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Chapter 219: Two Solitary Lions

Chapter 219: Two Solitary Lions
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After the results of the first wave came, many people were forced to revise their bets and poured in large sums of money once again. Among them, the bets on Xie Qianxue rose quickly. As for Ling Shuang, she gradually disappeared from the limelight.

At noon, the results of the fiftieth level began to trickle in. Among the twelve people, the first person to clear the fiftieth level was still Extreme Devil Path Sect's Yan Xing.

As for Ye Qing, who was previously at second spot, even his shadow couldn't be seen. The second person was Tyrant Jiang.

He, who was previously at the ninth spot, had actually rushed to the second spot. According to rumors, he once had a fortuitous encounter and inherited a formidable bloodline. When rushing to the fiftieth level, he must have finally put it to use.

In a short period of time, many people once again changed their bets—this time to Tyrant Jiang. The odds offered on the twelve challengers were constantly changing based on the news that came out.

One thing that remained was that Xie Qianxue was attracting more and more attention. She rose to the fourth position while Ren Sujun was demoted to the fifth.

Ye Qing, on the other hand, had dropped to the eighth position, which instantly attracted the ridicule of fluxers who were aware of the true facts. They naturally knew about his so called 'power'.

It was only the fiftieth level, but the constant increase in difficulty already proved that his strength was insufficient. This time, Chaotian Sect had really suffered a great humiliation. They had publicized the news that Ye Qing will challenge the tower with great fanfare yet the outcome was that it had only helped to improve the reputation of others.

However, the upper echelons of Chaotian Sect were extremely calm and composed.

"Hmph, among the eleven people, at least seven of them have come to disrupt the plans of our Chaotian Sect. Seems like other continents have already figured out our sect's secret plan."

"So what if they know. They learned about it too late. Whatever they do, it'll be insufficient to stop us. Man Tian, Zhan Wuya, Hai Yue, Xiye Hanbei—all of them had challenged the tower long ago and almost exhausted their tower badges by now. Relying just on Xie Qianxue, Zhongshan Anling, or Tyrant Jiang at the last moment won't be sufficient to stop our plans."

"Ha ha, after this, as long as our Chaotian Sect obtains the Refining Pagoda, we'll be able to greatly disrupt the waters across all the six continents."

Chaotian Sect was very calm since it had been preparing for a long time for this day. If it wasn't for an anomaly like Li Yunmu who had retrieved the Void Disk, it would have gotten its hands on the sixth transcending treasure long ago. The conditions required to exchange for Void Disk were lower compared to ones for Refining Pagoda.

The three components only required one to clear the twenty-fifth level to gain the qualifications to obtain them. Furthermore, with Ye Qing's rainbow crystal layer strength, as long as he cleared the fiftieth level, he would obtain several times the required amount of tower badges.

However, who could have known that Li Yunmu, who was at the lowest level of cultivation, would clear the twenty-fifth level and exchange for the Void Disk with the minimum number of tower badges required, thus destroying Chaotian Sect's work of several years.

He then even went and accepted Li Qinghong as his follower, obviously learning of Chaotian Sect's secret, which was the main reason why it hated him to the core.

That didn't concern Chaotian Sect anymore, though. It wasn't yet too late, there was still some chance. These days, the entire Chaotian Sect had been engaged in preparing Ye Qing. It had absolute confidence that he would clear the seventieth level and obtain the final component - Refining Pagoda.

And they were close to achieving that now.

Although the overlords of the other continents had uncovered Chaotian Sect's secret, it was too late to it. Among the eleven people, the only threats were Yan Xing of Extreme Devil Path and Zhongshan Anling.

"After this, our Chaotian Sect will become a transcending power and we will gain a spot for the Continental Battle," a Flux Sage of Chaotian Sect said arrogantly.

Chaotian Sect was certain of their success. It had used up all of its resources and trump cards on Ye Qing.

Six hours later, in the evening, the first person to clear the sixtieth level was published. This name at the first gave everyone a huge fright.

Ye Qing!

Like a hurricane, he had advanced to the first position from the eight.


At this moment, many people realized that Chaotian Sect had prepared for this long ago. Those who had sufficient brains understood that Ye Qing had used the means at his disposal to the extreme.

Even Yan Xing, who had taken the first position twice in a row, was surprisingly unable to suppress him and was overtaken. Xie Qianxue, however, seemed to be becoming more and more formidable, for she had achieved the third position.

The fourth position was also an upset. It wasn't Tyrant Jiang, and neither was it Ren Sujun or Zhongshan Anling, but Devil. He had remained low key the whole time, but had jumped to the fourth position in the last ten levels.

The next wave was the last wave for betting, but Ye Qing coming out first had made the results obvious. Even ordinary people could see it.

This was Chaotian Sect's vicious and outstanding scheme for which it had been preparing for a long time.

Without hesitating, many people heavily betted on Ye Qing; however, it was too late now—the odds on him were too high. As it became more and more clear that he was destined to win, the winnings on him became frighteningly low.

However, not everyone followed the trend. The odds on Ye Qing were the highest, thus Yan Xing, Sun Qingxue, and Devil had become the second most popular choices.

Zhongshan Anling, who was from the fifth most powerful family on Northern Continent, had completely disappeared from the limelight. As for Ling Shuang, she had turned out to be pretty impressive. In the last ten levels, which had been the hardest so far, she surprisingly had risen from the eleventh position to grab the seventh spot.

It wasn't over yet since there were ten more levels!


"Those who have been keeping low key will certainly show their strength in the last ten level. Xie Qianxue is certain to have some secret trump card on her. But there is something strange about this Devil. He's a lone fluxer, so how could he grab the fourth spot?"

In Ocean City, Man Tian, Hai Yue, Green Wolf, and the rest of their group had been paying close attention to the challengers. From their side, there was Qing Yue, but she hadn't been able to catch any attention.

Qing Yue was Hai Yue's blood sister. Both of them were considered as the holy daughters of Seagod. Not only were they beautiful, their personal strength as well as latent talent were also shocking. Moreover, as they were from seagod's people, they were evolved humans which provided them an innate dominance over others.

However, Qing Yue was the youngest among this group and had remained low key, escaping everyone's attention. Man Tian and the others had just sent her to gain first-hand experience of Ye Qing's strength.


At some barren region in the wilderness of the Fifth Dimension where terrifying dimensional beasts roamed, Xiye Hanbei was sitting on top of a rock.

Over his head, two dimensional space eyes were cruising around.

"Very good! Zhongshan Anling and Yan Xing also couldn't help but reveal themselves. Apparently this time's Continental Battle won't be so quiet," he muttered to himself.

"Zhan Wuya is troubled by something, so this year Central Continent's representative will be be Luo Tian or that newcomer Xie Qianxue. Based on what I see, Snow Palace has nurtured her with great care. Icy flesh and jade bones, interesting."

What was astonishing was that Xiye Hanbei, who had been a loner in the Fifth Dimension for who knew how long, had a companion standing by his side. And they were wearing a copper mask.

"Don't worry, Ge Ya, with the two of us joining hands this time, we don't need to fear anyone. Although they have enormous reserves, in front of absolute power, everything is fleeting clouds."

"We must obtain two spots in this Continental War."

Ge Ya, who was emitting a terrifying presence, met eyes with Xiye Hanbei and smiled faintly.

If the outer world's major powers learned that this person nicknamed Ge Ya had joined hands with Xiye Hanbei, they would become very worried. Xiye Hanbei was no longer a solitary lion but had joined hands with another powerful lion. This was an unimaginable change in the situation.