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Chapter 204: Terrifying Devil King

Chapter 204: Terrifying Devil King
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The peak of the crystal armor congealed from the devil king's eight rainbow light king dimensional crystal would only be an eight rainbow light and not a twelve one.

But even then, it was still rare for someone to condense a devil king crystal armor. The reason for this was simple, there were extremely few devil king level monsters, and each of them were extremely formidable.

Besides, as long as a devil king class monster appeared, then a twelve rainbow light king's nest would certainly be in the vicinity.

Twelve rainbow light king dimensional beasts may not have any devil king monsters for guards, but if a devil king monster was discovered, then it was certain that a twelve rainbow light king would be nearby. And it was a creature a lot more formidable compared to ordinary king dimensional beasts.

Li Yunmu crouched down at the peak of a small mountain, guided by Devil Monkey, and attentively watched the plains underneath.

Sure enough, below them there was a devil king monster who was emitting an eight rainbow light. The pressure exerted by its presence made everyone feel suffocated even though the group was quite far away from the monster.

It was clear that this creature was extremely formidable.

It was only an eight rainbow light devil king monster, yet everyone felt their hearts pounding vigorously. If their squad wasn't formed from top tier formidable experts of the Fifth Dimension, then attempting to attack the twelve rainbow light king class monster nearby would simply be courting death.

Currently, a formidable devil king monster emitting eight rainbow lights could be seem roaming around, leading a group of rainbow crystal dimensional beasts in the plains underneath. Based on its actions, it seemed like it was patrolling the area.

This eight rainbow light devil king had two pointed horns on its head, and its body was covered with dragon scales, while a pair of black armored claws flickered coldly. This beast was around three meters tall and had a pair of devilish wings on its back. Anyone could tell with a single look that this beast shouldn't be trifled with.

Ordinary eight rainbow light devil kings could be taken care of by Lin Jian and Li Qinghong if both of them acted together, but this monster was clearly stronger than ordinary devil kings.

Maybe it was due to this region, but who could really know. When Li Yunmu and his followers sensed this eight rainbow light devil king's presence, they immediately sensed the thorny problem here. This creature was extremely formidable, far surpassing the eight rainbow light devil kings one could encounter in the Fifth Dimension.

But this wasn't the most important thing. What really mattered was that by its side, apart from a group of rainbow crystal dimensional beasts, there were eight four rainbow light phantom kings acting as its subordinates.

Furthermore, all of them without exception appeared extremely strong, far surpassing those of their kind encountered outside.

"Eight four rainbow light phantom kings, I'll be leaving them to the seven of you. As for the eight rainbow light devil king as well as the group of rainbow crystal monsters, I will deal with them personally."

Li Yunmu and the others had already discovered that this place wasn't normal.

All dimensional beasts here were more formidable compared to their counterparts on the outside. In fact, they could actually be considered to be a level higher.

Li Yunmu didn't know whether his defense could protect him against the eight rainbow light devil king. The enemy also had a pair of devilish wings sprouting from its back, which made the whirlwind effect of Wind God Tornado Kick ineffective. But given Li Yunmu's present combat strength coupled with the fact that he had four shadows now, even if his defense couldn't hold on, he was sure he could still fight.

"Wait a minute, I think we should leave someone behind. I and Blade Overlord, the two of us can stall two four rainbow light phantom kings each. Demon and Barbarian Niu can handle another four as well, while Underworld Hand, Devil Monkey, as well as Flowing Cloud, you three should remain behind and be ready to deal with any unexpected events," Li Qinghong said, not happy with Li Yunmu's plan.

Li Yunmu didn't instantly agree to her suggestions. "Are all of you certain that you can handle two phantom kings? The dimensional beasts here are more formidable."

"If it's just stalling them for a short while, we should be able to accomplish it,"
Barbarian Niu and Demon asserted, nodding.

"Then let's attack."

Li Yunmu led his four shadows and swiftly rushed downwards, toward the terrifying devil king.

This was the first time he had chosen to really fight with a formidable devil king. Last time he had just captured the opportunity and used Wind God Tornado Kick to kick the enemy to death.

Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike!

The first strike he used was Violent Blade. This skill could be considered as the most efficient blade technique when it came to killing monsters. One person and four shadows hadn't yet reached devil king's side, yet they already started to attack, slashing at the rainbow crystal dimensional beasts jumping toward them.

One strike, two strikes, three strikes, seventeen strikes, twenty-seven strikes…..

Li Yunmu continued with the stacking the strikes of Violent Blade until the last and most formidable one. With each strike becoming faster and heavier than the last, he waited till the final strike before unleashing the sungod flame energy to cover the edge of the blade.

He jumped up, reaching a height of several tens of meters and covering a distance close to a hundred meters, then struck heavily toward the extremely fierce eight rainbow light devil king.

