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Chapter 227: Guessing at the Truth

Chapter 227: Guessing at the Truth
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"Xiye Hanbei and Ling Shuang were also ambushed!?"

At this time, Li Yunmu was leading his followers back into the King's True Territory.

As he did so, the news from the online platforms continued to get more and more explosive. Not only were numerous formidable people who possessed some unusual treasures attacked, even people who had cleared the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory suffering attacks one after another.

It was obvious that the current situation on Earth was chaotic, and Li Yunmu had received some information regarding it from Battle Sage Vega.

He was thus certain that this was related to the spatial plane of Earth becoming unsteady, even if he didn't know in what way. Somehow the Continental Battle had to be the key to it all.

However, the information Li Yunmu had was still too little, to the extent that it was difficult for the system to make even a rough hypothesis regarding this situation. The system's ability to deduce things was very formidable, but without sufficient information it was directionless.

Li Yunmu decided that he couldn't act passively now and had to seize the initiative to act. After putting some thought into it, he attempted to connect with Ling Shuang's stellarcomm.

The ring echoed for a long time, but no one picked up, and Li Yunmu couldn't help but feel somewhat disappointed.

However, before long, his pupils shrank, for he saw a small cyan- colored sword suddenly cross over not far from him. This sword, which was only the size of a finger, was emitting a cyan-colored light.

After crossing over, it flew towards Li Yunmu.

"Summoning Crystal Sword!" Lin Jian and the others cried out at the same time.

After hearing the surprised cries, Li Yunmu became aware about what this thing was. He seemed to have thought of something and stretched out his hand to grab the small cyan sword with his hand.

Information flowed into his mind with Ling Shuang's voice echoing in his mind. "Do your best in the Continental Battle and obtain the descendant qualifications, be careful."

Continental Battle? Descendant qualifications? Be careful?

A thought took form in Li Yunmu's mind. Although Ling Shuang's speech was quite brief, he finally had a starting point.

Descendant qualifications—these words carried the most significance. They also contained a profound meaning. When he heard them, it was as if the dense fog in front of Li Yunmu slightly dispersed, revealing a huge door.

Although the fog in front of him was still quite dense, he had obtained sufficient information to start moving.

"System, using descendant qualifications as the core point, search for all information available."

Ling Shuang hadn't talked to him via stellarcomm, but used the Summoning Sword Crystal exclusive to Sword Sect to relay him the most crucial information. This raised Li Yunmu's spirits.

He was certain that this secret was one of the most guarded ones in all six continents. If one used a stellarcomm to transmit it, this would open it up to leakage.

Everyone was using all sorts of secure communication methods, and Li Yunmu had fortunately obtained one as well. It was his Summoning Crane Crystal. He thought of something and then took it out to input the information.

This time, the person he chose to make inquiries from was Lin Yuerou.

Before long, the red crystal crane returned back. However, Lin Yuerou didn't have much information about this matter. In her message, she repeatedly warned Li Yunmu that the upcoming Continental Battle was much more important compared to all those which happened before it. Moreover, the minimum qualification to take part in the Continental Battle was to clear the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory.

She reminded Li Yunmu to carefully conceal his tracks, because all the powers on the six continents were fighting each other to obtain the qualifications to enter the Continental Battle.

Although Lin Yuerou didn't know much about higher level secrets, the information sent by her finally allowed Li Yunmu to realize something. The reason why people were crazily ambushing each other was surprisingly to obtain the minimum qualifications to enter the Continental Battle, which was that a person must clear the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory.

There was no doubt that without even knowing it, Li Yunmu had already obtained the qualifications to participate in the Continental Battle.

When he combined this with the information sent by Ling Shuang, he understood that obtaining the qualifications to participate in the Continental Battle was only the beginning. The descendant qualifications which Ling Shuang had talked about probably meant that only the victor would gain the right to fight for the descendant qualifications?

Many questions arose from that line of thought.

What are those descendant qualifications? What the f*ck are they actually? Is the cause of upheaval and instability in the Earth's space, the appearance of a new dimension?

Is everyone fighting to qualify to enter this new dimension?

Gradually, an outline began to form in Li Yunmu's head, and he couldn't keep his eyes closed any longer. He finally had an idea of how to take the initiative.

