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Chapter 247: Azure Dragon Leg Guards

Chapter 247: Azure Dragon Leg Guards
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In Northern Continent's Frontline Heaven, a middle-aged man lightly slammed his fist on the armrest. His expression was ashen and his mood wasn't good.

After verifying Devil's situation three to four times and confirming that he had really died, this head butler of Frontline God and his most trusted subordinate suddenly felt that the situation had gone out of his control.

The false information that it was highly probable that Devil had three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit on him was his creation. He had been the one to leak the false news that Devil's tracks had been seen around Frontline Heaven.

His only one aim for doing so was to put Devil in a precarious position where he would be greatly injured and lose the qualifications to participate in the Continental Battle.

Otherwise, if because of the opportunity created by the chaos of Heavenly Transformation he suddenly went to Earth and disappeared from their map, it would become extremely difficult for Master to get his hands on the part of Azure Dragon Deity Battle Suit.

The best outcome in the mind of the head butler was that Devil would be seriously injured, losing the chance to enter the Continental Battle. If that happened, in the future, the head butler would think of some method to ambush Devil and get his hands on the Azure Dragon Leg Guards.

Initially, all his plans had been moving forward without a hitch!

However, the most undesirable event which was completely out of his expectations had happened at the most crucial time. One of Frontline God's rivals understood what was happening and exposed the truth that Frontline God still possessed his two part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit.

Once this information spread out, all Overlords who had went to kill Devil lost their motivation and gradually left… This, however, allowed Li Yunmu to wholeheartedly focus on killing Devil.

Otherwise, given Devil's fast speed and evasion techniques he had grasped, the worst situation for Devil would have been getting seriously injured and not dying. It simply would have been impossible with everyone competing against each other to catch him.

The head butler's plan had considered all factors, but because some rival had leaked the all-important information, his plan was ruined. Moreover, he hadn't expected that Li Yunmu, who had just recently joined the scene, would possess the ability to kill Devil.

"I underestimated his rivals as well as that youngster who appeared this year."

The head butler sighed regretfully.

Now that the Azure Dragon Leg Guards had fallen into Li Yunmu's hands, the head butler could sense a headache coming. Obtaining the parts had now become even harder compared to when Devil was in possession of them. The head butler had truly overestimated himself this time.

"Sir, order us. The Continental Battle hasn't started yet, so we could still dispatch people to negotiate with Li Yunmu. Maybe he would discreetly hand over the Azure Dragon Leg Guards under the threat of Frontline God. If that doesn't work, we could make an attempt to force him to give them up."

The troops of the head butler were the core troops of Frontline Heaven. They included the most powerful people of Frontline Heaven in Fifth, Sixth, and even Seventh Dimension.

However, after pondering for a bit, the head butler shook his head. He said with a bitter smile, "This youngster Li Yunmu isn't someone whom you could deal with."

The head butler who represented the master of a transcending power had gathered detailed information about Li Yunmu, this newly appeared Overlord.

When Devil was in possession of the Azure Dragon Leg Guards, Frontline God still had the chance to dispatch people to ambush him and be successful in obtaining the Azure Dragon Leg Guards after killing him. But now, when the Azure Dragon Leg Guards had fallen into Li Yunmu's hands, the head butler knew that there was no longer much hope in retrieving them.

He well understood the defensive capabilities of that youngster. He might not be the most powerful Flux Disciple, but he was certainly the most difficult to kill.


At this time, at a cliff in the deepest parts of the death zone, Underworld Hand and the others were wearing gloomy expressions. Devil couldn't hold for long under the Dark Flux Eight Killing Spell, and within less than a minute, he had been turned to ashes.

However, his ashes quickly changed into a little bit of black-colored energy and disappeared. As for a part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, let alone three of them, nothing could be found.

"Could the Azure Dragon Leg Guards have also been melted by my earthly fire?"

Barbarian Niu felt that the turn of events was far from encouraging. Although his strength had increased greatly, his brain was still that of a purely barbarian person. If Azure Dragon Deity Suit could be melted so easily, then would it really be called one of the five supreme battle suits known to men?

"Something's wrong here. This couldn't have been Devil himself, he must've used a substitution technique. All of us were fooled by him."

"Clever plan."

Devil Monkey suddenly turned toward Nangong Gongzi.

All the people present on the scene clearly understood what had happened. Devil wasn't ambushed, so he must've known about their plan. Otherwise, he definitely couldn't have been so prepared.

At this time, Nangong Gongzi said with indifference, "That's right, I indeed secretly informed Devil."

Nangong Gongzi had a mortal enmity with someone. In fact, he was living solely for his vengeance, but if he was forced to betray Devil, then this matter would eternally gnaw at his heart. He also had his pride.

"I knew you weren't being honest. The grand third most powerful Halted Fluxer wouldn't be willing suffer humiliation voluntarily. Fortunately, master had planned for this, so Devil won't be able to escape," Li Qinghong said without any hint of astonishment at his betrayal.

Everyone in the group had clearly experienced Devil's strength today. They also realized why Frontline God hadn't been able to get rid of him for so long.

"What, Li Yunmu also came?"

Nangong Gongzi's expression changed. If it had happened previously, he wouldn't have cared much about Li Yunmu who had just started training this year, but now that had already changed. After seeing with his own eyes that Li Qinghong and the other three followers had successfully obtained strength which rivaled the Overlord class characters, he became quite anxious for Devil.

As a matter of fact, the time in which Li Yunmu killed Devil was even shorter compared to what Nangong Gongzi had imagined. Before long, Li Yunmu descended from the sky in front of his followers.

"Master, Devil… he?"

Lin Jian stepped forward with an ashamed expression.

"He's already dead."

Li Yunmu was pretty delighted, he had finally succeeded in his aim.

Although it hadn't happened as he had hoped and Frontline God hadn't given his two parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit to Devil, but Li Yunmu had still obtained a third part for himself.

Now he had Azure Dragon Gauntlets, Azure Dragon Leg Guards, and Azure Dragon Pearl!

One part represented the deadly power of arms, while anoone the explosive power of legs. Both parts which increased offensive power had fallen into his hands. This would greatly make up for the lack of balance between his defense and offense.

Furthermore, the Azure Dragon Pearl, this core part would constantly supply him with the Azure Dragon's power. With these three parts of the supreme battlesuit as well as his personal strength, he was like a tiger who had grown wings.

"Did you really kill Devil?"

Nangong Gongzi looked at Li Yunmu. As Li Qinghong had said, he had promptly appeared which made worry raise in his heart. But he still hadn't lost all hope, because he was quite familiar with Devil. He knew that Devil wasn't so easy to kill.

Perhaps this Li Yunmu's current strength had already surpassed his imagination, but even if Devil wasn't great at combat, fleeing shouldn't be a problem for him.