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Chapter 260: Zhan Wuya

Chapter 260: Zhan Wuya
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One person immediately cried out upon sensing the pressure emitted by the thirty-six Ape Gods. "They're really Ape Gods, yet I feel like all of them are more formidable compared to what I imagined."

If just a few Ape Gods were used, then perhaps it wouldn't have attracted everyone's attention, but thirty-six Ape Gods had come at once. And all of them were completely docile, which left everyone flabbergasted.

It must be known that the number of wild Ape Gods was quite low, and they were fond of living in groups, so finding even a single Ape God in the outside world was very difficult.

The most important thing was that not only did the Ape Gods had virtually unkillable bodies, they were one of the few monsters who could practice human cultivation methods. In other words, not only did the Ape Gods have a tyrannical bloodline, their flexibility and intelligence were also extremely outstanding.

That's why when thirty-six Ape Gods showed up carrying a flying palace, everyone was stunned by the scene.

Suddenly, a voice came from the top of the platform. Everyone recognized its owner as the sect leader of Unfettered Sect, one of the top ten sects.

"Don't be mistaken, though, these aren't ordinary four-limbed Ape Gods, but the six-limbed Ape Gods who had awakened their innate bloodline."

Six-limbed Ape Gods who had awakened their innate bloodline?!

This time, the entire Black Dragon Island became speechless. the majority of fluxers simply didn't know anything about the six-limbed Ape Gods who had awakened deity bloodline.

However, no one dared to suspect the words of the Unfettered Sect's sect master because the guardian beast protecting Unfettered Sect's mountain was precisely an Ape God. Because of it, the sect master was certainly the number one expert on Ape Gods among the people present at the scene.

Currently, there were about a hundred Ape Gods on the mountain of Unfettered Sect, and each of them was imparted with the core secret technique and battle skills of the Unfettered Sect. The top seventy-two among them were relatively formidable, each of them being roughly equivalent to Temporal layer experts.

The famous Seventy-Two Ape God Mountain Spell actually required these seventy-two ape gods to activate and operate.

At this instant, even the sect master of Unfettered Sect revealed a gaze of longing towards the thirty-six six-limbed Ape Gods.

Although only four of the six limbs of these awakened Ape Gods could be seen, after the explanation of the sect master, everyone immediately noticed that on each flank of these Ape Gods there was a wart.

However, these two warts hadn't yet grown out to form the third pair of arms.

Some people couldn't help it and quickly began to input the keyword six-limbed Ape God into a search bar online and went to learn more about them.

As more and more people read the articles regarding such creatures, they cried out one after another words like "Impossible", "How could that be?", and "Must be exaggerating!".

An Ape God who had awakened its innate bloodline was more formidable compared to a four-limbed Ape God. The reason for this was why people couldn't believe what they were reading and thought that the authors were exaggerating.

The first thing was that Ape Gods who had awakened their innate bloodline had even more formidable talent for cultivating human secret techniques. Because of their innate blood and formidable body constitution, their aptitude was considerably higher, so when they cultivated the techniques imparted by humans, their speed of cultivation would be unusually fast.

Thus the first reason behind their abnormal situation was that Ape Gods who had awakened their innate bloodline cultivated faster compared to ordinary Ape Gods, since they possessed a more formidable aptitude.

The second thing was that these Ape Gods's flesh was even more terrifying. Ape God was a race who was classified among those which possessed formidable flesh. After awakening their innate bloodline, they would continue to grow, from ordinary three meter four-limbed Ape Gods to five meter six-limbed Ape Gods. On top of that, just because of the awakening, their combat strength would undergo an enormous qualitative change.

The third major thing was that the six-limbed Ape God could grow a pair of Ape God Wings in the future. Then, they wouldn't be restricted to land and even the skies would become part of their territory.

After everyone looked at the materials online, they could only decide that the stuff there was considerably exaggerated. After all, the thirty-six Ape Gods carrying the flying palace were all six-limbed Ape Gods.

Moreover, according to the information online, the potential of the Ape Gods wasn't limited to just this. If they completely awakened their innate bloodline, they would become an eight-limbed Ancestral God Ape.

