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Chapter 198: Wrong Timing

Chapter 198: Wrong Timing
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"Furnace? What furnace?" Flowing Cloud asked in disbelief.

"Naturally Ye Qing's furnace." Li Qinghong suddenly turned towards Lin Jian and the other four. "You should withdraw for a moment."

Lin Jian, Underworld Hand, and the others glanced at each other and bitter smiles appeared on their faces. With a single thought from Li Yunmu, they were sent out of the heavenly world.

After they were gone, Li QInghong immediately moved towards Flowing Cloud. She tore open the cotton cloth on her bosom and instantly her bouncy white flesh was revealed to everyone.

This was completely out of Li Yunmu's expectations. When he looked at Flowing Cloud's bouncy soft and white skin, he instantly felt his vision swimming.

"Ahh, eldest sister, what are you doing?"

Although Flowing Cloud was an experienced fluxer, but at this instant she was utterly stupefied by this act and hurriedly used her hands to cover her chest.

However, Li Qinghong moved to stop her and went on to place her palm on her chest. The next instant, a strange runic imprint appeared on Flowing Cloud's chest.

"True Sixth Dimension's runic imprint?"

At this instant, Li Yunmu couldn't care about being rude, either. Although Flowing Cloud was his prisoner, he wasn't yet rotten to that stage.

"That's right, this is a sinister dual cultivation method which Chaotian Sect obtained from the Sixth Dimension. The person who comprehends this secret technique will be able to secretly absorb the entire cultivation base of the dual cultivation partner, turning it into their own," Li Qinghong said while pointing towards the imprint which had appeared after being brought out by her undying sage blood in the middle of Flowing Cloud's ample bosom.

At this instant, the young woman's voice became even more disbelieving. "Impossible, the sect would never do such a thing to me! I, Flowing Cloud, have the pinnacle grade innate talent. How could they treat me like a cultivation furnace!" But although she was speaking like that, there was some uncertainty within her.

"Impossible? You're only my replacement and nothing more. I dare to say with certainty that besides you, there are many other cultivation furnaces within Chaotian Sect," Li Qinghong sneered.

"Eldest sister, don't tell me that this was the true reason why you rebelled against Chaotian Sect?"

"Of course it is. Otherwise, how could a person like me who has a more formidable innate talent than you and was treated with more importance be crazy enough to betray their sect? Originally I was the best option for Ye Qing's cultivation furnace."

Li Qinghong glanced toward her master, Li Yunmu.

After some slight hesitation, she undid her front piece, and sure enough, there was an imprint identical to Flowing Cloud's in the middle of her soft bosom.

However, given that she was already his follower, this was of no consequence. Followers were exactly what their name implied. When some clan's younger generation chose their followers, both parties would voluntarily form a runic agreement. Once that agreement went into effect, it was effective for their entire lives.

There were both low level contracts as well as high level contracts. Low level ones would only be used to control half-step fluxers as well as ordinary layer fluxers.

High level contracts could be used to control Flux Masters. As for Li Yunmu's Soul Refining Technique that merged the soul imprint of the other party with his heavenly world, it was one of the topnotch agreements.

Even if the cultivation of his follower entered the sage layer, it would still remain effective. Only if his follower became a Battle Sage and entered the flawless realm could they finally remove the imprint of their master's heavenly world from their soul.

When Flowing Cloud looked at the imprint on Li Qinghong's chest that was identical to hers, even if she wanted to believe it a lie, she was still subconsciously convinced.

She hadn't expected that the truth about this matter would be so filthy.

Until this moment, she was still a grand elite disciple of Chaotian Sect, but at this instant, when she learned that she was just someone's cultivation furnace, she realized that she was inferior to an ordinary disciple.

She finally understood why Li Qinghong had suddenly betrayed Chaotian Sect and had never turned back, even opposing her old sect whenever she could.

"Chaotian Sect, from this day, you and I Flowing Cloud cannot exist under the same sky!"

When all was said and done, Flowing Cloud was still an experienced person. She calmed herself down and rearranged her clothes.

At this moment, without the power from Li Qinghong's undying sage blood bringing it out, the imprint on her chest gradually disappeared.

