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Chapter 191: Four Elites Arrive Together

Chapter 191: Four Elites Arrive Together
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Li Yunmu temporarily didn't have the time to consider this great discovery. He swiftly used up a hundred space elements and created a cultivation relaying globe for himself.

He then entered its independent space.

And was left dumbstruck. Motherf*cker , the cultivation relaying flux expert within the cultivation relaying globe produced by the system was surprisingly he himself.

While Li Yunmu was marveling at this, his projection had already demonstrated the skill once. Instantly, he didn't dare to be careless anymore and hurriedly focused his mind, trying to comprehend what he was seeing.

First round, second round, tenth round, thirtieth round, sixtieth round, ninetieth round, the hundredth one… and the cultivation relaying process was completed. The cultivation independent space shattered into nothingness, and Li Yunmu returned back to reality.

He discovered to his surprise that his comprehension level was still insufficient to penetrate the Great Sun Secret Technique even with a hundred tries. Amazing !

"System, what should I do to master this secret technique?"

[Host can manufacture another cultivation relaying globe.]

Li Yunmu was shaken in his heart. That skill was truly worthy of being called the secret technique of Chaotian Sect which served as its foundation. It was extremely profound, and only now did Li Yunmu realize why Li Qinghong had previously said that it couldn't be comprehended easily. Those who lacked innate talent wouldn't be able to comprehend it.

This really wasn't just somebody's bragging. However, Li Qinghong and Blade Overlord hadn't considered that this secret technique might be difficult for Li Yunmu.

His innate talent was low—basically everyone around him was aware of this—but probably no one would ever believe that his comprehension and battle prowess were lacking as well. If that was so, how could he have been acknowledged as someone who possessed a battle sage bloodline.

Only Li Yunmu knew that his innate talent was mediocre and comprehension wasn't special either; he certainly couldn't be regarded as a heaven's gifted child. The A grade skill 'Aurora Killing Justice' which he had cultivated previously was an example of his low comprehension.

That's why now, when he encountered a true top tier sect's secret technique, he could only gain a little understanding even after hundred tries. It was no wonder then that the Great Sun Secret Technique of Chaotian Sect was only passed on to best core disciples and hadn't spread to other ordinary sect disciples.

The reason wasn't that Chaotian Sect didn't want them to learn it, but that those fluxers who had the qualifications to cultivate it were basically all heavenly geniuses who were the cream of the crop.

Li Yunmu certainly couldn't be regarded as a heavenly genius, but fortunately he had the system. After using up another hundred space elements, he once again entered the independent space and continued to gain enlightenment.

After another hundred demonstrations were completed, Li Yunmu had only comprehended roughly sixty percent of the technique. And this was just because of the slight improvement in his perception due to cultivating the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets.

Once he went through the third globe, his comprehension rose to 80%, but it was still insufficient.

By the fourth globe he finally succeeded. But he still wasn't satisfied and produced the fifth cultivation relaying globe for the Great Sun Secret Technique.

This time, he finally gained a thorough understanding of this secret technique's essence.

If the disciples of Chaotian Sect learned of such a moneybag who had surprisingly used five single-use cultivation relaying globes to learn their secret technique, they probably would smash their heads against some wall and kill themselves. This was extremely extravagant!

I understand now, that's why it was so hard. Great Sun Secret Technique is truly worthy of being called the secret technique of a sect.

After coming out of the fifth cultivation globe, Li Yunmu finally opened his eyes.

The next instant Wings of the Wind appeared from his king crystal armor, and he flew up.

One thousand meters, two thousand meters, three thousand meters, seven thousand meters, ten thousand meters… He passed through the layer of black clouds over the hidden domain and reached the border of the star filled sky. Finally, he saw an enormous red sun like a blazing ball of fire, which was far from him.

He sat down cross-legged in the sky. With the support of Wings of the Wind, he continued to face toward the red sun and began to rotate it with the Great Sun Secret Technique.

The next instant this secret technique seemed to have attracted a trace of heat energy from the distant enormous sun, which gradually congealed into a ray of red light that fell on Li Yunmu's body.

One hour, two hours, three hours…

Suddenly, Li Yunmu felt as if a nuclear explosion happened inside his body. The small egg-sized red sun at the center of his chest, which had appeared after he had cultivated the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets to the fifth level, seemed to be attracted by the enormous sun and gradually began to rise up in his chest.

Up to the point when it flew out of Li Yunmu's throat.

Instantly, one enormous sun and one small sun faced each other from the distance. Li Yunmu suddenly discovered that when he rotated the Great Sun Secret Technique, the small sun gradually also began to move.

Once the small sun appeared outside, it was like a fish in the water. The heat released by the distant enormous sun was instantly attracted by it.

If previously the heat energy drawn out by Li Yunmu using the Great Sun Secret Technique was assigned a numerical value of one, then once the small sun of the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets appeared, the attracted heat energy increased ten times.

No, that isn't correct. The amount attracted continued to increase— thirteen times, seventeen times, twenty three times, thirty times.

The small sun began to rotate faster and faster, drawing out more and more heat energy, which finally stabilized at thirty times the original amount.


Li Yunmu discovered that the absorption frequency finally stabilized at thirty times the absorption rate when he had started rotating the Great Sun Secret Technique.

[Ding, congratulations host. The cultivation speed of your Great Sun Secret Technique increased by 28.73 times because of support from the sun of the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets. You have also began to absorb the Sungod Flame Energy which is being purified by the Great Sun, thus its quality is three layers higher compared to before.]

