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Chapter 241: Deadlock

Chapter 241: Deadlock
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"Lao Bu!" Lu Bu loudly shouted out.

The secret technique user who had possessed extremely keen senses wasn't going to provide any more information because he was already dead. A black runic spear had penetrated his chest.

There was a big hole in his chest, revealing his already disintegrated heart. He was clearly dead, without anyone being able to do anything about it.

However, this hadn't been a single attack but a shower of them!

There were a couple more pointed shadows whistling through the air at that moment.

Peng, Peng, Peng!

Three more people of the Bu Clan were blown away. Before Lu Bu could look at his clansmen to see what was happening, he heard another whistle, this one coming toward him at an extremely fast speed.

"Runic Spears! They're forbidden killing weapons, everyone quickly retreat from the death zone!"

Lu Bu suddenly moved, forcing all of the flux energy out of his body. He raised high his huge axe and fiercely struck down in front of himself.


It sounded as if explosives had just detonated.

Lu Bu's figure was blown away, while three more of his clansmen died.

In a hurry, Lu Bu crawled back up and led the still alive but injured clansmen in a retreat from the death zone. By then, seven people from the troops he'd brought with him would never return home.

Outside the death zone, Ge Ya and Xiye Hanbei shouted out in unison, "Runic Spears!" Once they voiced it, they instantly thought of a certain person. Regardless of what was said online, they hadn't expected that he might mature so quickly, to the point that he would now be able to stand in opposition to them.

"This Lu Bu is also quite formidable, what a pity!"

Li Yunmu made the gesture to stop the attacks. On a mountain behind him, eight Ape Gods stopped firing the four forbidden weapons.

At this time, the Ape Gods he had captured previously were proving to be extremely effective. During the last month, a complete year had passed in the King's True Territory, so Li Yunmu had already tamed the three hundred Ape Gods within his heavenly world.

After binding their soul imprints, he had thoroughly turned them into his heavenly world's guardian beasts. The result, the ones responsible for launching the four runic spears were precisely eight of these Ape Gods.

Lu Bu led his people out and retreated outside the edge of the death zone.

He was strange, though. Due to the cultivation of some secret technique, his flesh was quite tyrannical. He had surprisingly only relied on his power and reflexes to forcefully stop the fatal attack of the runic spear. Li Yunmu could only accomplish this after he had cultivated his Tyrant Body to the minor threshold, from which it was clear that this Lu Bu was a formidable opponent.

Heavens only knew how many formidable people had revealed themselves in this short period of time once everyone found out that the Heavenly Transformation was looming over their heads. But Li Yunmu had to capture Devil, so today, regardless of who came, he had to stop them all.

Time kept passing during this deadlock.

Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya weren't leaving. They were unwilling to accept defeat. If they hadn't been mistaken about the strength of the devil kings earlier and gotten injured, they'd still be in their peak combat state.

Higher Dimensional Continent's Bu Clan had nine people including Lu Bu on the scene since Lu Bu was also unwilling to accept his loss. However, seven of the clansmen he had brought here had already been killed, and his original trump card, the Bu Clan's secret spell, could no longer be operated. Because of it, he could only wait outside the death zone.

He led his people to hide in some place.

Before long, a third power for which everyone had been waiting for arrived.

The third party to come today was that of Li Yunmu's archenemy, Chaotian Sect. Ye Qing led the newly elected five elites and slowly advanced toward death zone. Besides them, there were two more mysterious people with concealed presences following after them.

Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya didn't make any movement, and Lu Bu and his clansmen acted the same. All of them sensed a hint of danger from the two people following Ye Qing.

Even if they weren't sensing anything extremely dangerous, just the hint of danger was sufficient. Since the Continental Battle was about to start, these people didn't want to fight since it may lead to injuries.

Even the smallest wound wasn't acceptable to them. They wanted to welcome the Continental Battle in their peak state.

Ye Qing was about to enter the death zone when he took his foot back and spoke up with his head raised toward the sky. "Haha, interesting, the person who is acknowledged as the most powerful person in the Fifth Dimension has been surprisingly prevented today from entering the death zone."

Clearly, he had already discovered Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya. He also suddenly looked at the hiding place of Bu Clan. While he kept fanning himself, a smile yet not a smile appeared on his face.

"Seems like we have no need to hide."

Lu Bu came out of hiding with his clansmen and forward in a majestic gait.

It had been barely a few minutes since he had been injured by the runic spear, yet surprisingly he had almost completely healed by now, which clearly illustrated his body's constitution as well as the marvelous effects of Bu Clan's healing medicines.

"Hmph, Chaotian Sect, what a coincidence seeing you here."

Ge Ya and Xiye Hanbei also walked out of the forest.

"Hehe, there are many clever people in the world. Seems the lot of you and this young master were thinking the same thing—it's highly likely that Devil has three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suits in his possession. Why don't we three join hands and divide the three parts among us?" one of the five elites suggested while laughing.

Lu Bu glanced at the elite disciple who was standing behind Ye Qing, then turned away while saying coldly, "Here… you don't have the qualifications to speak!"


The five elites of Chaotian Sect spoke up simultaneously, but in the end, resisted the temptation to say anything.

"Chaotian Sect is going lower and lower. A majestic upper tier sect appointed some women as elites just because they are beautiful. Ye Qing, your ancestor has been truly considerate of you."

Ge Ya mischievously laughed, while his gaze kept moving over the bodies of the elite disciples without any restraint.

Ye Qing found it unsightly, but he didn't flare up and indifferently said, "Ge Ya, I didn't expect a deserter of Divine Religion like you to join hands with Xiye Hanbei."

"Since we've all come for Devil, then let's not create internal strike and let another take advantage of us. Using our tongues unnecessarily would only create misunderstandings, allowing the person inside to grow even stronger."

"Ehh, don't tell me, you know who's the person inside that attacked us."

A baleful and threatening aura rose from Lu Bu, and a hint of ruthlessness flashed through his eyes.

"If my guess isn't wrong, the man inside is Li Yunmu."

While Ye Qing heard that name, his breath became somewhat unstable.

Hate consumed him. He deeply hated this person.

However, Li Yunmu had already matured enough to make him and Chaotian Sect feel pressure.

"That's right, our guess should be right. It can only be him. After all, he is the only one who has runic spears," Xiye Hanbei said indifferently.

When the three sides heard the name of a forbidden weapon, their hearts sank gloomily.

Li Yunmu was a trifling matter. If the three of them joined hands, then he certainly wouldn't be able to stop them. However, one of the ten forbidden weapons, the runic spear, gave them all a fright.

Moreover, the opponent had not one but four of them under his command.

Everyone was filled with resentment. That Lower Flux Sage of the fluxer association must've been possessed to break such a big taboo and use four forbidden weapons to try and capture Li Yunmu.

After all, his opponent had snatched all of them, turning them all into a major assistant on his road to success.

"What can we do. The death zone is shrouded in death aura all the time which greatly suppresses our senses. Even if join hands and intrude, we still won't be able to easily deal with the forbidden weapons."

Since one side had a superior location and had prepared in advance, even if its attackers joined hands which would give them superiority in numbers and power, none of them wanted to take the risk. Since the Continental Battle was just around the corner, who would dare to be reckless?