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Chapter 254: Major Reversal

Chapter 254: Major Reversal
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Twenty-one A grade cultivation methods were revolving around Li Yunmu's consciousness, dazzling him.

Finally, with the system's recommendations, Li Yunmu chose three of them which were classified as Plant Essence Recovery, Innate Healing, Latent Talent Reversal.

Plant Essence Recovery was an extremely demonic regeneration technique. Li Yunmu took a liking to it upon first glance.

When using this technique, he could absorb the essence of plants and trees and recover the stamina and strength of his body. As his cultivation increased, the vitality absorbed from trees and plants would recover him more and more efficiently. It was an unusually effective recovery cultivation method.

Innate Healing was even more profound compared to Plant Essence Recovery. The main principle behind this method was that the cultivator who practiced it would use it at normal times to absorb the vitality of different living things and the nurture it within his body.

When the said cultivator encountered danger, he could draw out that vitality absorbed previously and use it to heal himself.

The only harsh requirement for cultivating this method was that at normal times, the cultivator would have to devour a lot of treasure herbs or beasts with formidable vitality to absorb it. Only then would the ability's effects transform it into innate grade vitality and store it within the body for future use.

Because of such a requirement, if it was any other ordinary fluxer, then they couldn't really cultivate it because the price for it would be too enormous.

Latent Talent Reversal wa an emergency treatment technique. When it was unleashed, it would exploit the body's potential and consider it as a price to heal the cultivator's injuries at the most crucial time.

This reversal technique also had a demanding condition—the person's body constitution had to be sufficiently formidable. Otherwise, if the body's hidden potential was drawn out, not only wouldn't it achieve the emergency treatment effects, but it would also cause the injuries to become even more serious, leading to the user's death.

Apart from this, there was another hidden side effect. Once it was unleashed, it would exploit the body's potential and use it for emergency treatment. So although the cultivator's life would be saved, he would become weaker to a certain extent.

Li Yunmu's flesh was sufficiently formidable, even unusual so. Due to that, he wasn't afraid of becoming weaker after the emergency treatment which would certainly happen.

Given his formidable body constitution, the slight weakness in exchange for saving his life in emergency was well worth it. This technique was clearly specially prepared for those with formidable body constitutions.

The most important thing was that Li Yunmu wasn't going to just cultivate this reversal technique but the combination of the above mentioned three life-saving techniques.

According to the system's analysis, after these three techniques were combined, they would influence each other and achieve a qualitative upgrade.

"System, merge them."

At this moment, Li Yunmu was quite excited. After spending nearly thirty thousand space elements, he would create a cultivation method to strengthen the healing and recovery of his body from the three cultivation methods. This implied that whenever he got caught in a dangerous situation in the future, he would possess the capital to reverse it.

The next instant after he said his words, the three A grade cultivation methods were finally combined to form a supreme secret technique - Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal!

Quality SSS grade!

The result of combining the skills surpassed Li Yunmu's expectations. He hadn't anticipated that this new supreme technique would be even more domineering and inhuman than Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets which was SS grade.

When Li Yunmu examined the Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal, he was instantly drawn towards this formidable secret method!

It had three major abilities.

First, it could absorb the vitality of trees and plants, which could be used to quickly recover the stamina and strength. This didn't have any healing effect, but it was extremely important and powerful.

It would come into use at the most dangerous time when Li Yunmu would've exhausted all his flux energy. This ability would then ensure that he could last in the fight just by relying on his physical strength.

It meant that as long as there were plants and trees in the surroundings, Li Yunmu would never run of energy and wouldn't become weary, thus greatly guaranteeing his endurance in combat.

Accurately speaking, this was a formidable and extremely important function.

Apart from this the Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal still had two other important effects. One of them was that it could store the vitality of living beings. This would turn Li Yunmu's body into a container which could store vitality absorbed from precious herbs and high quality food which he would consume at normal times.

The other one was self-heal. This ability was linked with the previous one of storing vitality. As long as he had sufficient vitality stored in his body, regardless of what kind of injuries he suffered, they would quickly be healed.

As for the speed and effect of this self-heal, it depended upon the Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal. As Li Yunmu cultivated this supreme technique to higher levels and his understanding of it became more profound, its healing speed would become faster and the effects more formidable.

The above mentioned was the terrifying healing effect of the SSS grade technique.

However just on the basis of these three abilities, it still couldn't enter the SSS grade. Thus, apart from these three abilities, it still had two more concealed effects. First was called "Minor Reversal" and the second was called "Major Reversal".

When Minor Reversal was unleashed, it could easily remove minor poisons, fatigue, as well as injuries. Major Reversal was for more important matters. It was a genuine life-saving, surviving, and emergency treatment technique.

As long as Li Yunmu didn't die and had breath in him, after unleashing Major Reversal, he could rescue himself. Apart from saving his own life, he could also save the lives of others with it.

There were simply no words to describe this ability. What would leave people gobsmacked if they knew about it was that Major Reversal wasn't just a life-saving technique—it could actually snatch back someone's life right from the gates of hell. And it could even detoxify the most powerful poisons.

In short, apart from being able to regrow limbs, Major Reversal was like the highest quality of healing medicine.

Naturally, the more formidable the effect, the higher the price one has to pay.

Thus, the threshold for unleashing Minor Reversal was that the cultivator had to have attained the third level of Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal. Otherwise, he wouldn't have sufficient vitality to unleash this skill.

As for Major Reversal, the person needed to have reached the tenth level. But even if they had attained it, they would've barely crossed the threshold, and just utilizing Major Reversal once would exhaust all the vitality within their body.