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Chapter 256: Continental Battle Begins

Chapter 256: Continental Battle Begins
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After the SSS grade supreme technique reached the tenth level, it didn't produce any special property. After all, it was already a supreme cultivation method, it had already reached perfection.

After the successful cultivation, Li Yunmu immediately pressed his palm against a random tree in the hidden domain. The next instant, Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal was activated, and the several meters tall tree began to wither at the speed visible to the naked eye.

In exchange, Li Yunmu's vitality filled up. He felt as if he had swallowed a powerful supplement. Afterwards, he lied down to take a nap, and when he woke up, his condition had already reached the peak. He was feeling extremely energetic.

Then what about my regeneration ability?

Now that he had attained the thirteenth level of Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal, he was wondering how fast was his healing.

The next instant, he relaxed his flesh and revoked Admiralty Cover, King Crystal Armor, and other defenses for a moment. Then he took out a B grade sharp knife and ruthlessly slashed at his hand, injuring himself.

The injury wasn't great, only a few centimeters deep, almost equivalent to when ordinary people cut themselves with a knife. Blood began to flow out incessantly, but it wasn't serious.

After doing this, he began to carefully observe his injury. A warm current began to flow forth from his abdomen, and he noticed that blood stopped flowing from the injured palm in less than three seconds.

After a minute, the injury began to show signs of closing up. After three minutes, only a scar remained, and after more than four minutes, the wound vanished completely.

Li Yunmu carefully observed his palm once again. It was as if the injury had never existed in the first place. Formidable, this regeneration ability is too formidable!

"System, use the data to analyze how powerful my regeneration is and how much stored vitality did I use up now."

[According to the recently collected data, host's regeneration ability is roughly thirteen times more formidable than that of fluxers' white cells and thirty-nine times compared to that of ordinary people. During the regeneration process, you have consumed roughly three points of stored vitality essence.]

It has to be said that with the assistance of the system, Li Yunmu was in complete control of his body's condition, to the extent which could cause people's hair to stand up in astonishment.

Thirteen times that of fluxers' white cells? Thirty-nine times that of ordinary people?

Li Yunmu finally understood the awesomeness of this cultivation method. It must be known that after awakening, fluxers' white cells became three times more powerful than those of ordinary people.

However, after Li Yunmu had cultivated to the thirteenth level, his regeneration ability had become thirteen times that of fluxers, not to mention, it was nearly forty times compared to that of ordinary people.

It must be known that after entering the Flux Master realm, those people only had five times higher regeneration compared to ordinary people. Yet Li Yunmu had already surpassed them greatly in this respect.

If his cultivation became even more profound and he cultivated his regeneration ability to the peak one day, then wouldn't it become ninety-nine times greater than that of fluxers and nearly three hundred times than that of ordinary people?

If he could cultivate to this level, then there would remain no word in human vocabulary to describe him. Three hundred times better regeneration, how far off would that be from deities?

At that time, if he slashed his palm, the wound would be perfectly fine in less than three seconds. It would be even fiercer than what he had imagined.

After all, the extraordinariness of three hundred times faster couldn't be understood just by something imagining something three hundred times greater, this amount was basically enough to trigger a fundamental change. However, Li Yunmu's sort of thinking about this was perhaps still conservative.

Unkillable, I'll be almost unkillable as long as I'll have an unending flow of life force as reserve.


During the next two days, Li Yunmu prepared like crazy for the Continental Battle. He spent 9 999 space elements to purchase an A grade technique from the system. Currently, he had Insect Step which had attained the fifth level and Ghostly Evasion, so according to reason, he was extremely proficient in the field of speed and agility.

But Li Yunmu still wasn't satisfied. He still followed the motto of "Either don't do it or do it perfectly, without any flaws".

He hadn't reached the flawless stage of Battle Sages, but he could strengthen all his weak points. Therefore, he chose a technique called Spirit Pincer Step to supplement his deficiency in the field of bursting forth with high speed.

If Ghostly Evasion was a secret technique which allowed him to surpass his ordinary movement speed and flexibility and Insect Step dealt with agile movements in small range, Spirit Pincer Step focused on fiercely bursting with power to rush forth in a straight line. It was faster, more ferocious, and frightening compared to Charged Assault's burst power.

Furthermore, compared to Charged Assault which he had comprehended previously, he still had a certain amount of flexibility in changing directions. It wasn't as bizarre and nimble as Insect Step, but it was fiercer. As the name implied, it allowed him to rush forth with extreme fierceness, like a giant pincer would.

With this footwork technique, Li Yunmu would certainly turn into a complete nightmare for people in the battlefield.

He took a deep breath and immediately upgraded it to the tenth level, which produced a new ability - Spirit Pincer Rip.

Once Li Yunmu became slightly proficient in this killing technique, he tried to find a few dimensional beasts to test it. Once he did so, he was left greatly astonished.

The ability produced by the Spirit Pincer Step after reaching the tenth level was surprisingly an extremely offensive technique. Once Li Yunmu unleashed it with Spirit Pincer Step towards an enemy, it would look as if extremely savage pincers had burst forth to catch their victim.

The burst of speed provided Li Yunmu with power a few times higher than his usual. He could now easily tear a powerful several meters high gigantic dimensional beast into two.

After Spirit Pincer Step's cultivation had reached the tenth level, Li Yunmu sensed that this skill was really too frightening. He then immediately hardened his heart and upgraded it to the twentieth level.

After attaining the twentieth level, the offensive ability Spirit Pincer Rip allowed Li Yunmu's arms to burst forth with an even more frightening power.

After this, Li Yunmu came out of his heavenly world, ending his cultivation.

The time left before the Continental Battle was just one night.

It had be said that because of trying to increase his strength for the past two days, he was already a little late in coming out.

"Master, all the powers in the outside world have started dispatching their troops." Like an obedient maid, Flowing Cloud appeared next to him with a towel in her hand and made this report.

"Don't worry. We all will also leave tonight." Li Yunmu wiped off his face, then asked, "Is there any major news from the outside, since the Continental Battle is about to begin?'

"There has been no news at all, except one. The six transcending powers and fluxer association had made a joint declaration that from today until the end of Continental Battle, no person or power is allowed to kill a contestant who had obtained the qualifications to enter the tournament. If anyone violates this, they will suffer a combined attack from the six transcending powers as well as the fluxer association. Everyone related to the perpetrator or the power behind them will be exterminated to the last person."

The words of Flowing Cloud caused a huge upheaval in Li Yunmu's heart due to astonishment!

Six transcending powers and the fluxer association had declared something together! This level of power was simply unprecedented, so no wonder everyone had quieted down. It seemed that the influence of the Heavenly Transformation was even greater compared to what he had imagined.

"That's good, assemble everyone. We will immediately return to the real world, this very night!"