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Chapter 196: The Invitation Delivered

Chapter 196: The Invitation Delivered

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Li Yunmu paused, then asked, "Reason?"

"It's very simple—master needs a personal servant, and I think Flowing Cloud is just perfect," Li Qinghong answered with a giggle.

Li Yunmu looked at her for a moment, then agreed, "Ok."

A strange expression appeared on the face of Blade Overlord. As for Underworld Hand's group of four, because they had sworn allegiance to him only recently, they didn't say anything.

However, any experienced person would know that Li Qinghong's request to take Flowing Cloud with them wasn't because Li Yunmu lacked a maid.

"Eldest sister, I won't betray Chaotian Sect, don't even dream of it," Flowing Cloud stated weakly.

"You don't have a choice here."

Li Qinghong picked her up and followed behind Li Yunmu.

"Let's go, there's nothing more to see here."

Ling Shuang turned her gaze away and left without a glance back.

"Sis Ling, why don't you meet with your friend? If you don't go, he won't know that you had traveled more than a thousand kilometers just to assist him."

The two junior sisters of Ling Shuang chased after her with some anxiousness.

"He doesn't need me to assist him. Chaotian Sect also was only so-so. Northern Black Wind, Flame Devil, and all the others were quite famous, but it appears that they didn't live up to their reputation," Ling Shuang said in a disappointed voice.

"Ha ha, that's because Senior Sister Ling Shuang is too powerful. And as long as our master is present, he will be able to resist against any upper tier sect by himself, so how could the disciples of those upper tier sects compare to us?"

The three of them kept walking away.

Ling Shuang's exit was like a push that triggered the stacked dominoes to fall one after another—all the people waiting for opportunity in secret began to depart in succession at this time.

Chaotian Sect had made such a big move with a lot of fanfare to deal with Li Yunmu, so how could everyone not come to "observe", evenn if the sect had dispatched 308 core disciples to seal off a one hundred kilometers zone around the point of battle.

Yet they were clearly unable to stop the truly formidable people from coming to spectate.

A person who was far from becoming a battle sage and was wearing black clothes while adorning a sinister black mask on his face was looking at the departing Li Yunmu. His fingers clenched tightly and suddenly relaxed, then tightly clenched again, but he still didn't dare to make a move.

"Ha ha, the majestic second-ranked Halted Fluxer Sir Devil is surprisingly struggling inwardly. Why are you so afraid of Li Yunmu?"

Suddenly, a person adorning luxuriously sewn clothes and a jade belt appeared behind Devil.

"Gongzi Nangong, you're no longer the young master of Nangong clan like you were three years ago, presently. You'll be better off not provoking me," Devil said, his voice coming through the sinister mask.

"How about we join hands and get rid of this Li Yunmu?" Gongzi Nangong suggested with the same smile, without the slightest bit of anger.

"I Devil am a lone wolf. I don't need to join hands with you."

When Devil heard the other party's suggestion, he was rather moved by the idea. But after hesitating for a bit, he chose to refuse him.

Li Yunmu, what secrets are you hiding that you can even make Devil be so apprehensive of attacking you?

Gongzi Nangong also didn't do anything, because he clearly understood that apart from Xiye Hanbei, no one from the Central Continent could suppress this Li Yunmu in the Fifth Dimension.

If Halted Fluxers like Li Qinghong and Blade Overlord were near Devil, they would instantly recognize his new companion. This Gongzi Nanhong was the third most powerful Halted Fluxer.

There were of course many other people concealed in the wilderness who hadn't come just to watch the lively show but to find an opportunity to make their move.

Although Chaotian Sect's prestige could intimidate many people and various powers, Halted Fluxers who had already offended someone very important didn't feel much of a threat from it.

In the eyes of many Halted Fluxers, apart from transcending powers who they didn't dare to confront, the sects were only somewhat intimidating. As long as the earnings were high enough, they would make their move regardless if one was present.

The great increase in Li Yunmu's strength in a brief period of time was exactly what Xiye Hanbei had mentioned was required for him to survived. He had really accomplished it, and by doing so won this battle.

"Sire is a person from War God Temple."

At this time, Li Yunmu, who was leading the six Halted Fluxers, saw a person lying on a branch halfway up a tree. This person seemed to have been waiting in that place for a long time, and his clothes were quite special, he was adorning cyan-colored training robes.

Those training clothes were quite ordinary by themselves, not deserving to be called special, but on the chest area there was an insignia, and one that belonged to War God Temple. This alone was enough to transform these training clothes into something extraordinary.

"Yes, I bring the invitation letter to the Trial by Fire of War God Temple."

The person stood up and jumped down from the tree. He moved towards Li Yunmu and personally delivered the invitation to his hands.

"Okay, I will leave now."

Li Yunmu's attitude was greatly different now, compared to the last time when he had completely ignored the message. It was like a difference between heaven and earth.

"Before I appear for the Trial by Fire, can sire pass on the request to take care of my family's safety to the War God Temple?" he asked.

When the messenger heard it, he was slightly startled. Immediately afterwards though, he replied with a smile, "If War God Temple wants some people protected, then there will be no one able to touch them."

The cyan-robed person then left as quickly as he had come.

Li Yunmu took a deep breath when he heard those words. He once again sensed absolute power from the supreme transcending power.

In front of absolute power, no one would dare to be disobedient, since those who did will be dead!

The system's words were correct, any individual was just a floating cloud in front of absolute power, and War God Temple was the existence closest to being an absolute existence.

"Let's go."

After being assured by a person of War God Temple, Li Yunmu didn't fear anything anymore.

In a short while, their group returned to the underground hole. The three dimensional space eyes were patrolling around the mountain peak with the system, this super intelligent brain, acting as the control tower.

Due to this, the system's ability to monitor the surroundings had increased and was certainly not easy to dismiss.

Li Yunmu said to Underworld Hand's group of four, "Now don't resist."

Underworld Hand wasn't a newcomer fluxer. Since he had already acknowledged Li Yunmu as master and the other hadn't shown any interest in killing them, it was quiet obvious that he wouldn't harm them. Everyone in the group nodded.

They filled up with astonishment the next instant when Li Yunmu led them into another world.

This was a world with a star-filled sky. The starry sky was infinite, with a uniquely large sun right above their heads.

Under their feet was a small section of land filled with emerald green grass, while a small stream bubbled in the center.

There was also a large pile of looted weapons in one corner, but what actually caught the attention of the four were the four black forbidden tools. When they saw that they were the runic spears, their pupils shrank down.

As Halted Fluxers, there was no way they wouldn't recognize these extremely deadly weapons.

They hadn't expected that Li Yunmu would have had such a thing up his sleeve yet hadn't bothered to take it out in the battle just then. When they thought of this, the group became aware that Li Yunmu still had many secrets that the public knew nothing about.

"A world with a star-filled sky, this is… a heavenly world?!" one of the four subconsciously cried out.

"One sun heavenly world, no wonder eldest sis was willing to follow you," Flowing Cloud exclaimed faintly, her pretty eyes going wide open. Since she was a chief disciple of an upper tier sect, she had extensive knowledge regarding many cultivation related things and was clear about what Li Yunmu was going to do next.