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Chapter 218: The Coming out of Proud Sons and Daughters of Heavens

Chapter 218: The Coming out of Proud Sons and Daughters of Heavens
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The majority of fluxers were now paying attention to Halted Fluxer Devil, Chaotian Sect's Li Qing, Extreme Devil Path sect's Yan Xing, and several other people who had challenged the tower at the same time and were now competing to see who reached the peak first.

Chaotian Sect had even made a public proclamation that Ye Qing would certainly reach the seventieth level in order to boost his fame.

When Ye Qing challenged the tower, the proud sons and daughters of heavens had decided to challenge the tower as well. From the looks of it, the other great sects and powers weren't willing to fall behind Chaotian Sect and, one after another, dispatched their disciples to challenge the tower.

There were twelve challengers in total. Besides Devil, Gongzi Nangong, Tyrant Jiang, Ren Sujun, who were all rogue fluxers without any background, eight major powers had sent their disciples to challenge the tower at the same time as Ye Qing.

The three largest betting companies opened their doors as fast as they could, creating wagers such as who would be the quickest among the twelve to ascend the Tower of Glory.

Swiftly, numerous people were tempted into making a bet. Veteran gamblers even soon published some detailed information about the twelve people who were about to climb the tower.

Among the twelve, the person who was considered to have the greatest chance to win was surprisingly not Ye Qing but Extreme Devil Path sect's Yan Xing. More than 30% of the bets favored him.

The person who followed behind him was Ye Qing, who had 20% of the betters on his side.

Behind him was independant fluxer Tyrant Jiang, who also had around 20% of the bets on him.

As for the rest, all of them were favored to come out as winners by someone. Although according to public opinion they weren't as formidable as the three before them, this changed once the information compiled by veteran gamblers was made public.

Those who were betting suddenly discovered that among the eleven people challenging the tower at the same time as Ye Qing, there wasn't anyone who could be considered weak. Not one of them lacked strength, and in truth, all of them could be considered extremely tyrannical.

The onlookers suddenly found out that among the Flux Disciples who hadn't yet revealed themselves, there were many formidable people.

"Hey, whom did you bet on?"

"I betted on Extreme Devil Path's Yan Xing and Chaotian Sect's Ye Qing. I calculated the odds and made my bets accordingly. I think I'll be able to make a small profit, I don't wish to lose all the money trying to make large money. Haha."

"You pig, these two people are hot commodities. But none of the twelve can be considered weak. All of them stand at the peak layer of Flux Disciples. And you still think you won't suffer a loss? I hope you lose all the money."

"This elder brother, whom did you bet on?" someone asked in the forums.

"I betted on the rogue fluxer Ren Sujun."

"Crap, tell me you didn't bet on her only because she is beautiful. She's a rogue fluxer. The level she'll be able to reach will not depend solely on her personal strength, but also on the trump cards she has. Do you understand the meaning of this sentence?"

"I won't say anything, it would be better if you just read through all the information available on her. She's an exceptional talent from two years ago, it's just that she likes to remain low-key."

"Dang, is no one among these twelve ordinary? This Ren Sujun has exceptional grade innate talent? From where did she appear?"

"Haha, my bet is on Elder Sister Ling Shuang. Although she is a newly registered fluxer from this year, she is the only disciple of Sword Sage."

"Same, I betted on Xie Qianxue. Snow Temple's top disciple, the personal disciple of Snow Temple's Battle Sage."

"So what if they're disciples of Battle Sages. How long has it been since they had chosen to walk on this path. I won't bet based on such shallow thinking. My bet is on Devil. He's good at scheming, and I think he could be the dark horse."

"Are you people stupid? Why didn't you bet on the other half of the two holy daughters of Seagod? Qing Yue is Hai Yue's little sister. You all have seen Hai Yue's strength, so you should know how many resources her sister would have."

