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Chapter 212: Mist Fiend“s Descent

Chapter 212: Mist Fiend's Descent
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Li Yunmu decided that he had to continue to gain strength until he became the most powerful and attained enough power to blow away all the pinnacle fluxers.

He then took out the special dimensional box.

This wasn't just an ordinary dimensional box, but a special one which had dropped from the eight rainbow light devil king after it was killed by Li Yunmi in the King's True Territory.

According to the system's previous criteria, this special dimensional box should drop only from twelve rainbow light kings.

But it had still unexpectedly dropped back then. The system explained that since it was Li Yunmy's first time killing a devil king which had swallowed divine blood and his first time encountering an extremely formidable monster, the probability of the special dimensional box dropping had increased greatly.

Li Yunmu was full of expectations. When a special dimensional box had dropped last time, he had obtained the Seventh Dimension's Shadow Clan Female Ancestor's seeds. Then this time, what sort of unknown treasure would he obtain?

One thing was certain, though, the item would extremely high grade, because it would come from the special dimensional box which had even lower drop rate than an ordinary dimensional box.


Li Yunmu opened it while immersed in his daydreams. Given the trouble he had gone through to obtain this box, if he could obtain another little female ancestor, that would be awesome. Once that happened, he would have another sage level powerhouse by his side at all times.

Moments later, golden light spread out everywhere from the box. Li Yunmu's heart began to pound fiercely, and he couldn't help but take a peek inside.

There was a red egg with dark red patterns on it.

[Congratulations host, you have obtained an egg of an eight rainbow light devil king who has swallowed divine blood,] the system's voice promptly congratulated him.

"Sh*t, your mother, this time I obtained what I killed."

Li Yunmu's mood sank. Eight rainbow light devil king's egg?

Devil king class dimensional beasts were naturally formidable. Without a group of eight or ten rainbow crystal fluxers, it would be impossible to kill it, let alone one that had swallowed divine blood.

But this was just one kind of a comparison. How could an eight rainbow light devil king, even if it had swallowed divine blood, compare to Shadow Female Ancestor from the Seventh Dimension?

There was basically no comparison to be made between them. After all, the devil king was only a monster whose strength was at Flux Disciple grade.

Li Yunmu felt disappointed. The greater the expectations, the larger the disappointment.

[Host need not feel disappointed. In some aspects, this divine blood possessing devil king's egg doesn't lack potential in the slightest when compared to Shadow Female Ancestor. And in terms of providing practical assistance, it can even surpass her,] the system comforted him.

"You're saying that it can advance past Flux Disciple layer and mature to enter the sage layer?" Li Yunmu asked unenthusiastically.

[Yes, this devil king's egg possesses the bloodline of the divine blood. This can be seen as it having infinite potential. As long as host constantly upgrades its divine bloodline, it will grow in strength,] the system explained.

Li Yunmu's mood became slightly better. After some thought, he found that it was quite true, a special dimensional box wouldn't drop just a Flux Disciple class monster's egg.

Since it had the qualifications to be placed within the special dimensional box, then it naturally wouldn't be weak. Li Yunmu's excitement then instantly reached the peak, and he asked, "What do I need to do to hatch it?"

[Simple, host needs to drop blood essence on it and bind it with a contract. You must make sure that when it comes out of the shell, the first being it sees will be you, then it will consider you as his master.]


Li Yunmu breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it wasn't like Shadow Female Ancestor which required a formidable medium to display its strength. Otherwise Li Yunmu would've had a great headache.

Just on the basis of this one characteristic, this divine devil king level monster's egg was indeed inferior to the elegant little female ancestor. But it was just that the little female ancestor which had appeared from the first special dimensional box was extremely high level.

Li Yunmu took out his knife and tried to cut his finger. Since he didn't wanted to cut it off entirely, he only used 20% of his strength. Yet he wasn't able to open even a small wound.

This stunned Li Yunmu.

The strength of his flesh had already reached this stage? This small knife that he was using was a C grade weapon which was created from a special type of alloy and not some kitchen knife used by ordinary people.

[Host's Tyrant Body has already attained the minor threshold. So even if you don't unleash it, ordinary blades will still be unable to cut your skin,] the system explained.

Only now did Li Yunmu completely understand how formidable his flesh had become after the Tyrant Body attained the minor threshold. His current cultivation of Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets had reached the thirtieth level, and according to his understanding, this skill had one hundred levels. If he could attain the major threshold at the sixtieth level, then how terrifying would his flesh become?

Li Yunmu's excitement towards gathering six transcending weapons instantly increased. Perhaps the Sungod Flame Killing Spell of Chaotian Sect could still assist in increasing the speed of his Great Sun Tyrant Muscle Marrow Secrets' advancement.

Li Yunmu took out a B grade weapon and used roughly 70% of his strength and was finally able to cut a shallow wound on his finger.

He then poured several drops of blood essence on the egg.

The next instant, the shell ruptured and an eight rainbow light devil king whose skin was filled with red and black stripes intertwining with each other immediately tore itself out of the egg with extremely formidable might.

Sure enough, this monster was from the same race as the devil king Li Yunmu had killed previously. The system assessed it to be a devil king class monster who possessed divine blood.

It's race was called Mist Fiend.

"Mist Fiend?"

Li Yunmu mulled for a moment, but couldn't recall seeing any information about this race in the book of monsters. No wonder the devil king had almost taken his life previously.

This devil king race wasn't a weak one to begin with, and after one of its people had swallowed divine blood, it would become even more formidable. And as it happened, Li Yunmu now possessed one such hatchling.

"System, what are the requirements to increase its strength?"

Although the devil king in front of him was emitting eight rainbow lights while the golden color of divine blood flashed across its skin, and it possessed two devilish wings on its back as well as a terrifying presence, it was extremely small. It was barely ten centimeters tall, which made it clear that it had been born recently.