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Chapter 263: Great Changes in the Regulations and Rules

Chapter 263: Great Changes in the Regulations and Rules
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"This year's Continental Battle will be completely different from the previous years. The rules and regulations have been changed. The first test which is known as the Corporeal Body Strength Test will now begin the Continental Battle," declared one of the six representatives of the Human Alliance in simple words, without speaking any nonsense.

However, everyone including Li Yunmu was left stunned. Within a short while, all sorts of surprised and astonished cries rang out from the crowd. There were only a few people who appeared to have come prepared.

In fact, the people on the Black Dragon Island soon became aware that the rules and regulations of this year's Continental Battle had been changed greatly. Only once all of them were announced did everyone understand the meaning behind them. If spoken truthfully, with this amount of change, this was hardly the Continental Battle at all.

In the previous Continental Battles, as the name implied, Flux Disciples from all around the Earth would fight against each other to determine the top ten most powerful Flux Disciples.

In fact, the top ten most powerful people of Heavenly Cloud City had been created based on the Continental Battle. A capital city's top ten most formidable people, above which were a king city's top ten most formidable people, which were surpassed by a continent's top ten. Only after reaching this list would a person obtain the qualifications to represent their home continent in the Continental Battle and battle against the top ten most formidable people of the other five continents.

After battling heavily for several rounds, the final ten people would obtain the supreme glory of being called one of the top ten most powerful Flux Disciples on Earth. Naturally, this title came with the supply of resources and great wealth as a reward established by the Human Alliance.

This was the original meaning behind the Continental Battle. Its aim was to nurture the ten people with the highest potential.

However, the rules and regulations had been greatly changed now. In fact, words like greatly changed' couldn't actually pertain the real meaning of what had happened, because people now discovered that apart from the name being the same, this Continental Battle had nothing in common with its predecessors, be it in meaning or purpose.

When the Human Alliance concisely announced the latest rules, the entire Black Dragon Island was shocked, and the people watching the live broadcast issued cries of incredulity.

But the authority arranging this year's Continental Battle was so mighty that it wasn't easy to oppose it. Even if someone wasn't willing to accept and follow the new rules, they couldn't do anything about it, just silently bow their heads.

Even if an idiot saw the people on the platform who were behind the new rules, they would immediately understand that these rules weren't something they could change.

There were more than twenty quasi deities up there. Many Flux Sages had appeared on the Black Dragon Island, and other people who were vying for supremacy had gathered here from all of the six continents on Earth. Everyone was clear that the reason behind the great changes in the rules this year was because of the Heavenly Transformation.

"Now, those among Flux Disciples who had cleared the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory will automatically gain the minimum qualifications to participate. That's the first test."

After giving some time for people to adjust, the alliance representative immediately declared that the first test had started. With his words, he had actually removed any chance of participation for people who believed themselves to be extremely formidable but who hadn't cleared the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory.

With a wave of his hand, an enormous energy cover sprang up in the empty space underneath the platform. This protective energy cover resembled a huge bowl which had been kept inverted over the large earth, taking up roughly a hundred meters.

Immediately, two personnel from the Human Alliance rushed toward it and swiftly built two small transfer channels high above the ground, opposite of the energy cover. The entire process took less than five minutes.

"Now, every person who possesses the minimum qualifications will have their name called out in a random order. Everyone whose name is called out will enter the energy cover through the transfer channel and immediately advance to the first test. This energy cover suppresses one's flux energy, so participants will have to rely upon the strength of their flesh to survive.

"This is an extremely dangerous test. All participants will now be given thirty seconds to think about whether they want to participate or not. Once a person enters the energy cover, whether they live or die, that will completely depend upon them.

"Sixty seconds... thirty seconds... ten seconds... nine, eight, seven, two, one, begin. The first contestant, Gu Tiancheng, the disciple of Snow Shark Sect, from one of the three great ocean cities, Enormous Whale City. I request you to enter the energy cover within thirty seconds. If you don't enter in thirty seconds, you will be automatically disqualified."

The three great ocean cities of the seagod's people belonged to the Southern Continent. However, the structure of power among seagod's people was completely different from other continents.

Only the ordinary people lived on land in the Southern Continent. Those who had awakened flux energy could enter the three great cities established at the bottom of the ocean.

Thus, the people of the Southern Continent viewed the three great ocean cities as the holy cities of the seagod, and so people living in the three ocean cities were announced using the name of the city they resided in rather than the continent.

Thus, when people heard that the first contestant was someone who belonged to the three ocean cities, they knew that this person was an evolved human from the Southern Continent.

Very quickly, a gigantic stopwatch appeared above the platform. Thirty seconds began to pass quickly.

At this instant, regardless of whether it was fluxers present on the Black Dragon Island or those who were watching the live broadcast, all of them believed that Gu Tiancheng was breaking out in cold sweat.

This unlucky Gu Tiancheng who had become the first person to be chosen for the test really had bad luck. No one knew what this test was, or anything specific about it like what was required to pass it?

Besides, the majority of seagod's people's combat strength rested upon the sea beasts they could summon. Now then, with the suppression on the flux energy, how could the seagod's people have any combat strength remaining?

Gu Tiancheng hesitated for a long time, thinking about it. Suddenly, he walked forward from the group of Enormous Whale City and asked in a loud voice, "Can the sea beasts be summoned by the seagod people in the energy cover?"

"Yes, this is classified as an innate ability which is different from flux energy and hence isn't restricted. But if the sea beast cannot fight on land, then it is basically trash. You still have thirteen seconds left to think about it," the alliance representative quickly answered, resolving the problem.

"I choose to renounce."

In the final few seconds, Gu Tiancheng chose to renounce. After his words, a huge commotion rose up behind him.

"Crap, this isn't fair, it's completely disastrous for seagod's people. I oppose it."

"Yes, this is discrimination against seagod's people, This Continental Battle has lost its original meaning and purpose."

Gu Tiancheng's renouncement had become the final nail in the coffin of other fluxers' tolerance and patience.