"Wew, no wonder all the Unhindered Fluxers are being ambushed. Or those people who have a powerful treasure or two on themselves. It all makes sense now why all of them are being killed in succession, including even sage level powerhouses. The reason behind all of this is the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory."

When Li Qinghong and the others heard this, they couldn't help but gasp.

Could the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory be cleared that easily?

The answer to this question was no. Clearing the seventieth level was like suffering nine deaths and still being alive. Among ten thousand Flux Disciples, only one person could clear the seventieth level.

But right then, this threshold had been turned into a qualification, so all powers in the six continents were crazily fighting over resources. Due to this, everyone who possessed a powerful treasure which could increase one's chances of clearing the seventieth level of Tower of Glory was being targeted by all sorts of organizations.

A single powerful treasure may not be enough to clear the seventieth level, so everyone required a lot of external assistance to influence the preparation of their young members.

This was one of the reasons which increased the number of people being killed; they were guilty of harboring jade. Even Flux Sages weren't exempt from this kind of disaster.

Crazy, this is indeed extremely crazy.

However, given this craziness, the importance of the descendant qualifications could be easily imagined. These people didn't hesitate whatsoever, even attacking Battle Sage disciples to slightly increase their chances.

In this kind of world, a person like Li Yunmu who had already stepped over the threshold was naturally an even better target.

Overall, there could be said to be two reasons behind attacks on people who had cleared the seventieth level.
First,since they had cleared the seventieth level, then they had to have some sort of secret trump card. Thus, there was much gain to from killing them. Second, killing each one of these people would reduce the number of competitors by one. It was killing two birds with one stone.

When Li Yunmu and the others understood this crucial point, they immediately realized that all Unhindered Fluxers were at great risk.

Probably every power of the six continent would want to get rid of those Unhindered Fluxers who weren't related to them. This was the reason why even though the female commander represented a battle sage, she had still suggested for Li Yunmu to return to the Fifth Dimension to ensure his safety Given the current upheaval, it wouldn't be a surprise if a battle sage himself attacked someone.

Too terrifying!

Only now did Li Yunmu understand the importance of obtaining the qualifications for the Continental Battle by clearing the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory. He suddenly surveyed his six disciples with a strange gaze, which stopped at Li Qinghong and Lin Jian.

"Master, why are you looking at us like this?"

Lin Jian was somewhat intimidated by Li Yunmu's gaze.

"There is still a month and thirteen days left until the Continental Battle. I was thinking that the two of you could be trained to clear the seventieth level."

Once the six Halted Fluxers heard this, they were stunned. Becoming strong enough to clear the seventieth level within a month? What kind of joke was this?

Among the six people, even Li Qinghong, who was the most formidable and had the most profound resources at her disposal, had only been able to clear the fifty-fourth level and was unable to advance any further. Lin Jian had reached the forty-ninth level, while the remaining four were stuck at the forty-fourth level.

The difference between these and the seventieth level was just too enormous. In their hearts, Li Yunmu clearing the seventieth level without relying on any background support was already extremely abnormal.

Yet surprisingly this wasn't enough for him and he wanted to train them to clear the seventieth level? Master, you are too optimistic.

"Although all of you clearing the seventieth level with one month's training isn't realistic, I have some certainty regarding the two of you. Especially Li Qinghong who harbors the undying sage blood in her body.

"We have the King's True Territory and the divine blood king class dimensional beasts which are one of their kind supplements in this whole world. Who said you lot don't have hope? Since those descendant qualifications can even cause Domain and even Battle Sages to move, then this is an opportunity which only comes once in a thousand years. If we miss it, that would be a huge pity."

Li Yunmu roughly understood the whole situation. He took a deep breath, and his expression grew even more firm. He decided that he must now make an all out effort on this.

He had to nurture at least two of these six followers of his to become strong enough. Otherwise, after the Continental Battle, the strong would become even stronger and the weak would become even weaker.

The people in the front would continue to move farther and farther, while those who fell behind would see the gap in strength increasing. He had to do his best, and not only put all his effort into it, but also demand the same from his subordinates. Otherwise, in the future, he would become really lonely once his strength greatly surpassed that of others.