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Chapter 230: Killing Spell“s Formidable Might

Chapter 230: Killing Spell's Formidable Might
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Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner was similar to the Sungod Flame Killing Spell of Chaotian Sect and could also be considered as an existence worthy of entering a big sect's reserves.

Reportedly, many powers had their eyes on this Dark Flux Eight Killing Banner, but since it required an unusually high amount of tower badges and could only be obtained after clearing the seventieth level, until now, no one had had the resolve to purchase it.

Because of this, Blade Overlord and the others hadn't expected that their master would return with such an item. Determined people were really fast and ruthless, without any hint of hesitation in their actions.

Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner had eight types of dark flux flags, and each of these represented a type of dark flux energy. They were classified as Thunder, Wind, Heat, Ice, Earth, Demon, Flame, and Poison.

Each of the above mentioned dark flux energies represented a destructive power, with thunder leading the pack. The only difference between Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner and Chaotian Sect's Sungod Flame Killing Spell was that it didn't need every person who operated a killing flag to first cultivate the sungod flame energy.

It only required the eight fluxers operating it to possess different types of dark flux energy. This was the reason why Li Yunmu had chosen to exchange for it.

"I can control the flame flag."

Li Qinghong who was clearly knowledgeable about this Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner took the initiative to choose the flame flag.

"I cultivate the dark wind, I will take the wind flag," Devil Monkey stated.

"I cultivate a demonic power, leave the demon flag to me," Demon took the initiative to take the demon flag.

Flowing Cloud hesitated for a moment, then decided to reveal her stand. "Although the cultivation of my sungod flame energy has been abolished, I had secretly cultivated the freezing dark flux energy. Leave the ice flag to me."

When other people heard this, they were left flabbergasted. No one had expected that Flowing Cloud had not only cultivated flame energy, but also the ice energy. Flame and ice were two completely opposite attributes, yet she had been secretly practicing both. It was clear that this woman's true abilities weren't that simple.

"My power is dark poison, so the poison flag is most suitable for me." Underworld Hand moved to take the poison flag.

In a short while, five of the eight followers took the initiative to choose one of the eight types of powers of Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner. Yet there were still three remaining.

With a disappointed expression, Barbarian Niu gloomily said, "Ehh, my Desolate Continent mainly cultivates the power of bloodlines so I'm just here to buy soy sauce."

"I also haven't cultivated any sort of dark flux energy and have wholeheartedly devoted myself to my sword. Seems like I'm also here just to buy soy sauce, " Lin Jian said, smiling bitterly.

"I will take up the position for thunder flag. Although the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner isn't complete as we can only fill six of the eight positions, but coupled with the runic spears, we'll have enough offensive power."

Li Yunmu possessed thunder, flame, and demon types of dark flux attributes, so he could occupy three positions by himself. Yet two people had taken the initiative to fill two of those positions, so he naturally filled the only one left, the thunder flag position.

Only six of the eight flags could be used at this moment. Although this wasn't perfect and incomparable to the formidable might that could be displayed by the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner at its peak, it was aplenty right then. Li Yunmu and his followers didn't have high requirements for the forbidden weapons. All they wanted was to be able to f*ck their enemies.

Each of the six people became master of one flag and arranged the killing spell stealthily under the ground. As for Blade Overlord and Barbarian Niu, they were to control the four runic spears.

Everything was established perfectly!

Li Yunmu waved his hand slightly, and the six shadow appeared behind him, holding six underworld raven sage bows and shot six arrows in succession toward the several monsters roaming underneath.

The next instant, three divine blood devil kings leading the twenty-six phantom kings rushed forward. Following behind them was a large group of dimensional monsters, which varied in grade, ranging from silver crystal to rainbow crystal.

These dimensional beasts who weren't king class might not have had the chance to devour divine blood, but they were still no ordinary monsters from the outside world. The different environment had affected them, greatly raising their natural strength.

Looking at the several hundred monsters, the lowest of which possessed the strength of a silver crystal layer, pouncing on them, everyone felt their backs turn wet from sweat. Apart from Li Yunmu who had abnormal defense, if any one of them became careless, they would lose their lives right here.

Since the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner lacked two flags and wasn't at its peak condition, they were anxious whether it would be able to exterminate the three terrifying divine blood devil kings.

However, an item which required tower badges couldn't be simple. Even though they could only operate the power of six flags, the next scene still astonished everyone.

What was called a deadly spell?

It was power of higher level than what most formidable Flux Disciples could possess. Ordinary Flux Disciples would never have the opportunity to obtain dark flux energy, so there was no chance for them to ever encounter such a spell.

If that wasn't so, then all the sects and major organizations wouldn't view these deadly spell as part of their foundation.

The three devil kings were advancing at an abnormally fast speed. The several kilometers between them was covered in less than ten seconds, but at the moment they entered the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner's range, they went crazy, as if they were in a dream.

Although Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner had eight flags, each of which was related to one attribute of dark flux energy, it actually had another sort of core power. It was the power of illusion, which was the core strength of this spell.

As long as one entered the effective range, the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner would produce a high level illusion.

Although the three devil kings were extraordinarily tyrannical, the transformation they underwent because of divine blood didn't help much in front of high level illusions.

When Li Yunmu and the others used the Dark Flux Eight Killing Spell and arranged the domain, the three devil kings entrapped were faced an unprecedented crisis.

They felt like they had entered an extremely vast valley. It was arranged in a crisscrossing pattern, forming a large scale maze. The three devil kings kept running around that maze, which made certain that they didn't take even one step towards Li Yunmu and his group.

At this moment, when Li Yunmu saw the effects of the deadly spell with his own eyes for the first time, he felt that he was extremely fortunate. If he hadn't cultivated the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets and Chaotian Sect's Great Sun Secret Technique, which allowed him to become inherently compatible with the sungod flame killing spell, he might not be here today.
If back then he'd had to rely on his strength alone to forcefully withstand the Sungod Flame Killing Spell, he most likely would've knelt that day.


While the three divine blood devil kings kept running around the illusionary valley in confusion, one of them took the initiative to charge towards the ice flag corner which was controlled by Flowing Cloud.

The next instant, enormous ice cones began to rain down from the sky towards the devil king. After the first wave of attacks, everyone outside could clearly see that half of the rainbow light on the devil king's body had been extinguished.

Formidable power!

Once everyone saw this scene, they were all left astonished.

Just one attack had extinguished half of the rainbow light on the body of a devil king. It has to be recalled that back then Li Yunmu together with his four shadows had only been able to extinguish this much of the rainbow light when he had attacked the devil king using the twenty seven stacked strikes of Violent Blade.