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Chapter 192: Using a Killing Spell To Obtain a Sage Weapon

Chapter 192: Using a Killing Spell To Obtain a Sage Weapon
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All the four elites of Chaotian Sect arrived. The reason why Chaotian Sect had four elite disciples was because their mountain actually comprised of six peaks. The natural mountain silhouette resembled six fingers raised toward the heavens, thus the name Chaotian Mountain 1 .

If one wanted to be accurate, Chaotian Sect had six elite disciples, each of which belonged to one of the six peaks.

Li Qinghong surveyed the four elites of Chaotian Sect surrounding her and then said while pointing into the distance, "Since all of you have come, Jie Wuyu and Ling Baichuan, you two should also come out. It's time to settle the old scores with Chaotian Sect."

Flame Devil, Northern Black Wind, Thousand Kill Mo, Flowing Cloud, Jie Wuyu, and Ling Baichuan, these six people were the elites of Chaotian Sect's youngest generation. They represented the future of Chaotian Sect. However, only four of them were famous. Outsiders didn't know about the latter two, Jie Wuyu and Ling Baichuan.

Li Qinghong was once the eldest sister from the main peak, thus she knew about the existence of those two people whose strength wasn't one whit inferior compared to that of the other four.

Li Qinghong's guess was correct— all six of the elites had arrived. Chaotian Sect had decided to launch the Sungod Killing Spell to make sure Li Yunmu was killed.

The thought of the great killing spell constructed by the six elites caused Li Qinghong's heart to sink. She knew that although Li Yunmu was formidable and had several shadows as clones, but with these six people attacking together, he didn't stand a chance.

Blade Overlord Lin Jian took a deep breath. He was well aware that there was no escaping an intense battle here. Against Chaotian Sect's six elites, even he, a Halted Fluxer who came from Bladewood, could only deal with one person at a time.

If two decided to come together, he wasn't certain that he could surpass them. When he thought of the Sungod Flame Killing Spell formed by these six people, he sighed in his heart. He was probably going to perish today in the hidden domain.

"Senior sister, we aren't here to fight Lin Jian or you, it's them who will deal with you."

Northern Black Wind smiled faintly, both his eyes focused on the peak of a black mountain.

There were four black-clothed figures standing there in a row. Suddenly, all of them began to rush down the steep slope. These people weren't some nobodies but were actually quite famous.

Within the Fifth Dimension, apart from newcomer fluxers, everyone knew of these four people.

"It's them," Li Qinghong and Lin Jian cried out involuntarily at the same time.

"That's right," four of the elite disciples said at the same time.

A terrifying aura erupted from Li Qinghong's body, and her voice turned ice-cold. "Why are you all acting as hunting dogs for Chaotian Sect?"

"A pot calling the kettle black. All of us are hunting dogs, just that you and Lin Jian are the lackeys of a trifling ordinary crystal fluxer," one of the four sneered.

The four people coming from the distance weren't any ordinary cultivators. They were all Halted Fluxers, exactly those four mysterious individuals whom Chaotian Sect had been trying to recruit for the last two years.

Originally, Chaotian Sect wanted to use them to deal with Li Qinghong. However, before they had found any opportunity to attack, a sudden unexpected event happened, and she became Li Yunmu's follower.

Not every Halted Fluxer had formidable combat strength. Other than Lin Jian and Li Qinghong who shouldn't be trifled with, naturally many others weren't something to be feared.

However, these four were different. Their group was led by Underworld Hand who was ranked tenth on the list of Halted Fluxers, only one rank below Lin Jian, while the other three were all ranked in the first twenty.

If these four joined hands to deal with Li Qinghong, then even without the innate suppression of Sungod Flame Killing Spell, they could force her into a critical situation.

But now these four were joining hands to deal with both Lin Jian and Li Qinghong. Chaotian Sect's intention was clearly just to use these Halted Fluxers to stall Li Yunmu's two followers.

It was a truly devious tactic to make sure that the six elites of Chaotian Sect to killed Li Yunmu.

