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Chapter 269: The Strongest Meatshield

Chapter 269: The Strongest Meatshield
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Xie Qianxue hadn't revealed any of her power during the test, but those with discerning eyes became aware that she must have congealed at least two suns in her heavenly world. Some of them even thought of an even more terrifying possibility, which was congealment of the third sun. Although none of them dared to believe this was possible.

Even if Snow Temple placed great importance on Xue Qianxue, it would still be impossible for them to provide her with such an enormous amount of resources required to congeal the third sun.

People who possessed a heavenly world were clear on how many resources and time were required to congeal the third sun. This task wasn't something a newcomer fluxer could accomplish, even with the help of an upper tier sect like Snow Temple.

Li Yunmu also wasn't willing to believe this, because he only had one sun in his heavenly world and nothing more. According to rumors, Xiye Hanbei had congealed the second sun, but he was already a monstrous entity who had been cultivating for a long time.

However, the next instant, after an in-depth analysis and data comparison, the system informed Li Yunmu that there was a 70% possibility of Xie Qianxue's heavenly world having congealed the third sun.

The system's reply gave Li Yunmu a big fright. Could it be that this Xie Qianxue had been fooling everyone all along and the reason why Snow Temple placed so much importance on her wasn't because of her extraordinary talent but because of some fateful encounter in her life, like congealing the third sun or perhaps some other reserve?

But then what sort of opportunity must it have been for Xie Qianxue so she would not only come in possession of an origin dimensional stone but also congeal the third sun?

A heavenly world with three suns? What level did that represent? According to Li Yunmu's knowledge, even the resources accumulated by several generations of the top clans of Heavenly Cloud City would only be equal to the number of resources required to reach this level and nothing more.

From this, it was clear just how many resources were required to congeal the third sun.

As more and more test takers took their turn, the participant number crossed seven hundred.

"Seven hundred thirty sixth contestant, Central Continent Li Sect's Li Yunmu…"

The Alliance representative's announcement stirred the entire Black Dragon Island.

The online platforms were also in an uproar.

Central Continent's Li Yunmu would finally take the stage. The attention heaped on him had increased by multiple folds by now, given that the mysterious Li Sect's Battle Sage An Jing had personally escorted him to Black Dragon Island.
Furthermore, the performance of his followers had also made the new stars feel pressured. At this moment, many people were wondering about the level which the master had reached.
For a while, people like Xiye Hanbei, Hai Yue, Man Tian, Xie Qianxue, Ji Wuxin, Zhongshan Anling, Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang, and even Zhan Wuya were slightly shaken and began to watch Li Yunmu's advancing figure with great attention. As for the group of people on the platform, they also couldn't help but spare some glances toward the energy cover.

The mysterious Li Sect had revealed their presence with Battle Sage An Jing appearing on the scene and displaying her might, which caused this group of people to view Li Yunmu's performance with importance.
Soon, Li Yunmu entered the energy cover in the last few seconds of the thirty-second time period.

"Ha ha, what arrogance, deliberately dragging to the last few moments to enter the energy cover," Zhan Wuya sneered. But his junior apprentice sister Ji Wuxin who was standing by his side revealed a hint of confusion.

Being the junior apprentice sister of Zhan Wuya, she was quite clear about his personality. He wasn't a narrow-minded person, not to mention that he had already removed his heart's devil 1 , so there was no reason for him to show any hostility to Li Yunmu.

Even if Li Yunmu was viewed as his replacement by the War God Temple, he shouldn't be acting this way. After all, being a senior disciple, why would he care about a rookie fluxer?

The hint of hostility revealed by Zhan Wuya perplexed her.

But by then, the five barbarous devil claws had already appeared on the stage. These five extremely hungry beasts immediately pounced toward Li Yunmu, hungry for his flesh.

Something that no one had expected happened then—Li Yunmu remained still, not bothering to move. This resulted in an uproar among the audience.

Even though everyone had been astonished by the endless methods used by all the new formidable stars, but when they saw Li Yunmu's actions, they couldn't help but exclaim "Monster".

That's right, Li Yunmu hadn't moved. He remained still at the exact place where he had been transferred, without caring for attacks of the five barbarous devil claws, whether it was biting, slashing, or slamming into him.

The five dimensional beasts couldn't shake him in the slightest.

One of the barbarous devil claws driven to desperation by hunger raised its exceptionally strong upper limb. Its incisive claw flickered coldly as it descended with viciousness against Li Yunmu's face.

But this claw seemed to have attacked the world's toughest steel and was unable to cause any damage.

Another devil claw ruthlessly pounced on Li Yunmu and bit his right leg with its sharp teeth. The next instant, two sets of teeth shattered to bits.

Two other barbarous devil claws slammed into Li Yunmu, but he didn't retreat even half a step, as if he was a several meter tall thick walls.

"This monster!"

Chu Qingyu had been given the chance to follow her clan to the Black Dragon Island to increase her experience. At this time, when she saw Li Yunmu—this thick-skinned person—and his powerful defense, or maybe she should better call it absolute defense now, she couldn't continue watching anymore.

That guy's as shameless as ever, she thought and clenched her teeth in anger. When she had encountered this meat shield for the first time on the dimensional battlefield, she had been bullied by his thick tortoiseshell. And now, in front of the entire world, he was still using his tortoiseshell to bully others.

"This, impossible…

When the five barbarous devil claws launched a torrent of attacks on Li Yunmu in a bout of madness and were still unable to harm him, a person in the audience rubbed his eyes to check that he wasn't seeing wrong. He then loudly cried out, "This defense!"

When a sect master of an upper tier sect saw Li Yunmu's terrifying defense from the platform, he was left speechless. Instantly, he became worried. If his disciples encountered Li Yunmu on the Black Dragon Mountain, would they be able to break his defense?

"Ridiculous, my god, he hasn't even activated his crystal armor. How is he holding up against the attacks of five barbarous devil claws just like that?"

The online platforms were in commotion.

Given the suppression of flux energy, the contestants couldn't use their crystal armor. Yet, even so, the continuous attacks of the five barbarous devil claws were still unable to break Li Yunmu's defense.