This was Li Yunmu's first time showing his full strength in front of outsiders. It was a very long time since he had last been able to make the Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike which had the strength of all the strikes added together. His cultivation had also increased since then, and so the height and distance covered by his leap had also greatly improved.

His leap now spanned a hundred meters, and the heavy strike contained the power of the previous twenty-seven strikes.


The strike rushed toward the head of the devil king, but right at the moment the blade was about to land heavily, it was intercepted by armored claws.

Li Yunmu immediately sensed that the fierce claw attack was filled with enormous power, and he retreated with even more speed compared to when he had attacked.

At this time, Li Yun, Li Feng, Li Tian, and Li De launched their own leap strikes.

Bang, bang, bang, bang.

The most formidable, last strikes of the four shadows slammed heavily against the body of the devil king, which was covered with scales.

This Critical Leap Strike was the most formidable attack used by Li Yunmu in his life. From some aspects, it could even be said that this skill, which was the pinnacle of continuous strikes, was even more formidable compared to Aurora Killing Justice.

This was because it contained the power of twenty-seven strikes added together with a final leap strike.

The result of this attack completely shocked everyone.

When Critical Leap Strike attacks by the four shadows, each of which contained the power of stacked strikes added together, landed on the body of the devil king, they could only extinguish half of the rainbow light. The full strength attack of Li Yunmu together with his four shadows could only extinguished half rainbow light of the total the eight rainbow lights...

It must be known that Li Yunmu's combat strength had grown countless times compared to when he fought against the king dimensional beast earlier, and his blade's edge was also laced with sungod flame energy, but the outcome was still that it could only extinguish half rainbow light.


The devil king who had taken the four critical leap strikes revealed his extremely fast speed and suddenly disappeared from its original location, instantly catching up with Li Yunmu who was retreating. Cold light then flickered.

Clang, clang, clang.

The devil king unleashed continuous claw attacks, ruthlessly attacking Li Yunmu's king crystal armor.

Li Yunmu was then smacked heavily and flew away like an artillery shell.


He slammed heavily into a hill.


This time, not only Li Yunmu himself was shocked, even Li Qinghong and the others hiding behind, waiting for the opportunity, also felt that this outcome was unfathomable.

How could one eight rainbow light devil king be formidable to this extent? It was simply impossible!


Li Yunmu used his strength and crawled back up the hill he had heavily slammed into, but he still coughed up a mouthful of blood.

He was injured.

The enemy's attack had been like lightning and couldn't be stopped by his Safeguard, Admiralty Cover, King Crystal Armor, Iron Body, Tyrant Body, Devil Dragon Bone Armor, as well as the heavenly world which absorbed some of the damage.

Even with seven layers of defense, Li Yunmu still got injured. This meant that if it had been someone else in his place, even Li Qinghong who was the most formidable one among the seven followers, would've been instantly killed by this devil king.


This was extremely terrifying!

"Don't come here, run, quickly!"

Li Yunmu wasn't a fool. He instantly understood that this wasn't an ordinary eight rainbow light devil king monster.

Compared to the eight rainbow light devil kings in the outside world, it wasn't a bit more formidable but so many times it was hard to count them all. This enormous disparity meant that its strength was different even in quality.

This devil king had injured Li Yunmu in their first clash, and even without giving him any opportunity to retaliate. Even a true twelve rainbow light king wouldn't be so terrifying.

This was a time when a question came to Li Yunmu's mind about what sort of true territory this was. Motherf*cking King's True Territory, who said that? This is no f*cking King's True Territory but an unprecedentedly dangerous region.

They had all been mistaken.

Li Yunmu was wrong. Devil Monkey who was an expert about these true territories was also wrong. Li Qinghong who had come from Chaotian Sect and Lin Jian who had come from Bladewood were also wrong. All of them were wrong.

All of them thought this was just a King's True Territory, but this place was simple not what they thought it was.

All of them had made a mistake which ended with Li Yunmu getting almost killed. This devil king's speed was extremely fast, like lightning. There wasn't any opportunity to retaliate, and it flashed again, arriving in front of Li Yunmu. It formed a fist by joining his hands and heavily slammed against Li Yunmu's head.


A muffled sound echoed. The life saving jade coin which was given to Li Yunmu by Lin Yuerou formed a divine light protective cover around his body, but a crack appeared in this protective cover under the heavy attack.

Yet this protective cover could resist against an all out attack of a Nirvana layer expert. Dear god...

But what made Li Yunmu's heart jump with fear and trepidation the most was not the devil king's movement speed, which was like a bolt of lightning, but his attack speed, which was even faster. It was like this devil king was on steroids.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang

It attacked Li Yunmu nine times in an instant.


The life saving jade coin, given to him by Lin Yuerou, turned into dust.

A jade coin which could resist an all out attack of a nirvana layer expert was broken in an instant by this devil king, with just nine attacks.