"Ha ha, good move, you've one upped us here."

Li Qinghong's heart grew colder and colder with each passing moment, but she maintained her calm. Killing intent began to gradually rise from the Frightful Imperial Spear in her hand.

She was well aware of her capabilitise and knew that they would probably be unable to escape today. But even if she hadn't become a follower of Li Yunmu, once these four Halted Fluxers became Chaotian Sect's hunting dogs, she would've perished sooner or later.

Now there was only one option—to battle!

"Li Yunmu, you don't need to hide, we've already confirmed that you're here. Ohh, my former eldest sister, open your eyes wide and see the kind of person your new master is. He's clearly here but doesn't dare to come out. He sold you out without the slightest hesitation."

The sinister smile on Flame Devil's face became slightly wider.

"Ohh… Chaotian Sect's people? You've come rather quickly."

At this exact moment, a voice suddenly came over from above the black clouds in the sky.

Li Qinghong and Lin Jian started, looking up. They hadn't expected that Li Yunmu was really here. They believed that he had already escaped in front of such a powerful enemy.

Li Qinghong suddenly thought of something and looked at Li Yunmu who was slowly descending from the sky, with a shocked gaze. But as she watched him, her expression began to become more and more confused.

She couldn't sense the extremely pure sungod flame energy on him, not even the slightest hint of it. But then, how could there be such a coincidence that he was descending from the location of the sunlight.

"You're Li Yunmu? You do seem quite powerful and also have great courage, no wonder you were able to snatch our eldest sister. However, if you'd known about her story, then you wouldn't have done that."

Flowing Cloud, who was sitting upon the black rock, raised her face slightly to look at Li Yunmu who was descending from the sky. Her words were full of admiration, but her beautiful face revealed a hint of disdain.

"Who are you again? You're quite beautiful, but I've no interest in you," Li Yunmu said as he landed on the ground.

The smiles on the faces of Chaotian Sect's disciples became increasingly more eye-catching.

Everyone had told them that this person was extremely egotistical, and today they saw it themselves. He wasn't just egotistical, but extremely arrogant as well. He clearly knew that the six of them were going to use Sungod Flame Killing Spell to kill him, but surprisingly he still had the courage to land in the middle of them. He was simply courting death.

"Li Yunmu, we will give you a final opportunity. If you surrender yourself to Chaotian Sect together with Eldest Sister Qinghong and Blade Overlord, we will not kill you," Northern Black Wind suddenly said.

His words represented the whole of Chaotian Sect, since he was the elite disciple of the main peak. His position was the highest and so was his strength.

All outsiders feared Flame Devil because his way of handling things was extremely sinister. But the truly most formidable disciple of Chaotian Sect was certainly Northern Black Wind. Reportedly, he was the closest to Li Qinghong in strength.

"Then today I will also give you my reply to Chaotian Sect. You all leave now, and we won't need to cross paths ever again," Li Yunmu said indifferently.

"You don't know how high are the heavens and how deep is the earth. What qualifications do you have to negotiate with our Chaotian Sect? Attack!"

A hint of killing intent appeared on the face of Thousand Kill Mo.

His five fingers opened and clenched. Identical red flags appeared in the hands of all six people. A red sun was engraved on top of each one, while six Chaotian mountain peaks were on their other sides.

These were the spell formation flags of the Six Corner Sungod Flame Killing Spell which Chaotian Sect had decided to use to deal a critical blow to Li Yunmu. It was also the spell viewed by Chaotian Sect as the most consuming killing one, which could be considered as one of their greatest treasures.

Although they weren't using six transcending sage tools, only the six Fifth Dimensional Treasure Weapons, to construct it, this was still sufficient to deal with a person of the Fifth Dimension.

Within the Fifth Dimension, the only person who could face this killing spell at its full strength was Xiye Hanbei.

However, Li Yunmu wasn't him.

"Die now! By refining you, we will obtain another transcending sage tool!" Flame Devil howled with laughter while inserting the Sungod Flame Killing Flag into the ground.