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Chapter 195: Die or Serve

Chapter 195: Die or Serve
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Li Yunmu was, after all, not any random fluxer. He was a known ruthless personage who had cleared the twenty-fifth level of the Tower of Glory and killed over two hundred fluxers with cultivation levels higher than his who had come to hunt him down. He was an existence who had forced Li Qinghong and Blade Overlord to follow him while he was still at the lowest layer of cultivation possible.

Now, after disappearing for a brief period of few days, his cultivation had also entered golden crystal layer. When confronted with such a person, was it any wonder that Underworld Hand's group felt fear.

Immediately, the fists launched by the two people collided.

Li Yunmu didn't retreat half a step, remaining motionless like a mountain, while Underworld Hand felt the three types of terrifying powers merged into one attacking him.

The fist sent him flying.

But the next instant the move of Underworld Hand showed up to not have been completely ineffective, because the blades of the other three Halted Fluxers reached Li Yunmu's body due to it.

However, fear rose within the attackers the moment their hits landed.

They felt as if they'd struck a mountain. Even when using their full power, they were surprisingly still unable to break through Li Yunmu's defense.

At the center of a short black mountain in the distance, three beautiful women were attentively watching the battle. When they saw the last attack, one of them said absentmindedly, "My god, is this person still human?"

"Senior sister, I think you don't need to attack. This friend of yours isn't human."

"Either die or serve me."

Li Yunmu decided not to kill the group of Halted Fluxers in the end since he had already killed a large number of people recently.

He stayed still while the three Halted Fluxers continued to attack without a moment's rest, but they were still unable to break through Li Yunmu's defense.

This was the absolute power mentioned by the system many times!

This was true absolute power!

Absolute power didn't only mean offensive strength but also absolute defense!

From Li Yunmu's Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets, Great Sun had already reached the minor threshold, but the genuine Tyrant Body still lacked some maturity. But this kind of supreme cultivation method like Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets was not something that simple.

Even if Tyrant Body lacked a hint of maturity and hadn't yet achieved the genuine tyrant body, when added with the defensive methods like Safeguard, Admiralty Cover, King Crystal Armor, Devil Dragon Bone Armor, Li Yunmu's defense could certainly ignore the attacks of a few Halted Fluxers.

Right now, Li Yunmu had reached the point where he was extremely close to becoming an unrivaled existence within the Fifth Dimension. In this whole place, apart from the three most powerful Halted Fluxers who had the ability to fight against him, others were just floating clouds.

When absolute defense was taken into account, who could resist his absolute power!

"Die or follow!"

Li Yunmu gradually began to lose patience toward the three Halted Fluxers who seemed to have gone completely crazy. He opened his mouth and sucked in the small sun rotating within the empty sky, absorbing it back into his body.

He then lightly waved his hand and collected into his heavenly world the six treasure weapons that had been used to construct the sungod flame killing spell. After this, the treasures on Northern Black Wind and other five were also collected by Li Yunmu with a wave of his hand.

If the six elite disciples of Chaotian Sect had retained their combat strength and vitality, then Li Yunmu naturally wouldn't have been able to take away their treasures. However, after their sungod flame energy had been completely sucked away, they were no better than six sheeps waiting to be slaughtered at this moment.

"Chaotian Sect's future is completely ruined," Li Qinghong said after managing to calm down from her shock. For the first time, a hint of acceptance for Li Yunmu appeared in her heart.

She who used the Frightful Imperial Spear had never lost her calm in front of any opponent or enemy, but Li Yunmu's transformation in just a few days affected her steel nerves.

"Chaotian Sect's future is finished."

Within the woods on another black mountain, a group of five, comprising of both men and women, had been watching the battle as well.

They witnessed the entire series of events, starting when Li Yunmu spat out the small sun, instantly reversing the whole situation. The six elites of Chaotian Sect had instantly lost all energy, falling lifeless to the ground.

A woman wearing a blue skirt couldn't help but express her disbelief, "Chaotian Sect is a majestic top tier sect. It must have numerous competent people within it and enormous reserves. Saying that their future is finished because of losing six elite disciples is going too far. Still, it's certain that Chaotian Sect's losses are extremely high this time."

"Man Tian, if you encountered this Li Yunmu right now, who would be the victor between you?" another woman asked.

"Ha ha, this question needn't be asked. Although Li Yunmu is powerful, but the only person who can be Man Tian's opponent within the entire Central Continent is only Xiye Hanbei."

"It's difficult to say, he is maturing extremely quickly. Reportedly, two months ago he was only an ordinary person. I dare to venture that we will soon get the chance to fight against him," a female wearing a blue-colored skirt said thoughtfully while attentively watching the distant Li Yunmu.

"Eh? Hai Yue, you're talking about the Continental Battle? Given his present strength, he does not seem to qualify," another youth said, shaking his head.

"It's great that we all came to check out what is his current level of strength. Life has become extremely boring. Let's go, there's no longer any suspense left in this battle."

Man Tian walked away with large strides, leading everyone away.

However, at this precise moment, this group of five encountered a patrol squad formed of Chaotian Sect's disciples who were guarding the hidden domain.

"Who are you people? The hidden domain has already been sealed away by our Chaotian Sect, any intruders—!"a rainbow crystal fluxer of Chaotian Sect immediately shouted out.

"Get lost."

Man Tian launched a punch, and the five of them immediately walked past without turning their heads around, not having the slightest intention to stop.

The patrol squad of Chaotian Sect formed of a rainbow crystal and four golden crystal fluxers had been blown away by that one punch. They had lost the strength to crawl back to their feet for a long while.

"Master, we are willing to serve you!"





Underworld Hand and the other three Halted Fluxers knelt down on the ground, their heads bowed.

After they were unable to break Li Yunmu's tyrannical defense with their frantic attacks, they finally acknowledged their allegiance to him.

Fluxers, of course, cherished their lives!

Their position was naturally higher than that of ordinary people, but the better one lives, the more they cherish their life. Not to mention that they were still just about to embark on the path of cultivation to the pinnacle.

All fluxers were like this, and Halted Fluxers were no different. Otherwise why would they bitterly suppress their cultivation and stay within the Fifth Dimension.

Although Halted Fluxers cherished their lives, this didn't mean that their pride of being those who could move unhindered in the world could be insulted. Underworld Hand and his group had surrendered because they cherished their lives, but maybe even more so because they saw hope in Li Yunmu.

If he hadn't shocked them with the vast difference between their combat strength, then even trying to use the threat of death to force them into submission would have been just wasted effort.

"Congratulations master in reaping enormous harvests in this battle." At this time, Blade Overlord Lin Jian took a step forward and asked while breathing a sigh of relief, "How should we deal with them?"

"Walk." Li Yunmu didn't pay attention to the question, instead commanding Underworld Hand's group of four to start walking. "I heard that of the seven locations, none of them were the real entrance?"

He first wanted to find a secret place where no one would be able to secretly oversee them. He could then lead the four Halted Fluxers into his heavenly world to undergo Soul Refining. After all, he couldn't just trust their oral allegiance.

Li Yunmu walked in front, while the six Halted Fluxers quickly followed behind him. He didn't say anything about dealing with Flame Devil and the other disciples; they were no longer a problem.

In fact, whether he dealt with them or not, the fate of those six wouldn't change. After losing the sungod flame energy, even though their cultivation bases were unaffected, they had already fallen back to earth from the clouds.

Li Yunmu didn't kill them not because he feared the Chaotian Sect but because he had lost all interest.

However at this time, Li Qinghong suddenly said, "Master, I would request for you to bring Flowing Cloud with us."

Li Yunmu paused for a moment, then asked, "Reason?"