summons, was considered as a precious treasure by the powerful clans of all continents.

This message sending ability was extremely important.

It was considered even more valuable than stellarcomm signals because the summoning signal generated by stellarcomm could be cut off by targeted jamming, while this wasn't the case with red crystal crane.

This was the reason why Li Yunmu hadn't used the stellarcomm to call his followers even though they had three dimensional space eyes between them. After all, if he used the stellarcomm to launch the signal, then his current location would be accurately tracked and monitored.


Suddenly, the small eyes of the little female ancestor who had been sitting on Li Yunmu's shoulders began to shine when she saw the red crystal crane enter the void layer passage. She immediately began to chase after it.

Li Yunmu had almost forgotten about the little ancestor. He wanted to stop her, but she used her innate skill and entered the void layer at a speed even faster than that of the red crystal crane, disappearing instantly.

After roughly ten seconds, the space in front of Li Qinghong and Lin Jian suddenly distorted, and a small female mounted on a red crane crystal appeared in front of them.