"I betted on rogue fluxer from Desolate Continent, Tyrant Jiang. I heard he recently emerged as a new force to be reckoned with. I think he had some great fortuitous encounter, like inheriting the bloodline of some innately formidable beast."

"That cannot be. This Tyrant Jiang is so awesome? I will also bet on him, Desolate Continent's evolved humans can inherit bloodlines which make them naturally superior to others."

"Northern Continent's Zhongshan Anling represents the fifth generation of a powerful clan. Zhongshan Clan can cover the heavens over the Northern Continent with just a hand. Apart from him, all the others are just trash."

"Dang, why did only two newcomers from our Central Continent come to challenge the tower? Moreover, both of them are women, what about the men? Where did all the men go..."

"Yes, Zhan Wuya, Luo Tian, Wang Ming, Li Yunmu, why didn't they come to challenge the tower. You must know that these four of our Central Continent are very formidable."

"That's right. Zhan Wuya is related to a transcending power. Luo Tian is the top Flux Disciple of our Central City. The two of them simply don't need to compete with Ye Qing. As for Wang Ming and Li Yunmu, they're both newcomers without many resources at their disposal so they hadn't had the time to solidify their foundations."

"That's not true. I know that Li Yunmu has become extremely formidable recently. Only a few days ago he defeated the six elites of Chaotian Sect."

"To hell with the six elites. Ye Qing is the last boss of Chaotian Sect. Although Flame Devil's strength was pretty good, if you compare it with others from the six continents, he couldn't be considered as anything special. Li Yunmu defeating him with the other elites cannot be considered as anything."

"Li Yunmu is already a has-been. Many powerful people in the Flux Disciple Realm have recently shown themselves. I've received secret information that all of this is because of the Continental Battle. Wang Ming and Li Yunmu's strength isn't sufficient to compete at that level."

"Yes, the previous poster's words are correct. Let alone Wang Ming and Li Yunmu, even Ling Shuang and Xue Qianxue who are the personal disciples of battle sages don't have enough power for that, in my opinion."

"You're wrong. I've betted all my saving on Xie Qianxue. I heard that she possesses a heavenly world. Snow Temple is doing their best to nurture her."

As the twelve challenged the tower, the people outside began to gather more and more information about them, and with the advent of online network, the information which was originally considered as secret could no longer remain such.

In fact, the number of people who had decided to challenge the Tower of Glory at the same time as Ye Qing wasn't just limited to eleven. However, the rest lacked the qualifications or didn't possess the strength to enter the discussion, or make the three largest companies offer bets on them. From this, it could be clearly seen that each of the twelve people had extremely formidable strength.

As everyone began to learn more about the challengers, they couldn't help but keep getting more stunned at the fact that none of these people seemed weak.

Many people thus invested heavily in an attempt to make a fortune from their bets.

It had only been an hour since the wagers had first been offered, but the amount of money betted already crossed a hundred billion. To make everything clear, the progress of each of the twelve people would be displayed publicly by the three largest betting companies.

Extreme Devil Path Sect's Yan Xing was the first person to clear the fortieth level at ten o'clock in the morning. Ye Qing followed closely behind him, while the third person was surprisingly not Tyrant Jiang but Ren Sujun.

The fourth person who cleared the fortieth level gave everyone a fright. Surprisingly it was Xie Qianxue!

The reason why everyone was surprised was because she was this year's rookie Flux Disciple. She had started building her foundation quite recently, yet she was the fourth person to clear the fortieth level.

Apparently the information obtained by some people through bribery was quite correct: Xie Qianxue possessed her own heavenly world. It was clear that Snow Temple was nurturing her with great care.

The fifth person was Devil.

This person was considered a dark horse. He was the second most powerful Halted Fluxer of Fifth Dimension, yet an independent fluxer who didn't have many reserves at his disposal. Still, he surprisingly was the fifth person.

As for Lin Shuang, she was at the eleventh position, the second-to-last person.