Only after the two women tidied up their clothes did Li Yunmu speak up. "I've heard you mentioning Ye Qing, what kind of character is this Ye Qing of Chaotian Sect?"

"He's Chaotian Sect's founder's second great grandson who is seen as the future successor of Chaotian Sect," Li Qinghong replied indifferently, but Li Yunmu could still hear the disdain in her voice when she talked about that man.

"Second great grandson! But still a second great grandson of a Flux Sage," Li Yunmu said ruefully.

In front of him there was Beastial Sage, while behind him was Chaotian Sect's elder ancestor. Apparently all those who had entered the so called "sage layer" hadn't genuinely become sages and still had the same weakness as humans.

Li Yunmu could understand why Li Qinghong had insisted on bringing Flowing Cloud together with them—this woman was just one step away from Li Qinghong in talent and comprehension. If they took her away, not only would it be an inconvenience to Ye Qing, but they would also create an enemy for him in the future.

"So now, what do you want to do, make your choice," Li Yunmu told Flowing Cloud.

"I still won't undergo Soul Refining, are you prepared to kill me?" Flowing Cloud said after pondering for a while.

"I won't kill you, but you're an intelligent person so you should know that once you learned about the secret of my heavenly world I can just keep you forever within this heavenly world."

Li Yunmu glanced towards Li Qinghong, while speaking.

He knew that she had requested to bring Flowing Cloud with them mainly because of the above-mentioned reason, but she had to also have some attachments to her, so he couldn't kill her. That's why keeping her within the heavenly world was the best outcome.

"I am willing to be your servant." Flowing Cloud looked around the heavenly world, then immediately said, "But without my consent, you won't be allowed to touch me."


Li Yunmu's laughter contained a hint of derision. If he could not touch her, then what kind of maid was she.

However, he also wasn't as naive as he had been before. He had no real interest in Flowing Cloud, so he naturally didn't argue with her over this.

The three of them exited the heavenly world where Lin Jian and the other Halted Fluxers had already started a bonfire and were roasting an oxen beast.

Li Yunmu didn't treat the new followers as outsiders and directly asked Lin Jian and Li Qinghong, "So of the seven locations, none of them had the entrance?"


Both of them nodded to confirm.

Given that the two of them were experienced people and both of them had verified it, the system seemed to have truly made a mistake this time.

Li Yunmu was quite startled, because the system had never made any mistakes before.

[Host, the analysis isn't mistaken. It is 100% certain that one of the seven probable locations holds the entrance,] the system replied with absolute certainty.

"You certain?"


Li Yunmu had absolute confidence toward the system, for everything he had today had been obtained because of it. Useless suspicion would only make him paranoid.

"Master, if you are absolutely certain that one of the seven is the true target, then I have a method to find the real entrance."

From Underworld Hand's group of four, one Halted Fluxer with an average stature confidently spoke up.

"Ehh? You seem confident."

"Yes, if I Devil Monkey claimed to be second in finding the traces of secret regions within the Fifth Dimension, then no one would dare to claim to be first. Based on the details mentioned by Lin Jian and Li Qinghong, I believe that they certainly hadn't missed any details but that their timing might have been wrong."

Devil Monkey confidently laughed.


Li Qinghong and Lin Jian instantly understood something.

"That's right, some high level secret regions' entrances can only be found at specific times. If the timing is wrong, they won't be there,"

Li Qinghong supplemented.

"Then what are we waiting for. After taking the evening meal, we will immediately move out to search," Li Yunmu stated, making the final decision.

The information that he was presently at Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain had been spread to the outside world by Chaotian Sect. Any intelligent person could certainly sniff out some clues about what he was doing here.

Li Yunmu wanted to find the true entrance as quickly as possible. A high level secret region which had been concealed so properly immediately raised his expectations, as well as those of other Halted Fluxers.

Within the Fifth Dimension, people would usually have many strange encounters and at times bump into great opportunities. These opportunities being present in the lower level such as the Fifth Dimension was the main reason why many powers attached great importance to cultivating rainbow crystal fluxers and paid so much attention to the Fifth Dimension.