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Chapter 243: Sinister Scheme

Chapter 243: Sinister Scheme
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"Li Yunmu, you can't stop me, nor those that are still outside," Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang said in a deep voice. His profound voice reverberated throughout the entire surrounding space.

"Whether I can stop you or not, we will know after we battle."

Li Yunmu remained unmoved. The energy in his body continued to rumble around, and his threatening aura continued to rise higher and higher, finally attaining its peak.

"Continental Battle is about to begin. I don't want to have a tough battle with you and make things easier for others."

Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang was three meters talls, but that didn't mean he also had a large brain.

When he had come here leading a group of eighteen barbarians, he was filled with extreme confidence. But after he looked at Li Yunmu standing atop the mountain peak, the idea of an all out battle completely disappeared from his mind.

Frankly speaking, the threatening aura about Li Yunmu had caused a hint of fear to take form in his heart. Usually, he would be extremely excited to battle someone, but at this most crucial time, he didn't want to have a fierce battle, especially when there were still many people concealed nearby, just waiting for their opportunity. Who would want a third person to obtain all the benefits from their battle?

"Then retreat."

Li Yunmu didn't yield in the slightest. Azure Dragon Deity Battle Suit was something that he had to have. Unlike others, he already possessed two parts of the battlesuit, so he needed to obtain the last three even more than them. His resolve, thus, was much greater than that of others.

Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang's eyes began to shine brilliantly and he said in a deep muffled voice, "Retreat? Haha, in the vocabulary of Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang, the word retreat doesn't exist. Very good, since you're going to be stubborn about it, let me experience absolute power today."

His blood seemed to have began boiling at this moment. It continued to raise in temperature as he grew more and more excited. He then began to transform as a whole as if he was being filled with air, and his height started to slowly increase.

He reached 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.5 meters, but he still continued growing. He truly transformed into a giant. Mammoth Barbarian Clan was just as their name suggested, a clan of mammoth-sized barbarians.

However, at this time, a barbarian with herculean physique stationed outside quickly rushed to Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang's side and whispered something in his ears.

Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang then suddenly called back the threatening aura which had been growing because of his transformation and returned to his normal three meter size.

"Good, seems like today we don't need to fight. I only hope that you can hold your own in the Continental Battle. I'd be really interested in wiping away that arrogance of yours."

Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang was a straightforward person. He waved his huge hand, and his subordinates retreated from the death zone.

The abrupt change in actions had slightly startled Li Yunmu. Yet he put in out of his mind for the moment, and the peak state of threatening aura erupting from him also started to go down.

Settling thing without battle was the best! Li Yunmu didn't really want to have an actual battle at this time.

He breathed a sigh of relief. He was quite clear that the sudden change in the opponent's attitude was due to some major change in the outside world.

However, he was currently within one of the ten forbidden zones in the Fifth Dimension. The area around him was filled with the aura of death, and this aura blocked all types of signals, rendering Li Yunmu unable to obtain any information about the outside world.

It didn't matter, though. He didn't need to know what it was. All that mattered was that if he could drag this out for a little while longer, Li Qinghong and the others would be able to make their move and obtain the other parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit.

Li Yunmu sat down once again at the top of his mountain. Currently, he needed time to preserve his peak state and prepare to ambush even more intruders.

The four forbidden weapons which shot runic spears were again loaded up by the Ape Gods, for not every person possessed the brute strength and thick defense of Mammoth Barbarian Clan to disregard them. Since the death zone naturally suppressed the senses of those who entered it, the four forbidden weapons would continue to prove to be extremely effective.


"Ehh? There is something odd about this situation. Given Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang's nature, retreat is an impossibility for him. Why is he then withdrawing with all his people?"

Outside the death zone, seven powers were staying in wait. All of them saw Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang walking away with a snort, and they it quite bizarre.

They immediately started investigate the reason. Soon, they received some authentic news from the powers behind them—Frontline Heaven's Frontline God was still in possession of his two parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit.

This was made clear when not long ago, the masters of the six transcending powers had an unprecedented meeting with the fluxer association. Since the news came from such a place, the information was certainly not wrong.

"In other words, Devil has only one part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit on him!"

Swiftly, many powers realized the reason behind Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang's retreat.

If Devil only had one part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, then this matter lost all of its attraction. Even though one part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit was a pretty good item, the strategic advantage of owning three parts far surpassed it.

Not only did this matter lose all its good points because of the news, it also became a headache. After all, it was just verified that two parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit were in the possession of Frontline God, and no power wanted to stand opposite a master of a transcending power just for a single part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit. Since the profit wouldn't outweigh the losses, none of the powers wanted to take needless risk.

When they left, one person's name was etched in their hearts - Li Yunmu. This newcomer powerhouse had forced Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang, who was quite a powerful character himself, to retreat.

From this moment on, few people will dare to belittle Li Yunmu. Even though he had taken advantage of time, location, and many other things to create a deadlock with the different powers, it couldn't be denied that he did have some strength.

"Seems like this Li Yunmu will turn out to be a formidable opponent. Do not belittle him just because he recently started on his path."

Before long, most powers also left the area.

Only Chaotian Sect's Ye Qing stayed behind.

"Young Master, you said that it is quite improbable for Li Yunmu to possess the other parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit whose locations are unknown?" one of the elite female disciples said with doubt in her voice.

"It's almost impossible. From the two missing part of the Azure Dragon Deity Battle Suit, one is Azure Dragon Pearl, which is the most powerful and the hardest to obtain part. Until now, there have been no news about it. As for Azure Dragon Gauntlets, they had appeared in the hands of some Flux Sage twenty years ago. Their real whereabouts, though, are unknown to this day. This Li Yunmu is really overestimating his abilities, trying to fight against us," another female elite coldly sneered.

"Let's go inside and meet him."

Ye Qing didn't seem to have any intention to fight, yet once the others had left, he was still standing around.

He called out to Lu Bu who had also hidden at the same time as him, then to Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya, but received no response. Quickly, he guessed that they had left some time ago.

This firmed his decision even more. Leading the group of people from Chaotian Sect, he entered the death zone.

"Li Yunmu, our Chaotian Sect wants to cooperate with you," Ye Qing shouted out from far away.

"Cooperate? Does your Chaotian Sect still have some credibility left?"

Li Yunmu smiled. Currently, Chaotian Sect didn't have any face to be called an upper tier sect in the outside world. This was especially so because they had elected five enchanting and pretty females as their five elite disciples. For such a decision, they were ridiculed by the whole world.

A majestic upper tier sect was acting in complete disorder, without any sense of dignity.

"Haha, as for whether we have credibility or not, that isn't important. The important thing is that this cooperation will be extremely beneficial to you," Ye Qing said with a fake smile.

In his heart, he hated Li Yunmu to death. If the opponent wasn't sitting atop a mountain peak far away and was in possession of four forbidden weapons, he might have already attacked. Maybe then he'd have gotten rid of this bastard who had messed up Chaotian Sect's plans.

Li Yunmu paused for a moment before replying. "Then let me hear it. I'm an honest person, as long as there are sufficient benefits, I'll still consider cooperating with you."
He wanted to know what kind of nasty scheme this second great grandson of Chaotian Sect's flux ancestor wanted to spring on him.