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Chapter 190: Heaven-Defying Manufacturing Capability

Chapter 190: Heaven-Defying Manufacturing Capability
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"Master, you called us back so urgently, have the people of Chaotian Sect arrived?"

After two hours, Li Qinghong and Lin Jian finally arrived in a hurry.

"No, I want to cultivate Chaotian Sect's Great Sun Secret Technique," Li Yunmu replied.

"What? I'm afraid that it's already too late for master to learn this."

The two were startled when they heard Li Yunmu's words, since both of them found this inconceivable.

"Master, if you can't fight them with your strength, then you can always use Wings of the Wind. Chaotian Sect certainly won't be able to catch you," Blade Overlord said.

"I won't do that. This secret treasure is a must for me. Oh right, how's the search for that entrance going?" Li Yunmu didn't explain this issue too much and instead shifted the topic with a question.

"Of the total seven probable locations at the start, we have examined two more in the past few days. Only two now remain," Li Qinghong said with a bitter smile.

Their luck was a little bad. Of the seven locations where the entrance could be, they had already checked five but hadn't found any traces of the true location. The three of them were indeed not lucky.

"Give Chaotian Sect's Great Sun Secret Technique to me, I want to see how powerful their Sungod Flame Killing Spell is. You both then continue with the search."

Li Qinghong then passed him the Great Sun Secret Technique to him and then left with Blade Overlord to check the last two possible entrances to the secret region. As for Li Yunmu, he gave the secret technique to the system so it would scan it.

There was a reason why Chaotian Sect was so insistent on hunting down Li Qinghong. As well as why once she was captured by Li Yunmu, the sect instantly moved against him with even more fierceness.

That reason was because Li Qinghong was in possession of two extremely important items when she rebelled against Chaotian Sect. The first of them was obviously the root cause - sungod bird's drop of Undying Blood.

Second was the Great Sun Secret Technique.

It must be known that this secret technique wasn't in the form of a cultivation relaying globe but a genuine handwritten copy.

In other words, as long as Li Qinghong, who possessed a handwritten copy of this secret technique, was determined enough to completely turn against the sect, she could easily upload the technique on the network and spread it everywhere. This way, the technique which was the foundation of Chaotian Sect would become available to the whole world.

But because Li Qinghong had cultivated this Great Sun Secret Technique to higher level herself and possessed their secret technique's copy, it caused the sect to lose all initiative.

But now she had fallen into Li Yunmu's hands, which changed the situation completely. It also implied that it couldn't completely stop Chaotian Sect's secret technique from being revealed to the outside world. Moreover, after adding in the fact that the Void Disk, which Chaotian sect required, was in Li Yunmu's hand, as well as some other treasures, the sect upper echelons completely discarded the idea of using soft power and became insistent on getting rid of this hidden danger to their sect that's been present for the past two years. They definitely couldn't allow the matter to spread.

Li Yunmu wasn't a foolish philanthropist who would just make the secret technique, which served as the foundation of Chaotian Sect, public, either. This was the founding cornerstone of a sect, so it would certainly be of great use to him in the future.

System's scanned the technique swiftly, and after roughly three minutes, it issued a notification, [Scanning and analysis complete. Congratulations host, you have obtained a complete copy of the secret technique. You can use one hundred space elements and create a cultivation relaying globe for this secret technique. Do you wish to create it right now?]

"Yes… Hey wait a minute." Li Yunmu seemed to have suddenly realized something and quickly asked, "You said I only need to spend one hundred space elements to create a cultivation relaying globe for this Great Sun Secret Technique? System, you can also make cultivation relaying globes?"


"Regardless of how many I want to manufacture?"

Li Yunmu's heart began to jump rapidly.

[Yes, theoretically it is possible. As long as host keeps supplying enough space elements, the manufacture of limitless cultivation relaying globes is possible.]

"My god."

Li Yunmu finally realized what was wrong here.

The important factor lay in the fact that the system could surprisingly manufacture cultivation relaying globes without any restrictions. In other words, as long as Li Yunmu could obtain complete copies of flux cultivation battle skills or secret techniques from this world, he could use this bug and produce a large amount of cultivation relaying globes at abnormal efficiency.

This situation was unquestionably odd. It went completely against logic.

Li Yunmu didn't know the principle behind cultivation relaying globes' manufacturing, but he roughly understood that their production required some harsh conditions to be fulfilled.

First one was the possession of a complete copy of a secret technique or flux method.

Second one was a dimensional stone, which is quite different from an origin dimensional stone.

The main source from which dimensional stones came from was a root dimensional stone, so to establish a major power or clan, one definitely required an ore of a root dimensional stone.

If a person didn't have a root dimensional stone, they couldn't produce a large number of dimensional stones, and without them, thieir clan or organization wouldn't be able to create a large number of cultivation relaying globes to allow their disciples to cultivate battle skills.

Thus, every single one of the topnotch clans and powers were in possession of a root dimensional stone. Only by possessing its ability to produce dimensional stones without stop for a period of time would a person possess the capital to establish a major sect.

The third requirement was a cultivation relaying flux expert.

These experts didn't need to be formidable, but they cultivation levels as well as their comprehension of the flux cultivation battle skills certainly had to be profound. Otherwise, how could they form the projection of the shadow in the independent space which would allow other fluxers to comprehend a skill.

If the teacher himself hadn't clearly understood the essence of the flux method, then regardless of how much the student practiced, it would still be useless.

Therefore, anyone who just had dimensional stones and a complete copy of some flux methods and secret techniques couldn't produce a large number of cultivation relaying globes.

He would still need a cultivation relaying flux expert. Moreover, that flux expert shouldn't just be proficient in one flux method but should've comprehended the essence of all sorts of battle skills.

On a continent, the position of a cultivation relaying flux expert was even comparable to that of a Flux Sage, because they were extremely important. Without them, one couldn't establish an independent power or expand their clan's power by increasing their personal strength.

This implied something that even an idiot could understand. The situation Li Yunmu now found himself in was greatly abnormal. In his case, the space elements were equivalent to dimensional stones, while the system represented countless cultivation relaying flux experts all of whom had comprehended the essence of different secret techniques. One system was equivalent to all the cultivation relaying flux experts in all the six continents.

Even more abnormal was that even high level cultivation relaying flux experts would be unable to manufacture the cultivation relaying globes for some secret techniques, while the system could. It was omnipotent in this field.

In other words, after Li Yunmu obtained this Great Sun Secret Technique, he could use the system's ability and manufacture a large amount of cultivation relaying globes and promote it. In fact, he could even create his own sect or clan.

Once he thought of this, his breathing became heavy.

He had never anticipated that the system would have such a heaven-defying ability. If he hadn't accidentally obtained the copy of the secret technique from Li Qinghong, he wouldn't even have discovered that the system could create an unlimited amount of cultivation relaying globes.

This meant that as long as his achievements grew, and he obtained complete copies of higher level battle skills, then it was completely possible for him to create a sect which was only loyal to him.

The rumors about mysterious Li Sect had been spreading through the world for a long time. By now, a large number of fluxers, including even those who had outstanding innate talent, had requested to enter the sect. Li Yunmu, however, hadn't accepted any of them.

This wasn't because he didn't want to form his own power, but because he was unable to produce the cultivation relaying globes for different sorts of battle skills. He previously couldn't impart the skills and secret techniques to others, but the system had informed him that it was actually possible.

He didn't need any high level cultivation relaying flux experts, and he also didn't require dimensional stones. All he needed was a complete copy of a secret technique and one hundred space elements to accomplish his life-long dream which seemed impossible previously.

This deep reserve was really great.