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Chapter 240: Intruders

Chapter 240: Intruders
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Li Yunmu watched them leave with a complex expression, but in the end still decided against chasing after them. In his mind, he commanded the two divine blood devil kings to return to his side.

If it had been only Ge Ya or Xiye Hanbei alone, then he would've used this opportunity to catch up to them. Li Yunmu was confident that by relying on his two divine blood devil kings and eight shadows, he could deal with one of them.

However, since the two of them were now together, Li Yunmu couldn't make his move. He didn't have the ability to win when they combined their strengths. Both the reality of the situation and his guess were identical on this issue.

The strength displayed by Xiye Hanbei moments ago was thirty percent higher than in the data gathered by the system from the online network.

And Ge Ya's strength, which had astonished Li Yunmu, surprisingly wasn't one whit inferior to that of Xiye Hanbei. Furthermore, both of them still had many unknown trump cards in their sleeves, so Li Yunmu didn't take the risk to attack them.

Currently, his main goal was to get his hands on Devil's part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit.

If he bgun a battle with Ge Ya and Xiye Hanbei without any reason, it would untimely reveal his strength. Once he considered the situation in this regard, it was clear that chasing after the two fluxers would result in more losses than gains.

After ambushing the intruders, Li Yunmu made sure to calm down.

He couldn't be careless now. In this large world, there had to be many people like that duo before. Since Li Qinghong and the others managed to use Nangong Gongzi to find out about this location, then others might have done similar things as well. There should be a number of other fluxers heading toward this death zone, and he needed to stop all of them at the entrance.


Ge Ya and Xiye Hanbei retreated quickly. After they were more than ten miles away and were sure that the devil kings weren't chasing after them, they finally stopped.

"Careless, I hadn't expected that we might be suddenly attacked by two eight rainbow light devil kings. They weren't simple Mist Fiends, either, but those who had devoured divine blood."

Ge Ya's mood was pretty gloomy.

Since the two of them had been careless in their exchange with the two divine blood Mist Fiends, those monsters had attacked with terrifying speed and destroyed their armor, injuring their internal organs.

Although the injuries weren't serious and only required a day and a half to heal, the two of them no longer had the ability to return back to the death zone.

"Who was it that intercepted us?"

At this moment, their hearts were full of astonishment.

If they hadn't been careless and considered that the two divine blood devil kings might be controlled by someone, they definitely wouldn't have lost.

However, now that they were injured, they were even more anxious about being secretly monitored by someone.

"Forget it, seems like Azure Dragon Deity Suit and I aren't destined together. Let's return back to heal our injuries and wait for our chance."

Both Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya abandoned the thought of intruding back into the death zone. However, they hadn't renounced it completely. They were fully aware that other powers would also be trying to find this place.

And sure enough, after an hour, another power halted at the edge of the forbidden zone. There was only one entrance into the death zone, so everyone had to pass through the same place.

When Ge Ya and Xiye Hanbei discovered the newcomers, Li Yunmu did so as well.

"This is the ninth forbidden zone. Apart from the ten forbidden zones, I couldn't think of any other places which could hide him from our oracles' knowledge.

"There are only three days left. If we don't sense Devil's presence in this forbidden region, then we'll have to use our best speed to rush toward the last one."

This time, many people had come, their number reaching sixteen. They were wearing quite bizarre clothes, but the majority of them—fifteen, to be exact—did not seem to be very formidable. This was, of course, in contrast to Overlord class fluxers.

However, the leader-looking person, who was a youth with a ponytail, appeared to be extremely formidable. His presence made it certain that he was an Overlord class person.

"Higher Dimensional Continent's Bu clansmen…." A strange light flickered in Ge Ya's eyes when he voiced the origins of this Bu Clan. Currently, he was hiding with Xiye Hanbei in a distant forest from which they could still see the edge of the death zone.

"Bu Clan! The appearance of Heavenly Transformation even forced this mysterious clan which normally stays hidden in the mountains to show their face."

"According to hearsay, this Bu Clan has someone named Lu Bu who shares the name with a famed battle general from the time before the dark ages," Xiye Hanbei said with a hint of seriousness on his face.

"That's right. The person who dares to inherit the name of a great ancestor is either an ignorant child or a disciple with formidable might. This Lu Bu isn't simple, but that's just perfect. Let's see how that person who ambushed us will deal with them."

A hint of happiness appeared on Ge Ya's face.


"Higher Dimensional Continent's Bu Clan? Lu Bu?"

At this time, Li Yunmu was being informed by the system about the origins of the intruders .

Ordinary people couldn't survive in the dangerous environment of the Higher Dimensional Continent. Those who could do so were all fluxers, and only those those who had powerful combat strength and formidable survival ability.

None of the fluxers who came from the Higher Dimensional Continent could be considered weak.

Bu Clan was a clan which lived at one of the mountains among the hundred thousand mountains of Higher Dimensional Continent, like many other similar clans.

However, this Bu Clan was one of the largest clans there. It was also one of the three wealthiest and most powerful ones, too.

Li Yunmu knew about this person called Lu Bu. Currently, he was on the list of the thirty Overlords and possessed a relatively tyrannical strength. It was also said that he possessed a secret technique passed on in Bu Clan.

"There's Devil's presence here, young master. I can confirm that Devil is certainly in this forbidden region."

Once the sixteen people entered the death zone, one of them immediately took note of Devil's presence, but Li Yunmu wasn't able to discover what method these Bu clansmen had used to do so.

Quickly, the person from the Bu Clan made many reports in succession, "Strange. There is also the presence of two formidable Mist Fiends… Not good, there is still Xiye Hanbei and another formidable person's presence as well. This second person's strength probably isn't one whit inferior to Xiye Hanbei's.

"There's also something abnormal on the side. I can sense a faint but formidable presence concealed some distance away from us. This person is also within the death zone."

Li Yunmu, who was monitoring their movements with the three dimensional space eyes concealed in the sky, was forced to make a new assessment of this Higher Dimensional Continent's mysterious clan.

Just by relying on their secret technique, they had not only discovered the presence of Ge Ya and Xiye Hanbei, but also his, which was concealed far away from them, as well.

"Young master, it hasn't been long since Xiye Hanbei and his partner's presences disappeared. I would guess that they were forced to retreat before going in much farther."

The person from Bu Clan still continued to fumble about with his ability and made a complete overview of the situation.

Once he reported it, the expressions on the faces of Bu clansmen transformed, and even Li Bu's changed slightly. Xiye Hanbei and another equally formidable companion of his had been forced to retreat?

All of them were completely astonished by this information.

"Can you locate the person who is still within the death zone?" Lu Bu coldly asked.

"I have already tracked him. He is roughly five miles away from us, sitting on a mountain."

Suddenly this person seemed to have discovered something, for he lifted his head. At the same, his eyes shrank.

"Enemy atta—"


Before he could finish his sentence, an object at an extremely fast speed slammed into him, blowing him away.