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Chapter 249: The Use of Golden Black Ghost King Armor

Chapter 249: The Use of Golden Black Ghost King Armor
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After walking through the maze for two or three hours, the group finally turned a corner which opened into a wide cave hall.


This was the central part of the entire cave.

If Li Yunmu hadn't used the system's deduction ability and received a map, they would have arrived here only in a fortnight. Since all their senses were suppressed here, this was no exaggeration.

Nangong Gongzi was once more shocked by Li Yunmu's profound abilities. He was certain that this was Li Yunmu's first time entering here, but he acted as if he knew the cave like the back of his hand.

Li Qinghong and the others had long ago become accustomed to their master having all sorts of abilities. If Li Yunmu hadn't come up with a way, that instead would have been bizarre.

"Here, here, and in this corner. Start digging."

After finding the core of the maze, Li Yunmu commanded his people to dig at the three locations which could hold the remainder of the treasure.

Soon, there was some movement where Demon was digging.

He lifted an ancient copper box. It was roughly half a meter long, and a hint of a runic luster occasionally flashed on top of it. Surprisingly, this copper box had extraordinary origins.

"These are the true fifth dimension's runes." Lin Jian looked the box over once and immediately started explaining its origins. "Usually, to open these type of boxes, one must first break the runic code established by their owners. Otherwise, if we try to open it forcefully, a miniature torching spell inside would unleash high temperature flames which will burn everything within to ashes."

Once Li Yunmu heard this, he breathed out a sigh of relief. He had already received the translation of the true Fifth Dimension's runes from Tang Ruochen, and the system had processed it a long time ago.

As long as he allowed the system to analyze Devil's habits and deduce the runic code established by him based on that, this shouldn't be too troublesome. Moments later, the system produced a series of runic code combinations, and Li Yunmu walked toward the box and inputted one of the sequences, but it failed.

It didn't matter, though, and he tried again.




After failing seven times in a row, he finally succeeded in opening the box on the eighth try. Inside, several treasures were revealed, and when Nangong Gongzi and the others saw them, they all were left flabbergasted.

"These are original manuscripts. My God, all of them are original manuscripts. Where did Devil obtain so many of them!" Underworld Hand and the others cried out in surprise. The items were even in perfect condition and were certain to contain everything, because they were the source material.

There wasn't any person who wouldn't be startled at the sight of such precious treasures, regardless of how straightfaced they were.

Each of these manuscripts could become a basic foundation for a sect and allow it to swiftly rise in power. It must be known that even Li Yunmu and his followers only had one such manuscript, and it was the Great Sun Secret Technique of Chaotian Sect which Li Qinghong had possessed and nothing more. From this, the rarity of such things could clearly be seen.

Original manuscripts were tightly guarded by the sects and other major powers to prevent them from spreading through the world.

Li Yunmu's eyes began to shine at the sight of them. He immediately picked up the manuscripts which resembled the bark of a tree and began to observe the profound runes which filled their surface. Surprisingly, the system couldn't understand them.

"These are the Seventh Dimension's runes. These original manuscripts are actually from the Seventh Dimension," Devil Monkey who had more experience in this field explained with a serious expression on his face.

Sage level original manuscripts?

This thought allowed everyone to understand that this matter was of great importance. Neither of them had expected that Devil would have concealed this sort of exceptional sage level manuscripts among his treasures, and they were even originals, not copies.

What had Devil experienced in his life? What sort of fortuitous encounter had he gone through?

As they discovered more and more of the treasures that Devil had concealed, their astonishment grew sky high. Just one sage level manuscript was enough to cause Flux Sages to fight to the death, so was there any need to speak of Flux Disciples?

Everyone's breathing became heavy. Li Yunmu had to forcefully calm himself down. Once he did so, he looked at the back of this unknown manuscript and, to his surprise, discovered that it contained the translation of the characters. Clearly, Devil had taken the initiative to translate it for himself.

"Ghostly Image Substitution?"

Li Yunmu took a careful look at the translation, then began to read the fly-sized characters. Li Qinghong and the others didn't dare to speak as he did so.

"This is the Ghostly Image Substitution technique Devil cultivated. I've never expected it to be a sage level technique." Nangong Gongzi's expressions kept changing constantly.

Quite ferocious!

The hearts of other people began to beat loudly. Devil's reserves were just too profound, too ferocious. He had surprisingly comprehended a sage level secret technique.

Li Yunmu didn't conceal anything from his followers. If it had been any other master, they would've been anxious that their followers would exceed them in strength after comprehending this sage level technique and they would lose all superiority.

This was the reason why the more Lin Jian and others understood Li Yunmu, the more sincerely they served him.

There was no explanation regarding the Ghostly Image Substitution technique because to genuinely comprehend a technique, merely learning a few characters wasn't enough. One had to understand its true essence and practice it repeatedly.

The manuscript contained a detailed roadmap of flux energy movements through particular flux points to properly cultivate Ghostly Image Substitution. But when everyone saw the final requirement, they were startled.

It was stated that the person who wished to cultivate this technique had to possess the Ghost Clan's bloodline.

"This is..."

When everyone heard this, they couldn't help but laugh bitterly. There was no way they could cultivate this Ghost Clan's secret technique. Even if it was a sage level technique, it was useless to them.

Wait a minute, how did Devil cultivate it then?

In a split second, a suspicion flashed in everyone's heart.

"It's because Devil possessed the Golden Black Ghost King Armor. As long as you have a ghost king armor of the Ghost Clan, you can cultivate it," Li Yunmu said, clearing the suspicion in everyone's heart.

Their gazes then simultaneously fell on the golden black dimensional armor merged with Li Yunmu's king crystal armor.

The Ghost Clan was a native clan of true Sixth Dimension. It was said that they had been exterminated a few years ago, so it was unknown if there were still any of them left.

But regardless of whether it was Golden Black Ghost King Armor or the Ghostly Image Substitution technique, they were clearly the most precious treasures of the Ghost Clan. And all of them were part of the treasures concealed by Devil.

"Devil had definitely encountered the ruins of the Ghost Clan in the past. However, I hadn't expected that the entrance to the rumored lost territory of the Ghost Clan would surprisingly be in the secondary Fifth Dimension."

Devil Monkey sighed.

Everyone continued to puzzle over the technique. They soon discovered that it wasn't the least bit simple, but it wasn't unexpected given that it was a supreme life-saving evasion technique that had been lost in time.

According to the explanation of this sage level skill, Ghostly Image Substitution had ninety-nine levels. With each new level of cultivation, the user would congeal an extra ghost body. So once it was cultivated to the ninety-ninth level, the person would have ninety-nine ghost bodies. In other words, he would possess ninety-nine lives.

F*cking awesome! This is a sage technique, the supreme sage skill of the Ghost Clan.

Unfortunately for Devil, although he had an additional ghost body, he was still a human. Even if he possessed the Ghost King Armor, his cultivation of the Ghostly Image Substitution could only achieve the first level.

Otherwise, if he had cultivated many levels of this skill, Li Yunmu wouldn't have been able to kill him.

Very good, with this supreme evasion technique, my ability to survive will raise by a good margin.

Li Yunmu was very excited. Inside, he felt unexpectedly moved.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that this supreme evasion technique surpassed everything else he'd received by a thousand times.