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Chapter 228: Safeguard VS Universe Cover

Chapter 228: Safeguard VS Universe Cover
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"System, compare Xiye Hanbei and my strength. How great is the difference?"

Li Yunmu firmly decided to compete with his full strength to obtain the descendant qualifications.

But before he started his plan, he wanted to know, after the great increase in strength a few days ago, how far he was from the most powerful person of the Fifth Dimension?

There was detailed information about Xiye Hanbei's strength online, so it was extremely easy for the system to gather a large amount of data and provide a precise evaluation of Xiye Hanbei's strength.

And Li Yunmu naturally wanted to use this as a benchmark to determine the current level of his strength. Although he was quite formidable, he knew that there was always someone better.

The six continents were extremely large and contained countless Flux Disciples.

The descendant qualifications had now caused an upheaval in the world, so maybe even more powerful people who had kept themselves hidden would also appear. That's why if Li Yunmu couldn't even reach Xiye Hanbei in terms of strength, then it was meaningless for him to contend against the whole world.

According to Lin Jian, a person who belonged to Bladewood, if the people from the six transcending powers also entered the Continental Battle, then it would be really terrifying.

Before this month ended, Li Yunmu had to increase his strength to the level of Xiye Hanbei, otherwise contending for supremacy would only be a disaster for him and nothing more.

The system paused for a moment and then replied, [According to the comparison between you two based on data online, the difference between host and Xiye Hanbei's strengths is roughly three chips.]

"Three chips! This kind of difference means that I'm already quite close, but there is still some distance left to cover."

Li Yunmu sucked in a deep breath.

One grade, one line, and one chip!

Difference of one grade meant that the difference between them was of one whole class, which was extremely large. Difference of one line meant that the opponent had clear superiority.

This superiority was evident, meaning it could be seen with a naked eye.

The difference of one and a half chip was comparatively close. It meant that both parties were so close that it was difficult to tell who was stronger and who was weaker. A thorough confrontation was required to see who would be the dominant one.

As for the difference of three chips, this meant that the difference between the strength of two parties was quite thin, but it couldn't be said that they were at the same level. Xiye Hanbei could still make Li Yunmu eat dirt.

However, Li Yunmu wasn't depressed. How long had he spent cultivating? The other party had already been doing so for several years, while he himself was just a newcomer of this year. Li Yunmu still had a month, so he was pretty confident that he would be able to surpass Xiye Hanbei in that time.

He quickly entered his consciousness sea and opened the profile panel.

Experience points: 368,000 points.

Ability points: 1,089,300 ability points.

Space elements: 17,630 points.

Blood fiend points: 370,543 points.

The accumulation of the four major resources was pretty good, because the monsters in the Tower of Glory were extremely formidable, and when he went into the higher levels, their numbers also increased.

Thus, during the two days when he was challenging the tower, he had reaped a large harvest. The experience points he had accumulated allowed him to congeal the fifth and sixth female shadows, which were named Li Mei and Li Lan.

By now, the requirement for congealing the next shadow had reached one million experience points. The currently accumulated points were less than half of that.

But Li Yunmu was convinced that if he continued with hacking in the King's True Territory, it was like that he'll be able to congeal the eighth shadow before the Continental Battle.

However, his main priority now was to use the large amount of ability points and increase his strength by another notch. With 1.08 million ability points, he could upgrade any of his cultivation methods enormously.

According to the grade of his cultivation methods, the first to advance should be the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets. However, after experiencing the qualitative change because of divine blood, it had already reached the thirtieth level.

If he wanted to advance it to the thirty-first level, he would have to use 310,000 ability points. After he noticed that, Li Yunmu abandoned all thoughts of upgrading this skill for the time being.

It wasn't that he didn't want to, but that after smashing one million ability points into it, the increase wouldn't be obvious.

On top of that, if he wanted to increase it to the thirty-first level, he would also need to spend ten thousand space elements to purchase the next ten levels.

This was clearly not the most optimal move!

The system had clearly explained it to him long ago that if he cultivated the technique in reality, then he wouldn't need to purchase the latter parts of the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets. After all, the cultivation in reality was based on the principle that where water flows a canal is formed, so he didn't need to spend the space elements to purchase the latter parts.

This was the reason why even if he had only purchased the first ten levels of Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets, after undergoing the qualitative change caused by divine blood, the cultivation of the technique had advanced straight to the thirtieth level.

Thus, Li Yunmu decided that unless the number of shadows he had reached a number allowing him to obtain a large amount of ability points with ease, he wouldn't upgrade it with the system.

He could only accept the fact that given his current level of strength, his supreme body refining technique was too high grade for him. It was very difficult to advance it, and so Li Yunmu decided to spend the 1.08 million ability points on Admiralty Cover.

At this time, his Admiralty Cover was at the twentieth level. Apart from it reducing the damage by 50%, there was still Safeguard which blocked 20% of the incoming damage.

Li Yunmu's defense was certainly at the peak of the Fifth Dimension, everyone in the whole world understood this. Among his absolute defense, Admiralty Cover, this formidable damage reducing cultivation method, was the cornerstone.

Otherwise, even though Tyrant Body had reached a minor threshold and was very formidable, without the damage reduction from Admiralty Cover, its defense wouldn't be so domineering.

After making the decision, Li Yunmu didn't hesitate anymore and threw all the points on Admiralty Cover.

Twenty-first level- 10,000 ability points, upgrade!

Twenty-second level- 20,000 ability points, upgrade!

Twenty-third level- 30,000 ability points, upgrade!

Thirtieth level- 100,000 ability points, upgrade!

In one breath, Li Yunmu used up 550,000 ability points, and Admiralty Cover broke through the third major threshold. At this moment, another new property was born. It was named Universe Cover!

[Universe Cover: Absorbs 30% of the enemy's attack and reverses the natural laws of the Universe to turn it into one's own.]

When Li Yunmu looked at the explanation of this new property, his heart picked up speed. He had to say that this Admiralty Cover's power was just too heaven defying.

Universe Cover could absorb the offensive power of the enemy's attack, and not only did it absorb it, it even turned it into his power. This would be a huge supplement when in a battle and make this an extremely terrifying ability which would greatly increase his endurance.