[Ding, congratulations host, the cultivation speed of Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets increased because of Great Sun Secret Technique, presently it has already broken through to the sixth level.]

Gamble successful!

When Li Yunmu had chosen to merge the three body-refining techniques, he knew that Great Sun Body Refining Secrets were extremely compatible with Great Sun Secret Technique of Chaotian Sect. That's why the S grade Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets formed from merging the three techniques had become even more perfect.

But this wasn't all. On the ground of the Hidden Domain, four shadows were still hack killing. They were chopping down the dimensional monsters of the hidden domain, one after another at a steady rate.

For every dimensional beast they killed, a thread of blood would be absorbed by the shadows.

Blood essences then would be absorbed by the Sacred Purifying Pearl near Li Yunmu's heart. Those essences were purified and dispersed among the flesh of his entire body, thus continuously strengthening his flesh.

Now, when the small sun in Li Yunmu's chest was thrown out in the empty space, the purified blood essences didn't follow their initial path of being dispersed throughout the body but instead were drawn toward the small sun.

Heat energy and purified blood essence began to assimilate into the small sun. Because of it, it started to consolidate a little and grow in strength.

Time quietly passed unnoticed by Li Yunnmu. By now, he had already lost all sense of it, his whole mind having entered an inexplicable state.

At some point in time, Li Qinghong and Blade Overlord returned after checking the final two locations which were suspected to be the entrance of the secret region. With this, their search was complete, but they returned without gaining anything.

Of the seven probable locations, not even one was the true entrance! Could the system have made a mistake after the detailed analysis which had lasted seven days?

When the two returned and checked the cave, they couldn't find Li Yunmu.

"Where did master go?"

At this moment, they discovered a bright red ray of sunlight shining on the ground through a hole in the black clouds over their heads.

Facing the rarely seen abnormal situation in the hidden domain, Blade Overlord Lin Jian muttered, "How is this possible? The black clouds of hidden domain have always barred sunlight from reaching the ground, so this beam of red light, where is it coming from?"

Li Qinghong extended her hand to let the bright red sunlight to fall on her hand. After carefully examining it once, her complexion slightly transformed.

Sungod Flame Energy!

This was the authentic Sungod Flame Energy!

This sensation, this familiar feeling… The Great Sun Secret Technique's flame energy which she had cultivated inside her body was being pulled towards this extremely pure sunlight.

Li Qinghong's expression immediately changed. "Not good, some super expert from Chaotian Sect has come. Who is he though? His sungod flame energy is even more profound than mine."

Li Qinghong tensed. The main reason why Chaotian Sect hadn't been able to capture her for such long time was that among the disciples at Flux Disciple layer in the Chaotian Sect, her cultivation of Great Sun Secret Technique was the most profound. This coupled with the fact that she also harbored the undying sage blood within her body made sure that the people dispatched by Chaotian Sect couldn't capture her.

However, she surprisingly now discovered that the person sent by by the sect this time had a more profound cultivation of Great Sun Secret Technique compared to hers. Once they fought, she would be suppressed from the very start. This kind of suppression would be similar to the one felt by the disciples of Chaotian Sect who were sent to capture her.

How was this possible… When had such a person whose sungod flame energy was more profound than her appeared within Chaotian Sect?

Pa, pa, pa…

Li Qinghong's expressions changed again. Out of her expectations, a male wearing a red gown, with a fiery and devilish red hair appeared at the halfway point to the black mountain.

While clapping, he spoke up with a hint of a fierce smile on his cold face. "You really deserve to be called our eldest sister. We just arrived here , but you already discovered us."

"Flame Devil."

Blade Overlord Lin Jian raised his head to look at the male dressed in red clothes, and a trace of cautiousness appeared on his face. Li Qinghong's words were correct, Chaotian Sect's people had really arrived. Then where was their master? Where had he gone?

"Blade Overlord Lin Jian, I used to be fascinated by you a long time ago. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity or chance to meet you before. Yet even though it finally happened now, my opponent today is not you."

The next instant, a black-clothed youth hovering at low altitude on the northern side stepped on a cold breeze and slowly floated down.

"I hadn't expected to see you as well, Northern Black Wind!" Li Qinghong said enthusiastically, yet her attention wasn't focused on either of the two newcomers.

She could sense the cultivation of Great Sun Secret Technique of these two people, and it wasn't it. Although they had advanced a lot in the past few years, they were still half-a-step inferior to her. Then who were above the black cloud just then? Who was this hidden expert of Chaotian Sect, who was sending this blazing sunlight to the ground?

"We finally meet again eldest sister. I hadn't expected that you would become even more beautiful compared to last time we met."

Northern Black Wind bowed from the distance.

"There's still me, Thousand Kill Mo."

A cold figure walked out from behind a great tree of the hidden domain.

"Senior sister Qinghong, you've disappointed me. Where is your master Li Yunmu? I want to see this person who snatched our eldest sister."

On an enormous black stone on the west side, a stunningly beautiful woman was seated with a disappointed expression on her face.

"You should be Flowing Cloud. Good, very good, Chaotian Sect's four elites have all come."

At this time, blade intent like a concealed sharp blade erupted from Lin Jian!

Flame Devil, Northern Black Wind, Thousand Kill Mo, and Flowing Cloud—the four famous elites of Chaotian Sect had all assembled!