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Chapter 211: Tyrannical Body

Chapter 211: Tyrannical Body
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Li Yunmu had never expected that refining the drop of divine blood would result in such a great transformation which would greatly increase his strength.

The Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets, this purely body-refining technique, had advanced from the tenth level directly to the thirtieth level. As for the Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets, it had risen to the twentieth level.

In an instant, Li Yunmu felt as if he had transformed into Pangu 1 and could split the heaven and earth apart just by relying on the formidable strength of his physical body. Naturally, this was just an illusion born from the sudden increase in his body's strength. It was just too excessive.

After faintly inspecting his own insides, Li Yunmu discovered that unknowingly he had started using the legendary inner vision. With it, he saw that a qualitative change had happened to his Devil Dragon Bone Armor because of that drop of blood essence.

If it was previously only a set of tough and durable bone armor which firmly protected his inner organs, then presently it had transformed entirely. It was no longer rigid, instead having become somewhat flexible and stretchable. He could extend and pull it back as he wished . Its surface was also filled with tiny golden specks which appeared as golden runes at first glance.

The transformation wasn't limited to the Devil Dragon Bone Armor on the chest, but extended to all the bones in Li Yunmu's body.

He suddenly had a thought and stretched out his arm. After some thinking, he moved his arm again and twisted it in a way which didn't confirm with the conventional movement of the human body. And he wasn't done yet, he continued to twist it until he had turned it by three hundred sixty degrees, but he didn't feel any pressure and was able to accomplish it rather easily.

With another thought, all the bones in his body returned to their normal hardness, and he launched a punch in the air.


There was an explosion, one that sounded like a tire of a heavy vehicle had suddenly burst. The terrifying force of Li Yunmu's bones immediately rang in the air.

"Extremely formidable!"

Li Yunmu didn't dare to believe it. He stamped his feet heavily on the ground, which instantly caused an explosion as if he had stepped on a landmine buried there.

But by this time, Li Yunmu had already moved from the location where he had stamped his foot. His figure appeared near the end point of his heavenly world's land.

Within an instant, he had covered more than three hundred meters just by relying on the power of his flesh. He could now be certainly considered as a human-shaped monster.

"One drop of divine blood, how can it be so formidable?"

Li Yunmu was extremely astonished.

It must be known that regardless of whether it was Li Qinghong or any other person whom Li Yunmu had heard about who had consumed divine blood, none of them could display such terrifyingly explosive power with just their bodies.

It was truly a great achievement.

[Host does not need to find it strange. Divine Blood contains innately formidable divine blood genes. Although you haven't used it to refine your blood vessels, you possess a supreme body refining technique and topnotch bone-refining ability, thus the refining effects of this drop of blood have been used the extreme,] the system explained on time.

"Oh… so this was the case."

Li Yunmu was no longer able to calculate how much more formidable his flesh had become compared to how it was previously. He could sense that he no longer needed to use any external energy to blow away the so called most formidable rainbow crystal fluxers. The explosive power of his flesh alone would be enough for that.

This wasn't an illusion but his true power which had reached a terrifying level after the two cultivation methods had advanced dramatically.

There was also an even more domineering fact that he had yet to address. His cultivation of a B grade skill Copper Body Secrets had been completely abolished because of the great increase in the strength of his flesh.

It didn't matter, though. Regardless of whether it was the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets or the refining of divine blood, his flesh had already become extremely domineering. Once Tyrant Body attained the minor threshold, it couldn't coexist with other similar body refining techniques.

Frankly speaking, Copper Body Secrets was a metal transformation defensive cultivation method and not a genuine cultivation method to strengthen one's flesh. That's why its cultivation had been completely crushed by Tyrant Body.

However, Li Yunmu didn't feel the slightest bit of regret, because the fierceness of his Tyrant Body certified the dominance of his Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets.

He barely thought about it, and his body turned completely red, resembling a red hot iron. This was the pinnacle form of Tyrant Body.

The projection of a scorching sun appeared behind him, gently rising up. Due t the light from the sun, the redness of his body began to darken. The transformation of the essence of energy caused a red protective cover to form around him.

At this moment, an extremely intense feeling rose from deep within Li Yunmu. He sensed that as long as he stood under the Great Sun, the layer of Tyrant Body protective cover would never dissipate because of lack of energy.

As long as the Great Sun remained over his head, then even if this layer of Tyrant Body protective cover was forcefully destroyed, it would form again and again.

But this transformation wasn't so simple. The most important benefit of the Tyrant Body attaining minor threshold wasn't the protective cover but the tyrannical attribute itself. It wouldn't be the slightest exaggeration to say that once Li Yunmu entered the pinnacle of Tyrant Body, his flesh would become incomparably powerful.

Presently, he could block an artillery shell just by relying on his flesh, without needing any other defense, let alone some bullets. Although he hadn't yet entered the Flux Master realm, his flesh had already crossed the Flux Disciple Realm.

[System, calculate the comprehensive strength of my physical body by doing an in-depth analysis.]

Li Yunmu's heart was burning passionately, and he immediately ordered the system to calculate the increase in his combat strength.

[Analysis complete. Without including the power of shadows, host's current combat strength is roughly equivalent to that of an eight rainbow light devil king," the system quickly replied.

"What if the four shadows were also included in the calculations?" Li Yunmu asked.

[Then you can easily crush a twelve rainbow light king and battle evenly against an average Flux Master.]


Li Yunmu was completely astonished, to the extent that he turned speechless.

If the synchronized strength of the four shadows was included in the calculations, then his combat strength was sufficient to battle against an ordinary Flux Master?

This wasn't as simple as battling those who were a few layer highers than you, for this kind of strength genuinely surpassed a whole realm. With the four shadows joining hands with him and the strength of the world power as well as his flesh, he now possessed the qualifications to battle opponents who were a whole realm higher.

As for how large was the disparity between Flux Masters and Flux Disciples, if someone asked this question on one of the fluxers' online platforms, then probably 99.99% of the replies would be that is was incalculable.

The two simply belonged to completely different realms. It was common knowledge that even if the most formidable Flux Disciple encountered a random Flux Master, they would be crushed with a flick of a finger.

However, Li Yunmu now stepped out of the boundaries of this common knowledge. With the many advantages which were exclusive to him, he became unlike anyone else.

"Then what is the difference of strength between me and the most powerful Flux Disciples?" Li Yunmu asked, looking for another comparison.

There weren't many names who could hold the title of one of the world's most powerful Flux Disciples. Xiye Hanbei was certainly one of such people, though, because he was publicly acknowledged as the most powerful Halted Fluxer.