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Chapter 199: Extraordinary Secret Region

Chapter 199: Extraordinary Secret Region
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Li Yunmu led Li Qinghong, Lin Jian, and others to loiter around the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain. One fluxer was left to stand guard on each of the seven locations that could be the real entrance.

Finally, after everyone had kept watch for three days and three nights, thetrue entrance finally revealed itself in front of Li Yunmu and his followers.

Everyone gathered together and arrived at a waterfall, where Lin Jian asked with a bizarre expression, "Devil Monkey, are you certain that this is the place?"

He had carefully inspected this place many times previously, even checking for anything strange behind the waterfall, but he had still come up empty handed.

It seemed like Devil Monkey had been saying the truth before. They must have come at the wrong time.

"Yes, I've been watching for three days and three nights here. Yesterday, at three in the morning, I finally discovered something fishy. If my speculations aren't wrong, then today in the evening we'll see it again."

"All right, let's all wait here till the evening. Barbarian Niu, Demon, you both are responsible for warning us. Others just settle down and rest so you'll be at your peak condition when we enter."

Li Yunmu didn't say much, just voiced his decision.

Finding the entrance of the secret region was just the beginning—the real test would be when they actually entered it. But carelessness wasn't about to become an issue. Every person here was one of the best in the Fifth Dimension, and so none of them dared to to be negligent.

Even Flowing Cloud was no different. She might have lost all her sungod flame energy a few days ago, but she was still a rainbow crystal layer cultivator. This added with Chaotian Sect's topnotch cultivation techniques made it so her combat prowess far surpassed that of ordinary rainbow crystal fluxers.

However, this secret region in front of their eyes was somewhat high-leveled. Also, judging by the fact that the entrance appeared only at specific times, this certainly wasn't an average secret region.

Night, for whom everyone was waiting, slowly descended.

The clock hand slowly edged toward three o'clock bit by bit, raising everyone's expectations with each passing second.

Just when Barbarian Niu, a somewhat crude person, started to get impatient, the clock finally reached three in the morning.

Suddenly, red flower petals from a tree branch stretching across a the waterfall quietly floated down.

This change didn't catch anyone's attention. After all, it was late at night and it was natural for some flower petals to fall from a tree branch that extended over the waterfall.

However, at this moment, Devil Monkey whispered, "Master, pay attention to the flower petals at the precipice of the waterfall floating down."

After being alerted by Devil Monkey, all the fluxers were instantly jolted to wakefulness and looked toward the petals.

These flower petals were from the most ordinary redcliff flowers in the Fifth Dimension. These flowers didn't have any special characteristics and grew in various places, though cliffs were their most common soil. That's why the flower here arrested no extra attention.

However, the instant its petals floated down, mixing with the falling water and dropped into the large pond below, a strange transformation happened.

Red-colored noronha wrasse fish jumped out of water and caught the flower petals one after another.

"What is this? Don't tell me that these fish are going to undergo some weird transformation?"

Flowing Cloud's sharp eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

But her guess didn't come out to be true. Soon after eating the petals, the fish calmed down.

"Eh? Where is the secret region's entrance?"

Devil Monkey was slightly stunned.

Nothing happened after the fish calmed down in the next quarter of an hour besides them waiting foolishly with so much nervousness that they didn't dare to breath.

"Be patient," Li Qinghong said faintly.

Everyone continued to wait.

When the petals fell from the branch stretching across the precipice once more, the noronha wrasse appeared on the surface of the large pond and began to compete with each other for the petals once again as well.

The black clouds hanging over the group suddenly started to disperse, revealing a tiny crack through which moonlight sprinkled on the ground. When it fell on the surface of the large pond, gentle light reflected off the fish.

At this moment, Li Yunmu's eyes narrowed. He felt an extremely vivid sensation from Arrow Evasion that something was about to begin.

And sure enough, when the gentle moonlight fell on the body of one of the noronha wrasse, it formed the perfect angle which reflected a red light because of the gleaming red scales.

This red light coincidentally fell on another noronha wrasse and formed a another specific angle. This sort of mystical coincidence startled everyone.

This scene was strangely profound. Two red noronha wrasse, because of the two reflections of light, formed a certain kind of union. It looked as if red light connected the tail of one fish to the body of the other.

But following this, an even more bizarre incident happened. Altogether, seven petal had floated down, attracting seven red noronha wrasse. At that instant, all of them leaped out of water to catch them, coincidentally positioning themselves at extremely abnormal angles to reflect the light.

When the red light was reflected off one noronha wrasse's body, it fell on the scales of another, which would then reflect it onto another, and so until all the fish seemed to be connected.

At that time, with the red noronha wrasses acting as a pivot, the red lights formed a heptagon, generating a runic spell.

"That's it, master. This is the Seven Star Scale Spell, which will only last for three seconds. We must hurry."

At this moment, Devil Monkey was no longer concerned with the red noronha wrasse anymore.

He took the initiative to spring forward at his maximum speed from their hiding place on the shore, rushing forward to enter the Seven Star Scale Spell formed because of all sorts of coincidences.

Li Yunmu and his group, being the people they were, had an extremely swift reaction speed. Once they heard that this spell would only last for three seconds, all of them instantly acted in the same manner without any words being necessary. They jumped into the waterfall pond's great spell, all of them entering in a row.

After three seconds, once the seven red noronha wrasses' competition to snatch the last red petals ended, all the fish returned back into the water. Once they changed their positions, the red light shifted and the runic spell was broken.

Everything returned to normal as if nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened here.

The Seven Star Scaled Spell was naturally the spell formation which formed the entrance to the secret region, and it had only lasted for three seconds.

During the whole night, it would only appear for three seconds, after being formed because of all sorts of coincidences.

As for what sort of mighty force was it that caused this spell to form naturally, Li Yunmu and his followers didn't have time to think about it.

After they entered the spell and their minds cleared up, they discovered that all of them had been transported to a different place.

This wasn't the bottom of the waterfall pond, and neither was this the Fifth Dimension, but an independently existing secret region.

The expressions of Blade Overlord, Li Qinghong, as well as Underworld Hand and his group's changed simultaneously, and they all cried out at the same time, "King's True Territory!"

Devil Monkey got carried away in his excitement and shouted out loudly, "My god, this really is King's True Territory. Twelve rainbow light world, this certainly is the legendary King's True Territory!

"I knew it. A secret region which uses timing and a critical spell formation to form the entrance certainly couldn't be simple, couldn't be simple…"