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Chapter 259: Turning Rumors into Truth

Chapter 259: Turning Rumors into Truth
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It was as if what the spectators had imagined was coming true.

Before long after Mammoth Barbarian King had led Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang onto the shore, the announcer's voice could be heard again. "Desolate Continent's Northern Barbarian King has arrived."

"Northern Barbarian King? Man Tian's father has arrived, then he will definitely be participating in the Continental Battle."

Everyone was listening with rapt attention, feeling that they were very fortunate. At this moment, of the four Barbarian Kings of the Desolate Continent two had come here.

And the descendents of the two people had come to the stage in succession.

While Mammoth Barbarian King had arrived on a ship from the south, Northern Barbarian King, leading Man Tian and the others, was approaching from the north side.

At the coastline, a black dot was growing in size. As it got closer and closer, it became increasingly larger. When everyone looked at this object, all of them cried out in surprise.

Mammoth Barbarian King's three hundred meter long ship was shocking enough, but the domineering manner in which Northern Barbarian King was coming caused people to release a muffled cry of shock.

Far from the coastline, there was an enormous black whale. On it, six people were riding.

Although this wasn't as grand as what Mammoth Barbarian King had done, the enormous whale on which the six were riding astonished everyone. It was an Underworld Sea Beast!

This underworld sea's enormous whale beast was more than a hundred meters in size and floating on the surface of the ocean. When all people aboard it came to disembark, the extremely frightful pressure released by the beast, caused many fluxers who were standing nearby to retreat.

Underworld Sea Beast was a special title for evolved sea beasts. If one insisted on comparing them with evolved beasts on land, then the only ones equal to would be sage level creatures!
That whale was a age level beast!

Most of the people hadn't expected that Northern Barbarian King would be capable of subduing a sage level beast and turning it into his mount. It must be known that every single one of the evolved beasts which could wield the title of Underworld Sea Beast dwelled in the depths of the ocean, tens of thousands of meters under the ocean surface.

No one doubted Northern Barbarian King's strength, but for someone who was a Barbarian King of dry land to have the power to make a sage beast from the depths of the ocean submit to him was unbelievable.

"He truly is worthy of being titled the youngest and most powerful Barbarian King among the four Barbarian Kings."

"Yes, apparently Man Tian is so tyrannical because he inherited his father's genes."

Soon, everyone saw a bald barbarian with a strong build step upon the platform.

From close up, this Northern Barbarian King looked even younger than everyone had imagined. Just based on his outer appearance, he didn't look more than thirty years old. If someone didn't knew that he was the father of Man Tian beforehand, they would instead think that he was Man Tian's elder brother.

Northern Barbarian King who was seen as the youngest Barbarian King with the highest potential by the people of the Desolate Continent had appeared in front of everyone today. They couldn't help but cheer loudly at him.

Usually, they could never see these quasi deity characters, but now, all of them were descending one after another.

Not much later, the Snow Temple's Snow Sage also arrived with Xie Qianxue and other disciples. All of them were riding on a huge ice bird which was emitting coldness so strong that the temperature of the Black Dragon Island dropped even under the scorching sun.

It was said that this ice bird was also a sage level evolved beast and the guardian beast of Snow Temple. Yet now, it was being used by the Snow Temple's battle sage.

After this, Tyrant Jiang who had vanished without any trace for some time appeared with one of the other Barbarian Kings. Tower Barbarian King followed behind Tyrant Jiang when they entered the Black Dragon Island. Their group was extremely small, consisting of only three individuals. And among them, one was the ride.

"It's a cyclops from the innately powerful Cyclops Clan of the Seventh Dimension. According to rumors, once a cyclops reaches adulthood, it can compete against Ordinary Sages just by relying on the power of its flesh."

Tyrant Jiang and Tower Barbarian King were sitting on the giant creature's shoulders. It was several tens of meters tall and was crossing the ocean in large strides.

Each of its steps caused large amount of ripples to appear on water's surface. In this way, this enormous cyclops passed the ocean and stepped onto the island.

"Northern Continent's Zhongshan family has arrived…"

One of the five largest families of the Northern Continent, the Zhongshan Clan, arrived with many clan members. Zhongshan Anling was leading them.

However, there were no cries of surprise or cheers this time. Even if they were one of the largest clans of the Northern Continent, the announcer only made a declaration once.

At this time, a flying palace twinkling in black and gold appeared in the distance.
"Central Continent's Li Sect has arrived!" the announcer suddenly declared.

Central Continent? Li Sect?

Who the f*ck is this? Central Continent had little more than twenty sects, and none of them were called Li Sect. For a period of time, many people were looking over dumbfounded.
But then, something crossed their minds, and a disbelieving expression appeared on their faces.

"Dang, Central Continent's Li Sect? Shouldn't it be the mysterious Li Sect of Li Yun, Li Feng, and Li Yunmu?" some person suddenly exclaimed loudly.

Most people couldn't believe that this was happening for real.

Although the rumors of the mysterious Li Sect were taken to be true by many people and even many powers long ago, after a proper investigation and authentication, it had been dismissed. Everyone had gathered a lot of information, and in the end couldn't find any proof that the Li Sect actually existed.

Some people online were audacious enough to speculate that the rumors were spread by Li Yunmu himself. And they had even come to guess that apart from Li Yunmu himself, who had appeared in front of everyone, Li Feng, Li Yun, and the others were fakes.

Because none of them had never appeared in public. Their existences could only be found in the dimensional battlefield.

Due to this theory, a few continents had even petitioned that dimensional battlefield's system should be checked. Many people were worried that someone who was responsible for maintaining the Virtual Dimension's brain had taken control of it.

However, the investigation revealed that the brain was still functioning normally, which cleared that part at least. But until now, the large powers and organizations still didn't believe that the mysterious Li Sect backing Li Yunmu actually existed.

However, today, they had arrived?!

Instantly, all the people on the Black Dragon Island couldn't help but turn to look at the flying palace which had appeared in the horizon.

The palace was neither a sage beast nor an enormous ship like what the other major powers had used. Surprisingly, it was an extremely large runic tool.

The black golden palace was emitting a faint golden light. It originated from the beautiful and mysterious runes carved on the building's surface.

"It's the runic language of true Seventh Dimension!" someone said with extreme seriousness.

At the same time, many others noticed thirty-six four-limbed Ape Gods supporting the flying palace underneath it, and all of the people shouted out in unison, "Ape Gods!"