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Chapter 274: Heaven and Earth Have Nothing on Me

Chapter 274: Heaven and Earth Have Nothing on Me
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"Little ancestor, where should we go?"

While Li Yunmu was walking through the dense jungle, the little female ancestor of the Shadow Clan sat on his shoulder. After being nurtured for so long, she had grown to a height of thirteen centimeters from the original ten centimeters.

According to the system's calculations, she had to reach the height of thirty centimeters to be considered an adult. Difficult, very difficult. But Li Yunmu felt that this height couldn't be considered as large, either.

There was nothing he could do about it, though. After all, it was impossible for him to let her return to the Shadow Clan in the Seventh Dimension to accept offerings. He simply didn't have the strength to do anything about this problem. If he didn't encounter any special events, it was hard to tell how long it'll take for the little ancestor to grow.

But even so, the existence of the little shadow was Li Yunmu's most powerful trump card. With her around, he could utilize the power of a Flux Sage at any time he wished. On top of that, he also didn't need to worry about soul related attacks and illusions.

For example, this dreamland he'd just entered!

While other people could only bitterly struggle to break out of the dreamland, Li Yunmu was awake from the time he'd entered because of the existence of the little ancestor.

With just a thought, he could shatter the dreamland and return to the outside world.

Initially, he was planning to do so, but the little shadow ancestor had insistently nudged his shoulder, pointing towards a mountain peak in the distance, so he had no choice but to stay and check it out.

This was the first time the little ancestor had taken the initiative to make a request. Looking at her little face which was full of anxiousness and expectations, Li Yunmu's heart was moved, and he quickly advanced in the direction she was pointing.

While he walked forward, he passed countless poisonous insects as well as vipers who he cautiously avoided, moving with hasted toward his target.

"Not good, this body is such trash. How did I become an ordinary person again."

After walking for more than half an hour through the dense rainforest and brambles, Li Yunmu found it extremely hard to advance forward. He had been moving for so long, but the mountain was still too far. When he turned to survey his surroundings, he discovered that he hadn't made much progress.

[Host, this is your dream!]

At this time, the system finally couldn't remain quiet.

"En… I know I'm within a dream, but this terrain is constructed by that statue of Goddess Medusa."
[Since it is your dream, you are the true ruler,] the system said again.

Li Yunmu suddenly became thoughtful, and after staying in the same location for a long while, he suddenly spat out a couple words. "I understand! Since this is my dream, I'm the god and not that Goddess Medusa's image."

Raising his head towards the sky, he said, "I want to regain my previous glory and strength."


For an instant, Li Yunmu only sensed enormous power pouring into his currently ordinary body, then it was refined. He felt as if his entire body, from top to bottom, was in possession of endless power.

The flux energy seed within his mind began to grow without any base. One after another, flux points began to open and fill up. In the blink of an eye, the seventy-two flux points of a rainbow crystal fluxer began to connect like a spider web.

Then thunder began to form, relying on the flux energy to flow around, coiling around it appearing like a thunder dragon.

His abdomen became warm and the red sun took shape once more, bathing his body in its red light.

With just one sentence, his power had returned back to him.

The system's words were correct—this was Li Yunmu's dream. And since it belonged to him, he was the most powerful existence in this place.

If he had not known all this and been ignorant like others, then it wouldn't matter much. But now that he could see through the nature and rules of this place, he was like a god in here.

"I'm god! Let us experience the power of being a deity in advance."

Li Yunmu visualized a red sun in his mind, and the next instant, he raised his hands toward the sky.
A red sun formed between them. Initially, it was only of the size of a tennis ball, but in the next breath it grew to the size of a large stone, and after another breath, it was already the size of a house.

But it wasn't sufficient. Li Yunmu continued to visualize the red sun within his consciousness sea, and it swelled more, becoming boundless.

"I don't like rainforest islands, and I don't like this dreamland. Apart from that mountain, destroy everything for me."

The next instant, Li Yunmu stopped holding onto the enormous red sun.

He let it go, allowing it to slip from his fingers and fall to the ground.

Instantly, the rainforest island as well as the endless ocean filled with red flames released by the red sun.

The entire world was burned down to a crisp, only the lone mountain staying untouched.

"Absolute power! This is the absolute power mentioned by the system!"

Li Yunmu hadn't expected that within this dream, he would be able to experience the absolute power beforehand. In front of it, what soul strength test, what willpower test, what mental fortitude test, all of them were just children toys.
He, Li Yunmu, didn't need any of them. He only needed absolute power, and all the obstructions barring his way would explode and evaporate.
After all the thorns and trees were removed by the red sun, there was no longer any pathway before Li Yunmu but a flat plain all around him. He no longer needed to labour strenuously to cleave open the thorns to move forward. Since this was his world, the path he took would become a road on itself.


Li Yunmu, whose power had been restored, pushed off the ground and, like a human-shaped monster, rushed toward the distant mountain.

Compared to walking with difficulty previously, the difference was like heaven and earth.

But quickly, an extremely bizarre thing happened. Given the explosive speed of his corporeal body, even if he didn't use any of his footwork skills, he should've reached the mountain long ago, regardless of how far it was.

However, the distant mountain remained far away no matter how much he rushed toward it.

"Something's not right. Sure enough, a thing which can attract the attention of the female ancestor will be extraordinary."

Li Yunmu paused for a moment, then unleashed Ghostly Evasion.

In the real world, his flux energy could only support it for thirty minutes, but within the dream world, he didn't need to worry about his flux energy being depleted.

However, after an hour, he still wasn't any closer to the mountain. By then, Li Yunmu had become aware that he couldn't just rely on brute force but needed to stop and think rationally.

However, this was in contradiction to what he'd decided before. Since I'm the most powerful existence in this world, why should I passively decipher this?

"The mountain peak, come here for me."

Li Yunmu didn't approach the mountain peak but instead made a grab for it.

Immediately, a mighty force appeared out of nowhere, and the mountain peak in the distance began to shudder. All the trees on the mountain were crushed or uprooted, and large cracks began to open up in the land at the foot of the mountain as if caused by an earthquake.

"Meaningless resistance?"

Li Yunmu thought of something right away. He realized the reason why the little shadow ancestor had been pointing toward that mountain.

This peak was the place from where Goddess Medusa was pouring its power to create illusions. He could sense the place still resisting his call.

However, in here, he was the god. If this dreamland had a god, that was him, not Goddess Medusa.

"Come here for me," Li Yunmu commanded once more.

The mountain peak trembled, and unable to resist the power of the command, it began to rapidly flow toward Li Yunmu.