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Chapter 194: Great Sun And Tyrant Body

Chapter 194: Great Sun And Tyrant Body
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Instantly, Li Yunmu could sense the small sun within his body and gently commanded it with his thoughts. The small sun then came out into the outside world, bearing itself for everyone to see.

Once the small sun came out, the expressions of the six elite disciples of Chaotian Sect froze. Li Qinghong and Lin Jian were suddenly unable to concentrate on killing the Underworld Hand's group of four, and one after another, everyone's eyes turned to the sun.

It wasn't that the two had forsaken their lives, but that both of them were extremely surprised by the small sun which had suddenly emerged from Li Yunmu's body.

Once Li Yunmu's cultivation of Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets reached the tenth level and attained the great circle of small threshold, the size of the small sun swelled from a pigeon's egg to a hen's egg.

The surface of the small sun was surrounded by magnificently burning red flame. This circle of flame was exactly the sungod flame energy gained by cultivating Chaotian Sect's Great Sun Secret Technique.

Since the purity of the sungod flame energy cultivated by Li Yunmu was extremely high, the flame energy had already transformed into the red flame.

Once the small sun emerged, the temperature in the surrounding one thousand meters instantly became extremely high.

"Flame congealed from the Great Sun Secret Technique attaining the great circle of major threshold realm!" Li Qinghong cried out in surprise.

"Great sun true flame, this is great sun true flame! How could he possibly cultivate our sect's secret technique to great circle of major threshold realm?" Flowing Cloud's slender face was full of fright.

"Fake, this is certainly fake. Even if Li Qinghong taught him the secret technique of our sect, how could he have possibly cultivated it to the great circle in a few days!" Flame Devil shouted out in hysteria, yet his face was full of dread.

Suppression, this is innate suppression!

For everyone who cultivated Chaotian Sect's Great Sun Secret Technique, this was an unbelievable amount of innate suppression. It would essentially leave those people unable to resist.

"Great sun true flame?"

When Li Yunmu heard the people of Chaotian Sect yelling out in surprise, a sneer appeared on his face. His sun wasn't congealed because of cultivating Great Sun Secret Technique to the great circle of the major threshold.

It was simply that he had cultivated the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets, which contained Great Sun Body Refining Secrets, to the tenth level. However, others didn't know this.

Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets, as the name implied, was composed of three body-refining techniques named Great Sun, Tyrant Body, and Muscle Marrow.

Great Sun represented supreme power, its emphasis being on attack.

Tyrant Body represented absolute defensiveness, its emphasis being on defense.

Muscle Marrow represented the improvement of one's body, its emphasis being on the body's foundation.

This was the real essence of this S grade supreme body refining technique. While Li Yunmu used these three methods in parallel, no one could oppose him.

After gaining assistance from the Sungod Flame Killing Spell of Chaotian Sect, he was able to advance the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets to the tenth level. But this tenth level wasn't a mastery realm. It still lacked one factor, and thus it couldn't continued advancing.

Although Great Sun had advanced to the small threshold and Muscle Marrow had also advanced to the great circle of minor threshold, Tyrant Body was not there yet. Thus, Li Yunmu couldn't continue to absorb the sun's energy concentrated on him by the killing spell. It was time to end this battle.

"Li Yunmu, you surprisingly comprehended the true essence of our sect's secret technique. I don't believe, certainly don't believe."

Confronting the flaming sun which had come out from Li Yunmu, Northern Black Wind, who had been calm in the beginning, completely lost his mind.

Once the flaming sun showed up, he felt as if this world's monarch had descended. What Chaotian Sect's six elites, what Chaotian Sect's future generation—all of them suddenly looked like nothing more than trash.

"Great Sun," Li Yunmu loudly yelled out, "absorb for me!"

The tiny flaming sun erupted with supreme flame energy. The killing spell's temperature continued to rise, but Flame Devil, Flowing Cloud, and the other four elite disciples yelled out in despair.


They were too late!

If they hadn't taken the initiative to unleash their flame energy to attract that of the sun, then Li Yunmu's sun would have remained immature and been unable to absorb their flame energy which they had laboriously cultivated for many years. Now, though, they fell into their own trap.

When faced with the formidable power of the little sun, the six people instantly felt the flame energy within their bodies flowing away like a river, involuntarily being attracted by the small sun.

The situation was completely reversed. The group of four Halted Fluxers requested by Chaotian Sect were left stunned. They glanced at each other, unable to suppress the hint of fear rising within their hearts even though they were seasoned veterans.

Before they had set out for this battle, the second-ranked Halted Fluxer Devil had warned them that they must not provoke Li Yunmu. Although they weren't aware why Devil, who was ranked just behind Xiye Hanbei, would be afraid of Li Yunmu, they only listened to his words with one ear.

After all, their opponent right now wasn't Li Yunmu exactly but Li Qinghong and Lin Jian. Yet now they were seeing the instant destruction of the six elites of Chaotian Sect.

Underworld Hand and his group couldn't help but feel a chill going down their spines. This Li Yunmu was weird, extremely weird. Chaotian Sect's Great Sun Secret Technique had fallen into his hands only a few days ago, and yet he could already produce the great sun true flame.

"We haven't cultivated the Great Sun Secret Technique, so we're the only ones who aren't suppressed by him. Everyone, let's attack together! We definitely can't let him break the killing spell!"

Although the Halted Fluxers were afraid, Underworld Hand didn't hesitate to grab this opportunity, and the four-man group swiftly broke away from Li Qinghong and Lin Jian.

The four of them displayed unprecedented team work, attacking Li Yunmu one after other.

However, they were still too late by a millisecond. They had greatly underestimated the innate suppression produced by Li Yunmu's little sun towards Devil Flame and the other five.

While they were distracted for a few breaths, the six elite disciples of Chaotian Sect went soft in their legs as if they had stepped into a quagmire.

In a few breaths' time, the foundation of sungod flame energy which they had been accumulating for a long time was completely absorbed by Li Yunmu's small sun.

When he saw the four Halted Fluxers attacking him together, he felt as if he was looking at four ants. He said with a sneer, "You ants also dare to appear in front of my great sun tyrant body? Get lost!"

Li Yunmu launched a fist which contained the terrifying power of his flesh, dreadful thunder energy, as well as the dazzling golden flux energy.

Underworld Hand's complexion changed, and he yelled out in surprise, "Golden crystal fluxer? Your cultivation has already reached golden crystal layer!"

Underworld Hand was a Halted Fluxer ranked among the top ten. Although his strength couldn't be called unrivaled, it was still sufficient for him to go anywhere he wanted within the Fifth Dimension.

Let alone speaking of a golden crystal fluxer, even a rainbow crystal fluxer in front of him would be just a youngster. However, fear now spread across his face and dread clutched his heart at the sight of a golden crystal fluxer.

This was not for any other reason but because this person was Li Yunmu.