If there was even a single Ape God among this group who was likely to completely awaken its innate bloodline and become the eight-limbed Ancestral God Ape, that would be even more shocking. For according to the information online, the combat strength of an Ancestral God Ape was even greater than that of ordinary Battle Sages.

In everyone's opinion, this was a complete exaggeration. However, it made it clear why all the main powers and even upper tier sects like Unfettered Sect placed so much importance on nurturing Ape Gods as their guardian beasts. Only now did the majority of the fluxers learned that Ape Gods had the potential to awaken their innate bloodline.

If Unfettered Sect could nurture even one eight-limbed Ancestor God Ape, then even if they had to pour more than half of their sect's resources in it, they would still be making a profit.

Battle strength surpassing that of ordinary battle sages? This had to be an exaggeration.

Quickly, the flying palace came closer to the island. When the thirty-six Ape Gods supporting the giant structure descended on the Black Dragon Island, the crowd could observe them more easily. No one now had any doubt about them being six-limbed Ape Gods, for everyone could clearly see the bulges on their sides as well as outside the battle armor on their backs.

This was the power of the rumored Li Sect? A flying palace of the Seventh Dimension and thirty-six Ape Gods who had awakened their innate bloodline? There were also six Halted Fluxer riding evolved rooster dragons, which were known as phoenix dragons.

"There is no mistake, this is certainly that mysterious Li Sect which Li Yunmu belongs to. I hadn't expected it to really exist."

When the fluxers saw Lin Jian, Barbarian Niu, and the others defending the descending flying castle, they became aware that Li Yunmu had finally arrived.

Originally, he hadn't attracted the attention of many people, when compared to Barbarian Kings and Battle Sages. After all, many Flux Sages had come today, and as for the newly rising powerful characters among Flux Disciples, they were endless.

But when everyone saw Li Yunmu arrive with this sort of force, they couldn't help but feel shocked. This is the movement of the mysterious Li Sect.

"Quickly, look, when did Nangong Gongzi become Li Yunmu's follower?"

Suddenly, many Flux Disciples with good eyesight saw an extremely familiar figure among the six Halted Fluxers.

Formerly third-ranked Halted Fluxer had now surprisingly become a follower of Li Yunmu? What the f*ck is going on here?

If they were shocked when Li Qinghong, who was ranked ninth, and Lin Jian, who was ranked tenth, had become Li Yunmu's followers, then now they were left completely baffled by Nangong Gongzi also joining them.

Li Yunmu had killed the second-ranked Halted Fluxer Devil and subdued the third-ranked Nangong Gongzi?

In a split second, everyone's gazes turned to Xiye Hanbei, who had arrived here long ago. At this moment, Xiye Hanbei was also caught off-guard by this event. He had never expected that even with his strength, Nangong Gongzi would still be subdued by Li Yunmu.

Instantly, many contestants who had hurried to the Black Dragon Island looked solemnly at the flying castle and Li Yunmu who was disembarking from it.

They could sense a hint of danger coming from Li Yunmu at this moment.

"I think I should have strangled him at the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain at that time. What a pity."

When Man Tian looked at Li Yunmu who was gradually coming out of the flying palace a hint of regret rose in his heart.

He hadn't expected that Central Continent's Li Yunmu would mature so quickly, in less than two months. In just that time, he could surprisingly cause Man Tian to feel a little threatened.

"So this person is Li Yunmu? The person who obtained the qualifications to participate in our War God Temple's trial by fire this year?" asked a youth with narrowed eyes. He was standing under the platform, among the people from the transcending powers.

"Yes, the temple originally didn't have much hope from him, but I heard that a lot of elders have changed their attitude and are now thinking highly of him. He is even being considered as your replacement. Right now, it looks like he wants to enter the game, but not as a chess piece," a beautiful female standing by Zhan Wuya's side replied unenthusiastically.

Her name was Ji Wuxin. She and Zhan Wuya represented the participants from War God Temple and were considered as the most outstanding characters of this generation.

"Hmph, a chess piece is a chess piece. A replacement is only a replacement. He won't succeed. No one can replace me, Zhan Wuya. Not to mention that now I have also overcome my heart's devil. Right now, even I don't know how formidable I am."

A hint of coldness flashed through Zhan Wuya's eyes while he was sizing up Li Yunmu who was standing at some distance.