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Chapter 270: Great Sun“s Return

Chapter 270: Great Sun's Return
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What level of tyrannical body was this!?

"Not using any flux energy, not using heavenly world's energy, not using any energy shockwaves, is this still a corporeal body which a Flux Disciple can possess?"

Even the people above the platform couldn't remain composed anymore.

Li Yunmu was just that unrivaled in defense. For the first time, he allowed people to understand one fact When one's defense crosses a certain threshold, it becomes unrivaled.

Man Tian looked startled, and Xiye Hanbei revealed a shocked expression, while Ge Ya displayed a hint of envy. Hai Yue, Xie Qianxue, Ji Wuxin, and other female Overlords displayed expressions as if they had been stung by a bee on the face.

All the newly appeared formidable people had helplessness etched on their faces. Everyone was thinking the same thing if they encountered such a person, what could they do?

Everyone was earnestly trying to estimate the upper limit of Li Yunmu's defense, but their estimations still fell short.

There wasn't any great reason for this, just that he hadn't even called out his crystal armor, but his defense was already deep and immeasurable. And according to rumors, he had congealed the highest grade twelve rainbow light king crystal armor.

As long as people remembered this point, they immediately lost all hope. Only those who had strong willpower still kept on racking their brains for ways to break the tortoise shell.

Zhao Mei who had comprehended a terrifying knife throwing technique also stood with her brows puckered at this moment. Even if her knife throwing technique was extremely swift, when used against someone like Li Yunmu who had such abnormal defense and no weak points, she could deeply sense her powerlessness.

Yang Changan who possessed an extraordinary archery technique and was proficient in attacking another's weak points was also having a headache. Same as Zhan Wuya on whose face solemness could now be detected.

No one had thought that after Li Yunmu showed up after more than a month, he would have matured to the point of causing headache to many people.

One minute passed.

Five minutes passed.

Ten minutes passed.

Twenty minutes passed.

Thirty minutes passed.

However, Li Yunmu still remained in the same position, motionless. The five crazy barbarous devil claws lost all will to fight due to exhaustion from attacking him for a long time.

They collapsed around him into puddles of mud. At this instant, they had lost all their savageness, and everyone even had an illusion that they were frail things. Instead of the most frightening dimensional monsters in the Fifth Dimension, they felt more like newborn kittens.

For the first time, people experienced the meaning of the words It doesn't matter whether you can beat your opponent as long as you can outlast him.

Unrivaled defense!

This was the true unrivaled defense!

The Alliance representative decided to get involved in a battle for the first time. With a hint of helplessness on his face, he reminded Li Yunmu, "Li Yunmu, there are still many participants left, I request you to clear the test quickly."

"Eh?" Li Yunmu replied with an indifferent attitude. He remained within the energy cover, not moving in the slightest.

Only after the Alliance representative reminded him three times, did this wastrel open his mouth. "You've previously declared that every test has a time limit of sixty minutes. Only thirty minutes have passed now, so there's still a lot of time left."

Lots of time left, your sister. Lots of time left, the Alliance representative grumbled inwardly.

However, Li Yunmu's words were correct. The time limit for each test was one hour. The people who had determined the rules, how could they have thought that Li Yunmu would be such a scoundrel and abuse it.

This scoundrel was extremely terrifying, or more like his abnormal flesh. Even after losing the protection of flux energy crystal armor, he still could freely take hits from the barbarous devil claws until they collapsed without suffering any damage.

No one had thought that this was possible, and neither was there anyone who could repeat it, except this scoundrel.

Thereupon, the test reached a strange phase, with Li Yunmu just dragging out the time. He remained standing inside without making any movements, while everyone on the Black Dragon Island could only keep spectating helplessly.

On the online platform, there was a large commotion.

Everyone kept unceasingly cursing Li Yunmu, but some people were still exclaiming in admiration at his unparalleled defense. Whether Li Yunmu was the strongest or not, no one could say that, but when it came to the title of greatest meat shield, everyone was clear to whom it belonged.

"Crap, even the plans he comes up with are crazy."

"This scoundrel Li Yunmu, how extraordinary is the strength of his flesh. He's just too beefy."

"Nice, this is the first time that I saw that after one's flesh reaches a certain stage, it becomes unparalleled."

The people in the whole world kept waiting for the sixty minute time limit to be over without being able to do anything. To their surprise, Li Yunmu moved at the forty-seventh minute.

"Quickly, look, he moved!"

"Your sister, this wastrel finally became impatient and stood up."

Li Yunmu's gaze was focused beyond the western coastline. A black dot had appeared there in the sky.

As the black dot came closer, it continued to grow in size.

"It's her!"

Ling Shuang smiled faintly. She finally understood the reason why Li Yunmu was acting so shamelessly and dragging time in the energy cover.

"Li Qinghong, he was dragging time to wait for Li Qinghong!"

Some new rising stars also managed to notice the approaching figure.

With the return of Li Qinghong, Li Yunmu finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Sure enough, his intuition was correct. How could Li Qinghong perish within the Tower of Glory? She was the subordinate whom he was most optimistic about as well as the one he focused the most on.

If she perished, then it would be quite regrettable.

"Good, it is now time to end this boring competition."

Li Yunmu didn't look at Li Qinghong who was getting closer anymore. The next instant, a glowing red light suddenly radiated off his body.

The red light continued to grow brighter and brighter, to the point that he looked like the scorching sun in the sky overhead. In the blink of an eye, no one could keep their eyes on him anymore.

"What's going on here?"

"Great Sun consummate realm?"

At this instant, the senior domain sages on the platform as well as the quasi deities couldn't help but stand up to take a look. As for Chaotian Sect's sect master, his complexion had turned ashen.

The flux sages could, naturally, see Li Yunmu spitting out the red sun, even through the cover of the red light.

The red sun's light instantly covered the entire energy cover.

The scorching sun fell apart as quickly as it appeared. While most of the people had their eyes closed because of the brightness stabbing their pupils, Li Yunmu swallowed back the red sun.

Once the red light fell apart, the five barbarous devil claws within the energy cover had disappeared. Li Yunmu had also disappeared, because he had already come out of the energy cover. Inside it, everything seemed to have been roasted by a high temperature, and cracks spread through the ground.

"This isn't possible. How could he still use flux energy while being suppressed by the energy cover?"