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Chapter 253: Patching up Weak Points

Chapter 253: Patching up Weak Points
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When Li Yunmu looked at the explanation of the newly created Clear Vision ability, he exploded with excitement.

Although there was only a little bit of possibility, as he familiarized himself with the ability and his understanding of it deepened, he might come to understand that principles of the void. When that time came, he might actually be able to bring the objects around him into the void.

Li Yunmu wished to try it again and used the Ghostly Image Substitution a few more time. However, he suddenly discovered that because he had just recently cultivated this technique, he couldn't use it many times in succession. He had to wait for some time before he could use it again.

Thus, he could only drop this matter for the time being.

"System, where am I now? For how long had I been fleeing and how much distance did I cover?" Li Yunmu suddenly asked.

[Host was in the void for five seconds. Distance covered is around twenty-five kilometers. Present location is the northwestern edge of Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain,] the system replied, having collected this data long ago.

Once Li Yunmu heard it, he was startled.

Good god, surprisingly I had only walked in the void for mere five second? Yet the distance I covered was twenty-five kilometers!

Motherf*cker, how could the skill be so formidable?

Li Yunmu almost didn't dare to believe it. If Devil had used this awesome technique at that time, he probably would have been able to escape past the disks.

[This is quite normal. Devil had cultivated this Ghostly Image Substitution only to the first level, so he could have at most traveled in the void for one second, covering a distance of five kilometers. Host has presently cultivated the Ghostly Image Substitution to the fifth level, so whether it's the amount of time or movement speed, it is five times that of the opponent.]

The system then quickly spread out a rough data map pertaining to each level's cultivation of Ghostly Image Substitution in his subconsciousness.

While contrasting them, Li Yunmu saw that at the highest, ninety-ninth level, he could move at a speed of 100 km/s. He was flabbergasted.

Doesn't this mean that if I cultivate this supreme evasion technique to the peak that in a minute and a half I'll be able to cover ten thousand kilometers?

The diameter of Earth was roughly 12 700 kilometers. If he cultivated the supreme evasion technique to its pinnacle, then he could go from one extreme to another one, from northern to the southern hemisphere in less than two minutes.

For a moment, Li Yunmu felt as if he was seeing a whole new world that opened in due to flux cultivation. It's so formidable!

Could he achieve this kind of speed when he cultivated to the Domain Sage layer? It was unimaginable.

Until now, even if Li Yunmu's combat strength was formidable and his one punch could blow away the enemy, it could only cause the ground to sink by a few meters and no more.

Although his defense was formidable, to the point that he received the title of the most difficult to kill in the Fifth Dimension, he could barely stand ground against a homing missile by relying on the power of his flesh.

Because of that, Li Yunmu felt that he still could be seen as a human. However, after cultivating the Ghostly Image Substitution, he had a sensation as if he had entered an all new higher domain.

Traveling ten thousand kilometers in an instant, how could a human accomplish this?

It simply couldn't be done by any human.

How could the disparity between a Domain Sage and a Flux Disciple be so large?

Originally, he had believed that Admiralty Cover, this topnotch A grade cultivation method was sufficiently monstrous compared to other human cultivation methods, but now he became aware that supreme cultivation methods were really too terrifying.

On this night, it was like heavens had opened a new door for Li Yunmu. He felt as he had touched the doorstep of another world, and his feelings were complicated regarding it.

He used Ghostly Evasion several times and become more proficient with it. However, this Temporal layer fleeing skill wasn't as heart palpitating as Ghostly Image Substitution, this supreme secret technique.

Ghostly Evasion could still be seen as human-like. After system had absorbed this secret technique, it decided that it was an S grade secret technique, while Ghostly Image Substitution was considered as an SSS grade supreme technique. As for the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets which Li Yunmu had cultivated previously, it was SS grade.

Originally, the Temporal layer secret techniques were all assessed to be in the category of supreme grade techniques, although only lower grade supreme techniques.

The Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets were considered middle-grade, while Ghostly Image Substitution was seen as the highest grade supreme technique. It was then no surprise that its effects were so inhuman.

Li Yunmu had finally found a clear and distinct comparison between the real world's secret techniques as well as system's cultivation methods.

Cultivating Ghostly Evasion was clearly simpler compared to an SSS grade Ghostly Image Substitution. It didn't require any objects to act as medium, only ability points.

The first level only required five thousand ability points, the second level ten thousand, while the third fifteen thousand, and the tenth fifty thousand! Just fifty thousand were required for the first major boost in strength.

Li Yunmu looked at the more than two hundred thousand ability points remaining after advancing Ghostly Image Substitution and, without any hesitation, instantly advanced the skill's cultivation by ten levels.

It required 245 000 ability points in total. After reaching the tenth level, Ghostly Evasion allowed him to transform into a black line, and the distance covered by him each second would over a hundred meters. He would then be faster even than Wings of the Wind.

This was a bad comparison, though. Since this skill was an evasion technique, its consumption of flux energy was huge, and it couldn't be used for long time.

Li Yunmu attempted it once, and discovered that with his rainbow crystal layer's flux energy, he could only use it for a little more than two minutes.

After three minutes had passed, his flux energy was completely exhausted.

Thus, right then, even if he had a Temporal layer skill at his disposal, with his current level of strength, he couldn't fully display its effects.

No wonder Devil had abolished his cultivation and cultivated the twelve rainbow light king crystal armor. First, it allowed him to display the might of Azure Dragon Leg Guards which would be propelled by the the king rainbow lights. Second, if his flux energy was boosted by twelve rainbow lights, then it could somewhat support the secret techniques of the Ghost Clan.

Li Yunmu hadn't yet congealed any rainbow lights, so the amount of flux energy he possessed couldn't be compared to what real rainbow crystal layer powerhouses had.

After cultivating two fleeing and life-saving techniques in succession, Li Yunmu felt as if something was different now. Those skills could be classified as part of his foundation, and they didn't depend upon external forces. Thus his confidence surged greatly.

But this wasn't sufficient, for the Continental Battle was going to start in less than two days. He still needed to increase his strength.

Currently, he didn't care about increasing his combat strength but his ability to survive.

"System, given my present situation, what's my current weak point that needs patching?"

If any outsider heard this, they would probably wish to die.

The current Li Yunmu was already acknowledged as the most difficult to kill person in the Fifth Dimension, a person with unrivaled defense, and now this f*cker still wanted to strengthen another of his weaknesses?

He simply wouldn't let other people have any benefits.

However, since he had the system, if he didn't use it, that would be pure stupidity. The system quickly did a focused analysis and the final result was that Li Yunmu currently lacked a high speed regeneration and endurance restoring cultivation method.

Once Li Yunmu heard this, he wanted to obtain it as quickly as possible.

And why should he stop at a top quality A grade skill? Why shouldn't he refine and merge three top quality A grade skills to create another supreme technique?

He immediately decided to act and checked the amount of space elements in his possession. At this moment, he still had 47 000 space elements.

Without any hesitation, he selected endurance restoring and high speed regeneration A grade cultivation methods and quickly refined them!

Instantly, 29 799 space elements were deducted from Li Yunmu's collection, and within his consciousness sea, twenty-one A grade cultivation methods began to rotate around his consciousness.