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Chapter 210: Changes Caused by Divine Blood

Chapter 210: Changes Caused by Divine Blood
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When the large amount of dimensional crystals were poured into the heavenly world, Li Yunmu only felt that the congealed sun seemed to have eaten a large amount of supplements. Its size suddenly increased.

From where Li Yunmu was standing, his sun appeared to be several times larger than the great sun seen from the Earth. Even more star power surged down, illuminating the entire heavenly world, and the multitudes of small stars reflected this light, causing a major transformation.

One sun ranked world master, Li Yunmu finally attained this rank. After congealing this one sun, a portion of will in the depths of his consciousness sea alerted him that he would now need even more space elements to nurture his heavenly world.

The amount of flux crystals required to congeal the next sun was roughly ten times the amount required to congeal the first sun.

Only now did Li Yunmu gain a bit of understanding why a legendary character like the flux ancestor was only able to congeal seven suns.

Difficult, this is extremely difficult!

This was possible only if one encountered great fortune. If someone believed that they could congeal the network of twelve suns just by relying on themselves and become a deity of the present world, it was simply a pipe dream.

Once the diameter of the land swelled to five hundred meters, the area of the small springhead at the center increased from one square meter to five, and thus could now be considered a small pond.

Apart from this, there were also some new developments in the grassy terrain. Some land suddenly rose up, by some four-five meters, forming what could be classified as mini-hills.

The whole process was as if a land was developing here naturally.

The main question in Li Yunmu's mind was what amount of world energy was now under his control, once he threw over ten billions of dimensional crystal into his heavenly world.

"System, calculate the strength of world energy under my control."

Li Yunmu clenched his fist and concentrated all the world onto it. He launched this punch into empty air, creating a small explosion.

This attack was comparable to the explosion of a mid-sized homing missile used on earth. It would be enough to fascinate many people.

[Host, presently the amount of flux energy you can move is close to the full strength attack of a Temporal Flux Master. While speaking in the outside world, it is roughly equivalent to an all out attack of four rainbow light phantom king.]

The system quickly calculated and presented the data.

In the heavenly world, the amount of world power Li Yunmu could utilize was roughly ten times what he could bring out in the outside world. Within his heavenly world, the formidable might of his punch was equivalent to an all out attack of a Temporal Flux Master.

It was no wonder that people called Temporal Flux Masters were seen as exceptionally powerful given that their one attack could cause as much destruction as a homing missile.

But in the outside world, the amount of power Li Yunmu could use was equivalent to that of a four rainbow light phantom king.

This allowed him to surpass ordinary rainbow crystal fluxers by far, because they were only equivalent to a single rainbow light dimensional beast in terms of power.

In other words, even if he didn't use the power of his flesh or the flux energy he had cultivated and only relied on world power, his strength, which was comparable to four rainbow light phantom king's, was sufficient to suppress rainbow crystal layer fluxers.

But this didn't include Halted Fluxers like Li Qinghong and Blade Overlord, because these people weren't ordinary rainbow layer fluxers. They possessed sufficient strength to fight against a four rainbow light phantom king.

"This is still not sufficient, I need more strength."

Li Yunmu still wasn't satisfied. He took out the drop of golden-colored blood and swallowed it.

This was of course the drop of divine blood which he had obtained after risking his life to kill that devil king with five Danger Critical Strikes. Although this drop didn't have divine nature, it was still the blood of a true deity.

This one drop of blood essence contained an enormous amount of extremely pure energy, which far surpassed the sum of blood essences in multitudes of life-forms which had been purified and absorbed. Li Yunmu gulped down this treasure.

He didn't submerge it into his navel region to nurture his body's constitution, and neither did he merge it with the blood vessels to transform them and strengthen the foundation of his body.

He just gulped it down directly to his stomach and began to rotate the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets.

Great Sun, Tyrant Body, Muscle Marrow.

The drop of sage blood, after being swallowed by Li Yunmu, was absorbed by the Sacred Purifying Pearl and entered his heart, thus completing the circle.

The reason why divine blood was named so was because it was the purest blood essence in the world, without the slightest hint of impurities. Thus, after being processed by the Sacred Purifying Pearl, its essence was still the same as before.

With the rotation of the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets, this supreme body-refining technique, it was refined and merged with every nook and cranny of Li Yunmu's body.

The eight rainbow light devil kings who naturally possessed extremely formidable bodies would become even more ferocious after being nurtured by the divine blood. However, they didn't have any body-refining techniques, not to mention a supreme cultivation one, and thus could only absorb this drop of divine blood on instinct. Their harvests were then obviously not too large, which was the reason why this drop of divine blood had appeared after its owner was killed.

Li Yunmu wasn't a dimensional beast but a human who cultivated a supreme body-refining technique. After he started rotating it, the blood essence immediately transformed into endlessly surgining energy which merged with every nook and cranny of Li Yunmu's body, from muscles and bones on the outside to the internal organs inside.

At this instant, Li Yunmu felt as if his heart had attained an unprecedented amount of power. Every time it throbbed, it was as if the whole world shook. When he took a breath, he felt like a large whale swallowing whole rives, while every time he exhaled, he felt like Nile which had erupted with flood.

His skin became even fairer, and his hair began to grow rapidly. His muscles began to broaden, and his bones transformed, becoming heavier.

Each and every transformation came from the refinement of the drop of divine blood not based on instinct but technique.

As for the most profound transformations, Li Yunmu was notified about it by the system.

[Ding, congratulations host, your Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets has been upgraded to the eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, twentieth, thirtieth level...]

[Ding, because you have refined a drop of divine blood, your Tyrant Body had attained the great circle realm. Your flesh has been strengthened by a substantial margin, and its strength has increased significantly.]

[Ding, because your Muscle Marrow Secrets received assistance from the drop of divine blood, your innate talent has been improved.]

[Ding, congratulations host, your Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets has attained eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, twentieth level]

[Your Devil Dragon Bone Armor has been baptized by the drop of divine blood, causing a bizarre transformation.]

[Ding, because you have been baptized by divine blood, your flesh has been unusually strengthened. Because it has become overly formidable, your Copper Body Secrets have been overshadowed. The cultivation of Copper Body Secrets has been completely discarded.]

At the moment when Li Yunmu refined the drop of divine blood, great changes happened to all the supreme flux cultivation methods in his body. As long as the cultivation method was related his flesh in any way, it would be influenced.

The one who was affected the most was the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets. Although there were no change to the Great Sun Secret Technique and it was still at the minor threshold, but the Tyrant Body had achieved a minor threshold. Besides that, because of the divine blood's assistance, Li Yunmu's innate talent had also improved to an even higher level.

The most important thing was that his Great Sun, Tyrant Body, and Muscle Marrow had all achieved a minor threshold. Because of this, the cultivation method as a whole had been instantly upgraded to the thirtieth level, making Li Yunmu's body monstrously powerful!