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Chapter 258: Black Dragon Island

Chapter 258: Black Dragon Island
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Black Dragon Island was currently the center of the whole world's interest. As time went by, more and more contestants and powers behind them came to this place.

Black Dragon Island was unusually large. When overseen from the sky, it resembled an enormous fiendish black dragon entrenched in the vast expanse of ocean.

At the western edge of the Black Dragon Island, the region which looked like the black dragon's head with a ferocious mouth, all the powers were gathering. The Human Alliance, fluxer association, as well as the six transcending powers—War God Temple, Divine Religion, Bladewood, Seagod Palace, Frontline Heaven, and Barbarian Shrine—were all present. These people representing the greatest powers of the new age had gathered here some time ago

The Human Alliance was represented by the highest power from each of the continents. These fluxers who could overturn the six continents with just a word were sitting on the main seats of a stronghold created not long ago, their expressions solemn, mouths closed.

The headquarters of the fluxer association had dispatched four elders who were sitting besides the representatives of each continent.

The six transcending powers were sitting on the seats behind them in no definite order. Each transcending power had dispatched a senior representative, and the presence excluded by them made it clear that all of them were at least Senior Domain Sages.

Apart from this, there were ten more extremely formidable people with quite unusual presences who had the qualifications to sit atop the platform. These were the representatives of the top ten most powerful sects on Earth, and Chaotian Sect's sect master was among them.

Yet the formidable entities like the ten most powerful sects had barely obtained the qualifications to stand on this platform and nothing more. None of the sect masters were weak, each of them was at least a Domain Sage, but it wasn't enough.

The ruling powers of the six continents, flux association, the six transcending powers, and the top ten sects were powers that dominated the entire world and controlled the fates of all people living on it. And now, all of them had come here. All the representatives dispatched were extremely important people, and from this, the importance of this year's Continental Battle could be seen clearly.

It was simply the most important Continental Battle in the history of Earth.

Underneath the platform, there were flags and banners of many groups. Near them stood large but orderly groups of people adorning distinct clothes and waiting patiently for what was to come next.

More than a hundred powers and clans had come. Within the groups, there were both seniors who formed the core as well as the youngest generations, such as all disciples and other members.

Ambition and excitement could be seen in everyone's eyes.

At the outer edge of the powers who had neatly arranged themselves, there was another large group of fluxers, but it was in a complete disorder. They had come here in groups of three or five, or perhaps in pairs or by themselves, and were scattered at the outermost perimeter!

Even if the number of people who had come didn't cross a hundred thousand, there were certainly at least several ten thousands of them with all sorts of cultivation levels.

Among these, the majority of people were Flux Disciples, but some Flux Masters had also come. There were also a few Flux Sages concealing their strength.

This outermost group of people weren't related to any power. After learning what was happening, they had rushed over to watch a lively scene.

If anyone looked up, it wasn't difficult to discover what was happening. After all, the Black Dragon Island was a point of convergence at this moment. One group of people after another was coming toward it from all around the Earth.

As time continued to pass, the number of people entering the island continued to grow and the number of powers landing on the ground grew larger as well.

Suddenly, an official representing the Human Alliance loudly announced, "Central Continent's Sword Sect's Lord Sword Sage has come personally."


At this moment, all the powers as well as the enormous crowd of people began to stir.

Sword Sect's Lord Sword Sage had unexpectedly arrived in person.

Besides the six representatives of the six continents, for the time being, this was the first quasi deity level character who had arrived at the Black Dragon Island.

Sword Sect wasn't one of the top ten most powerful sects. It was only an ordinary sect of the Central Continent, but it couldn't be said to be completely ordinary because this low-key sect had a quasi deity Sword Sage as its leader.

Among the battle sages, he was a person powerful enough to obtain the title of Sword Sage. He was an existence with formidable strength.

Instantly, the twelve people sitting on the platform stood up and began to move in the direction where Sword Sage had landed to offer their greetings.

As for others, their blood began boil.

Normally, they would see a quasi deity every couple years at best, but today, seven of them had appeared in public.

Quickly, Sword Sage's group arrived near the island and descended in front of people waiting to greet them. Sword Sage hadn't brought many people with him, just six.

The group was led by a middle-aged man who seemed around forty. He wore quite ordinary clothes and had a sword hanging by his side as he led the six people of the Sword Sect.

After being greeted by many people, they settled on the platform and made their camp.

An ordinary sect didn't have the qualifications to step onto the platform, but a quasi deity level character was a different thing. Many people were standing on their toes, trying to get a look at the majestic Sword Sage whose name was famous in the whole world. However, the platform at the center was too high, so many people couldn't get a clear look.

"Look, that cold-faced woman wearing white clothes should be Ling Shuang."

"A true daughter of heavens! I hadn't expected Sword Sage to personally escort her here."

"This scene is really too intoxicating. The flying swords under their feet should be the flying sword pellets exclusive to the Sword Sect."

"This brother is quite experienced. Yes, they are the flying sword pellets which can only be congealed by Lord Sword Sage. Reportedly, their fastest speed reaches the speed of sound and they have an extremely high price, but there's no market!"

Soon, Sword Sage's people joined those of other major powers and began to wait calmly for the Continental Battle to begin.

Before long, the announcer again declared in loud voice, "Desolate Continent's Mammoth Barbarian King has arrived."

Before his speech was finished, a black-colored copper ship appeared in the distance. This ship was three hundred meter long and seventy meter wide.

Traveling by its side was a formidable monster with relatively fast speed. One instant it was still several kilometers away and the next it had already arrived under everyone's noses.

The crowd looked at the enormous ship that had just landed and saw a hundred people come out one after another. Each barbarian was taller 2.5 meters and had a muscled body. They walked on water with large strides while guarding two silhouettes, one large and one small.

"It is Mammoth Barbarian King! He's just too terrifying, he's five meters tall in his normal state, and his height goes up even more when his strength increases."

"That should be Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang? He is three meters tall, and reportedly his strength is on par with Man Tian's."

Soon, Mammoth Barbarian King stepped onto the platform and greeted others while Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang led his guards composed of 108 barbarians toward the group behind.

As the start of the Continental Battle came closer and closer, one after another, many powers arrived in succession. At this time, Li Yunmu was also approaching the Black Dragon Island, which was once a forbidden place for humans, in his flying palace.