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Chapter 239: Powerful People Collide

Chapter 239: Powerful People Collide
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"Xiye Hanbei, and Ge Ya!"

On top of a mountain in the death zone, Li Yunmu was sitting at the peak while the three dimensional eyes were monitoring the border of the death zone's entrance. When Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya took their first step into the death zone, the system's imagery scout reflected the images in Li Yunmu's conscience sea.

At this moment, he was shocked by the fact that Xiye Hanbei had a companion by his side. According to the data gathered by the system, he knew that this person called Ge Ya was a divine knight of Holy Spirit Continent's Divine Religion.

He had always remained low-key and wasn't famous, but he actually possessed extraordinary strength. Reportedly, two years ago, this Ge Ya had separated himself from Divine Religion for some unknown reason. It was out of Li Yunmu's expectations that someone like him would have joined Xiye Hanbei.

"Could the two of them have secretly formed an alliance?" Li Yunmu pursed his brows.

Since the two of them had suddenly entered the death zone together, Li Yunmu naturally wouldn't think of it as a simple coincidence. Besides, even if he had entrusted the task of ambushing Devil to his followers, it didn't mean that he didn't attach any importance to it.

He had secretly entered the death zone and was hiding to monitor the surroundings and prevent anything unexpected from happening. Although, he hadn't actually expected for anything out of ordinary happening.

Since Ge Ya had involved himself in this matter, it wasn't too difficult to guess how they had found out about this place. Divine Religion had an extremely vicious and dreadful ability.

Reportedly, their Scarlet Archbishops could use oracle-like powers to search for people's tracks and predict their approximate position. Since Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya had come right near the end, it was clear that they had used this method.

Regardless of whether Devil had one part of Azure Dragon Deity Battle Suit or three, Li Yunmu had to obtain them. He couldn't allow anyone else to dip their fingers into this matter, even if it was Xiye Hanbei who was considered as the most powerful person in the Fifth Dimension.

"Go, block them."

Li Yunmu didn't move from his position on the mountain top. Instead, after receiving his command, two devil kings behind him flapped their devilish wings and rushed toward the two intruders.

That's right, during the month, Li Yunmu had killed a large number of phantom and devil kings as well as twelve rainbow light kings, thus obtaining another special dimensional box.

After opening it, he once again got a Mist Fiend egg which matured with time. Thus, he now had two divine blood eight rainbow light devil kings by his side.

This was one of the reasons for his confidence in dealing with the people who had come here to mess up his plan.

Although the two devil kings had swallowed a large amount of divine blood, they still hadn't transformed into four-winged Mist Fiends. Even so, their strength right then was extremely formidable. Unlike the devil king who had almost killed Li Yunmu the first time, they were stronger by a chip because of devouring so much divine blood.

Soon, Ge Ya and Xiye Hanbei who had just entered the death zone sensed incoming danger.

"Two eight rainbow light devil kings are watching us."

"Something is wrong here. Death zones don't have any live monsters, their presence is due to some human."

Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya quickly noticed the enemies and felt something queer.

Both of them were terrifying Overlords of the Fifth Dimension with strength surpassing the majority of others of their rank, so how could two devil kings stop them.

Everything happened swiftly.

The two of them separated. Each of them faced a devil king, and the battle began!

However, the next instant, both of them suffered a loss.

Ge Ya's expression changed, and he loudly yelled to Xiye Hanbei, "Be careful. They aren't ordinary eight rainbow light devil kings, they belong to Mist Fiend Race, and it's extremely likely that they've been transformed by divine blood."

This Ge Ya was worthy of being a person from Divine Religion. In just one exchange, he figured out the devil king's, swiftly remembering about Mist Fiends. Furthermore, once he saw the the power displayed, he also guessed that they must have devoured divine blood.

However, he was still a bit too slow.

It must be known that two upgrades ago, Li Yunmu had almost died under the hands of that Mist Fiend. Although Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya's strength was greater than his back then, they had been too careless at the start and were now paying the price for it.

When the two of them exchanged blows with the divine blood eight rainbow light devil kings, they immediately suffered losses because of their opponents' savage attacks and terrifying attack speed.

Both of them instantly received a couple claw attacks which cracked their crystal armor. The movement speed at which the devil king's had rushed them made it seem as if they were teleporting. It was astonishing, and so was their savageness.

"World Flux Fist."

In the end, Xiye Hanbei used the flux energy in his body and fused it together with the world power of his two sun heavenly world and punched heavily the devil king who was chasing him.

This one punch immediately caused Li Yunmu to stand up. The most powerful Halted Fluxer, this Xiye Hanbei, had directly launched a World Flux Fist which was surprisingly more powerful than his World Killing Fist. If Li Yunmu's World Killing Fist was a technique which emphasized fully bringing out the power of his heavenly world and utilizing it to the extreme, then Xiye Hanbei's World Flux Fist fused his body's flux energy with the world power, producing the most powerful punch.

Still, it couldn't compare with World Killing Fist in fist intent to use the world power to the extreme. In terms of fist intent and resolution, World Flux Fist couldn't compare to Li Yunmu's World Killing Fist.

However, the explosive power of this fist put it at the top. As for using power to compare them, as long as both fists were equally formidable, than the victor could only be determined on the basis of fist intent. However, whether it was world power or amount of flux energy, the opponent was currently more formidable than Li Yunmu.

When Xiye Hanbei launched his attack, the surrounding space seemed to cave inwards. The fist filled with pure power surprisingly almost crossed the limit of power allowed by the Fifth Dimension.

This one punch had almost attracted world punishment!

If Li Yunmu wanted to accomplish the same, he would've had to unleash Danger Critical Strike along with all his shadows .


An explosion rang out at the edge of death zone as if a thousand kilograms of explosives had been lit.

The two devil kings were ruthlessly blown away by the single punch.

Of their eight rainbow lights, four were extinguished by that strike.


Xiye Hanbei coughed up a mouthful of blood. Then, with the assistance of Ge Ya, he immediately turned around and ran away, using the opportunity provided by his fist.