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Chapter 251: The Switch to Ghost Bloodline

Chapter 251: The Switch to Ghost Bloodline
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Li Yunmu didn't say anything further and collected the manuscript into his heavenly world.

"Everyone must forget about today's matter. Regardless of whether it is the Ghost King's Body Refining Secrets or Devil Soul Refinement."

A hint of solemnity finally appeared in Li Yunmu's voice.

All of the followers understood the reason behind his words and nodded with serious expressions.

No one had thought that the treasures hidden in Devil's old nest would be so world shaking. Except for the couple original manuscripts, there weren't any other precious treasure here.

But if the news about these couple original manuscripts was leaked outside, then all the Temporal layer, Nirvana layer, and even some sage layer experts would go crazy like sharks who'd smelled blood.

Thus, this matter had to be kept a secret.

Given their present cultivation, they wouldn't need to cultivate Devil Soul Refinement for a long time, so Li Yunmu didn't plan on revealing this higher level cultivation method to his followers.

As for the Ghost King's Body Refining Method, that was all right.

Although it was a temporal layer secret technique, at least it wouldn't cause a commotion like Devil Soul Refinement.

They then continued to look through the ancient copper box.

It also contained Ghost Clan's inheritance method. Everyone flipped through it once and realized why Devil had made the decision to re-cultivate.

This secret technique explained how a human could gain possession of Ghost Clan's bloodline, including the materials required and the way to transform one's bloodline. Everything was explained in complete detail.

This secret technique was known as - Ghost Inheritance!

This secret technique couldn't be classified into any grade because it only allowed humans to transform into ghosts.

In the ancient box, there were also several small porcelain bottles. When the group examined all of them one by one, they discovered that they were the materials required to transform into a ghost. Devil seemed to have been collecting them during the past few years, but he had still been lacking two or three materials.

"Who wants to become a ghost?"

Li Yunmu collected the box into his heavenly world and then spit out a mouthful of impure air.

"I," Underworld Hand said without any hesitation.

"Me too."

"I, Nangong, also want to switch."

Within a short while, three of the eight followers made their decision. They knew that all the cultivation methods and secret techniques which they had discovered just now would be more compatible with them after they switched to Ghost bloodline.

Flowing Cloud opened her mouth, but didn't say anything in the end. What concerned this extremely stunning woman, it was extremely hard to know what she was thinking.

"You don't have any special innate ability, so I advise you to switch to the Ghost Inheritance. Besides, the ghost clan might be affiliated with darkness, but that clan is still quite close to the human race. It won't have much influence on your situation," Li Qinghong suddenly said to Flowing Cloud.

Flowing Cloud looked at the four people who had gotten a great boost in their strength after re-cultivating, then clenched her teeth and made the decision.

"The-then I will switch."

It was just as Li Qinghong had said, the reason why Li Yunmu hadn't taken the initiative to choose the three people to re cultivate was mainly because Underworld Hand and them didn't possess the necessary qualifications.

Li Qinghong possessed sungod bird's undying sage blood, while Lin Jian cultivated the blade intent of Bladewood and possessed extreme determination regarding his blade intent. He also had the blade whetstone to assist in cultivation, so he was a person with great future prospects.

The reason behind choosing Barbarian Niu needn't be explained. He was a person from the Desolate Continent, so he had merged with a bloodline upon awakening.

If they hadn't found the king's true territory containing divine blood, then he would've remained an ordinary evolved human and couldn't be considered as outstanding. However, because of divine blood as well as having merged with the bloodline of Mist Fiends, he could now even stand in front of Li Qinghong.

Among the four, Demon was the most outstanding, but not because of his personal strength. It was because he could summon more than two amphibious sea beasts.

Divine blood had polished his only skill, and so, in the future, he would also have great prospects.

Now that they had found a great treasure, as long as they knew how to switch to the ghost bloodline, they would rise swiftly in the future.

Li Qinghong didn't want her junior sister Flowing Cloud to miss such an opportunity.

"I will also switch."

The person who also wanted to inherit the ghost bloodline was surprisingly Demon. Apparently he wasn't satisfied with always relying on his sea beasts.

"That's good. Commit the eighteen secret ingredients necessary for Ghost Inheritance usage to your memory, then use all your private resources to quickly find them."

And thus, the mission to kill Devil was concluded. Although Li Yunmu couldn't fulfill the goal of obtaining all five parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, it wasn't like there had been much hope for it from the start.

Thus, no one was really disappointed. On the contrary, Devil's treasures had already left all of them dumbfounded. Devil had really concealed himself too deeply.

If Li Yunmu hadn't possessed the two parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit and used the female shadow ancestor, Devil would've probably escaped using Ghostly Image Substitution.

Mabe then he would've continued living in hiding by relying on the inheritances he possessed. In time, less than ten years later, he would've appeared again as another extremely terrifying character.

This had almost become a reality!

But unfortunately for him, although he had gained a great opportunity, he didn't have great luck. He had been able to avoid Frontline Heaven, but he couldn't escape Li Yunmu's hands.

All followers sighed in pity for Devil. It wasn't that he didn't have good luck, it was just that it had been crushed by their master.

Soon, Li Yunmu led his followers out and disappeared from the cave.

They didn't remain any longer in the death zone, and even the people dispatched by Frontline Heaven to secretly infiltrate the region and learn about Li Yunmu's attitude couldn't discover even a trace of them.

A day passed by.

The eight followers had used their personal resources to locate the secret materials which Devil couldn't find.

Li Yunmu had indeed been quite generous with his followers and granted them great freedom including the power to keep control of the businesses they were engaged in before, to keep their wealth and relationships, resources to gather intelligence, and so on. He hadn't taken complete control of them.

He allowed his underlings to have the freedom to expand their own power. He only needed to hold onto their soul imprint, the most core part of a human, that's all.

Including the former third most powerful Halted Fluxer Nangong Gongzi, the group of eight used all their private contacts to the fullest and quickly located three materials which Devil couldn't find. After this, only one ingredient remained. It was the rarest of them all, and they simply couldn't find its location.

During this whole time, Li Yunmu stayed within his heavenly world, undergoing the final preparations.

Ghostly Image Substitution, Ghostly Evasion, Ghost King's Body Refining Secrets, Devil Soul Refinement, Ghost Inheritance—the five recently obtained original manuscripts had already entered the system's hoard of real world's secret techniques. After they were supplemented and repaired, cultivation relaying globes were being manufactured for all of them.

Without any hesitation, Li Yunmu immediately chose to cultivate Ghostly Image Substitution first. Among all sage skills which he had grasped until now, this life-saving ability was comparable to only one, Deity Execution.

However, Deity Execution couldn't be considered as his own skill, but the ability of the refined Snow Guzzle Cold Blade.

Thus, if Li Yunmu cultivated this sage level secret technique, he would have one that was truly his own. And it wasn't hard for him to start cultivating it since he possessed the golden black armor which allowed him to ignore the condition of possessing bloodline of the Ghost Clan.

After the first cultivation relaying globe of Ghostly Image Substitution was manufactured, he immediately jumped into the cultivation space and began to try to grasp this skill.

If he mastered this evasion technique, he wouldn't need any protection jades in the future.