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Chapter 273: Medusa“s Dreamland

Chapter 273: Medusa's Dreamland
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The seven hundred something contestants seemed to have entered a world of dreams. Regardless of whether it were the people present on the Black Dragon Island or the people who were watching the online broadcast, none of them dared to breathe loudly but were closely watching the contestants.

A minute passed, but everything remained silent.

Five minutes passed, but everything still remained silent.

Ten minutes passed, and suddenly, the facial muscles of Hai Yue twitched slightly, and the next instant she woke up with a calm face.

"Good, good, good."

Atop the platform, the ocean emperor who was representing the people of the sea couldn't help but stand up and praise her after seeing this scene.

For Senior Domain Sages and quasi-deity level experts, the first test about the strength of one's body only had some importance, but this second test about the strength of soul and willpower was of comparatively higher importance.

Given that Hai Yue was the first to awaken among all the talents of the six continents, her future prospects were boundless. Furthermore, she had clearly displayed the strength of her mental fortitude in this test.

"Very good indeed, ten minutes and eighteen seconds. A person like this is quite rare."

Ling Shuang's master Sword Sage also praised her while caressing his beard.

Time continued to pass, and finally, after thirteen minutes, the second person also awakened. It was the ascetic fluxer Fan Kong.

An unknown ascetic fluxer!

On the online network, everyone felt that this underdog had indeed been too low-key.

This ascetic cultivator Fan Kong, who was he?

In the last round of corporeal body test, his performance had been out of ordinary. Although Overlords had taken all the glory, they couldn't dim his brilliance. And now in the second round, he had surprisingly come second, just after Hai Yue.

"Regardless of whether you are a ghost or a monster, in front of me, Xiye Hanbei, you will be exterminated."


Suddenly, an astonishing pressure erupted from Xiye Hanbei. It was as if he had turned into a heaven-shaking battle god. He opened his eyes and woke up with a brilliance radiating off his body.

"This child resembles Battle God in his younger days. He could be cultivated, for he's a material worth nurturing, but unfortunately he is too arrogant."

"Indeed, people like him are quite rare. These youngsters like Xiye Hanbei and Hai Yue will be the hope of our Earth in the future."

"That's right, Xiye Hanbei's mental fortitude is quite staunch. Ordinary people will find it quite hard to stand on the same level as him. He tried to use force to break the dream, and I hadn't expected that he would actually be able to accomplish that."

Before long, Zhan Wuya suddenly opened his eyes, clearly aware of what had happened a moment ago.

"Zhan Wuya has a stable temperament, War God Temple's seedling is quite outstanding."

Atop the platform, the group of quasi-deities slightly nodded towards the few people who had woken up one after another, signifying their approval.

The body of Ling Shuang who was sitting on the ground suddenly shined slightly. The light gradually congealed, forming a heavenly sword. It was facing towards the sky and directly thrust out from her head, piercing through the blue dome of heaven.

After this, she became the fifth contestant to wake up and pass the test, right after Zhan Wuya.

This caused a commotion among the spectators. None of them had expected that Ling Shuang would be the fifth person, because previously, although her performance hadn't been lacking, it also wasn't outstanding.

But many Flux Sages looked at Sword Sage sitting on the platform with a gaze filled with respect and veneration.

Sword Sage's disciple could actually display Sword Sage's ability.

According to rumours, if Battle God hadn't found the fourth part of the supreme battle suit, then there wouldn't much difference between his strength and that of Sword Sage. At this moment, this rumour didn't seem the least bit false.

As long as the sword fluxers could properly cultivate sword energy, then they could exterminate everything with it. Clearly, Ling Shuang and Xiye Hanbei were walking on the same path, using power to destroy the dream.

But the sword energy which Ling Shuang had utilized was even swifter and fiercer compared to Xiye Hanbei's fist energy. After all, she hadn't been cultivating for a long time.

"What bulls*it Goddess Medusa, everything is false. One punch filled with enormous strength will break it all."

"No one can bar my path, not even deities!"

Almost at the same time, Man Tian and Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang erupted with shocking strength, and the next instant, both of them also woke up.

Whether these people relied on the strength of their soul or the arrogance within their heart, they used their own unique powers to awaken from the illusion created by Goddess Medusa.

"Frightening Dragon!"

"My goal is to become a Domain Sage and throw away the shackles off myself. Break for me!"

Suddenly, a rainbow-coloured light came from around Li Qinghong's body.

The rainbow-coloured long dragon and Chaotian sage bird rose from her body. First, the long dragon quickly scuttled out of the top of her head and slammed against the blue dome of heaven.

It didn't break!

Then, Li Qinghong, who was sitting with her eyes closed, shouted out again, "Break!"

The next instant, the undying sage bird followed in the footsteps of the rainbow dragon and flew into the sky.

Everyone heard a sound of something breaking, and at this time, Li Qinghong also became sober-headed.

Surprisingly, she was the eighth contestant to clear this round. Li Qinghong being able to wake up so swiftly astonished the people even more compared to Fan Kong.

On the platform, the complexion of the sect master of Chaotian Sect turned ashen.

First, there was the red sun which Li Yunmu had produced. It could be related to Chaotian Sect's secret technique in countless ways, and now, among the two illusionary images which rose from the body of Li Qinghong, one was the undying sage bird, which was related to the most precious treasure of their sect.

If the Alliance hadn't declared that after the Continental Battle started no person or power could kill one of the contestants, sect master probably would've already rushed out to catch them.

"Surprisingly it's this woman. Good, she's a really good seedling," Battle Sage Vega said in praise.

"It's really unusual. Even though she lowered herself to become someone's follower, her willpower hasn't degraded."

Man Tian's father, Barbarian King Northfield also joined in the praise.

Other quasi-deity level characters nodded in succession to show their approval. Li Qinghong being the eighth person to wake up was contrary to all their expectations.

"This female has obtained a great opportunity in the recent times. I could sense a hint of ancient dragon bloodline from her," Barbarian King Coiling Dragon said.

"No wonder, no wonder. With the ancient dragon bloodline joined with the undying sage blood, Li Qinghong's future prospects can't be measured."

When Flux Sages looked at this scene, they all noted down Li Qinghong's name.

But whenever someone's gaze fell on Li Yunmu who was still unconscious, they couldn't help out but force out a bitter smile. What was going on here?

A follower had awakened faster than the master.

At this time, Li Yunmu didn't know what was happening in the outside world. He also wasn't aware that Li Qinghong had awakened faster than him, which put him as the master in an embarrassing position.

Right then, he was within the dreamland, and his surroundings contained a dense tropical rainforest. He had an animal's skin draped over his shoulders as if he had returned to the most chaotic era at the beginning of the world.

If it had been some ordinary contestant, they wouldn't know that the situation they faced was a dream. However, Li Yunmu had the little female ancestor by his side, and with the system's reminder, he knew about it from the start.