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Chapter 277: Explosive Truth

Chapter 277: Explosive Truth
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"Your Ladyship, what is it?"Li Yunmu asked while staring at Battle Sage An Jing who had appeared quietly in his tent.

"As things stand, there are some matters which cannot be concealed from you any longer," Battle Sage An Jing told him right away to dispel his suspicions. "Li Yunmu, how much do you know about the Heavenly Transformation?"

"Not much. Although I have a few guesses, I don't know anything definite. I hope Your Ladyship will tell me a few things."

When Li Yunmu heard Battle Sage An Jing mention the matter of Heavenly Transformation, he sucked in a deep breath and could only follow along.

He knew that whatever he tried to pull in front of Battle Sage Vega or Battle Sage An Jing, it would come to naught. He didn't have the capital to seize the initiative in front of them, so he could only follow along.

To act as a chess piece, he had to know what a chess piece should know. Regarding this fact, he was extremely clear. If he wanted to break out of this role, he couldn't rely on justs running his mouth and idiotic bravery.

"Oh, seems like you really don't have any background. Your knowledge regarding the Heavenly Transformation is even smaller compared to what I thought."

Battle Sage An Jing nodded, then continued to speak. "Then what do you know about this world we live in?"

"Know about our Earth?"

Li Yunmu felt a headache when he heard this. Before obtaining the system, he'd been just an ordinary student of an ordinary high school in Lucky Wind City.

He knew fart about the more secretive stuff. However, he suddenly recalled once seeing a book about ancient geography and history of Earth. After remembering what had been written there, he blurted out, "Once I read an odd description. According to rumours, the people before Dark Ages considered science and technology as supreme. They once went on a huge exploration and were able to determine that Earth could be categorized as a huge prison.

"This huge prison traps all life-forms on Earth. According to my understanding, above the sky of the Earth, there is an extremely large cosmos which is home to countless similar planets. If the people of Earth want to break this naturally formed huge prison, the only way to do so is by becoming a True God and smashing the vacuum of Earth. Only then could one become truly free and unfettered. True deities cannot be bound or tied to anything…"

Li Yunmu told everything he recalled from the ancient geographical and historical records. He had read it when he had just become a fluxer, and at that time, he didn't know the origins of this book. He'd only felt that it was a fantasy story!

He'd thought all of it was just a joke. Earth being a natural prison? The cosmos outside the Earth containing countless similar planets?

However, when he connected it to the Heavenly Transformation as well as Battle Sage An Jing treating it as the introduction to the matter, he couldn't help but reveal an expression of astonishment. Could the facts written in that book be real?

Was there really an infinite cosmos outside Earth which possessed countless stars and life-forms?

"That's right, everything written in that book is true!"

Battle Sage An Jing calmly nodded.

Li Yunmu, however, wasn't able to calm his heart. Since he was a person of the new era, he believed that the world which humanity could access only included Earth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Dimension along with their counterparts. But at this instant, he was forced to accept that there was a boundless space outside, and Earth was only a miniscule part of it.

"It is true but also false at the same time. You don't need to be so astonished, these matters are considered as the highest class secrets in the world. Only those who enter the quasi-deity level have the qualifications to learn of them. Even Senior Domain Sages only know a fraction of it and nothing more…

"But it's different now. Since the Heavenly Transformation is coming closer and closer, our Earth's destiny is unknown. Therefore, since you have passed the second round of the Continental Battle, it is time to reveal some of the secrets."

Battle Sage An Jing calmly continued to narrate the highest class secrets about the Earth which were unknown to ordinary people.

"Earth being a huge prison is a true fact. It has trapped our people for certain, and only a True God could shatter the vacuum and break through the prison, becoming truly free and unfettered.

"However… this information hadn't been found on Earth where we are located," Battle Sage An Jing said, astonishing Li Yunmu.

"Isn't Earth where we live? Your Ladyship, what does this even mean? Don't tell me that this world has another Earth?"

Li Yunmu's heart began to thump loudly. He felt as if a genuine high-level secret was about to be revealed to him.

He also sensed that he couldn't turn back now. Since Battle Sage An Jing had chosen this time to reveal the matter which only the quasi-deities knew about, then the people who formed the top layer of humanity's power had definitely come to some kind of decision. And Li Yunmu didn't possess the power to change it.

"That's right. In the true omniverse, this indeed isn't the only Earth. There are sixty-six of them in parallel universes which are completely identical to our own. The Earth in which we live is only one among the sixty-six. Its plane of existence is the fifty-fifth one, and it is known as the fifty-fifth earth plane according to sequence."


Li Yunmu's mind went completely blank as if ten thousand tons of explosives had suddenly been lighted inside it, destroying everything.

There isn't just one Earth, but sixty-six identical ones? It's an omniverse? And the earth on which we're currently located has the number of fifty-fifth?

"This cannot be real… Impossible..."

Li Yunmu subconsciously shook his head violently.

"When I became a battle sage and learned these secrets, my reaction wasn't any better."

Battle Sage An Jing didn't continue. She instead gave Li Yunmu time to digest everything he'd just heard.

After observing that he was slowly calming down, she said, "Apart from this, there is still a true Earth, which isn't one of the sixty-six parallel ones. This true Earth is the real Earth, and our sixty-six parallel earths are the projections of this true Earth."

Another bit of explosive information was dropped on Li Yunmu's heart, which had just calmed down, causing it to speed up again.

The truth of the Heavenly Transformation… was surprisingly this!

It was no wonder then that the quasi-deities standing at the peak of the world had concealed the true facts so deeply that not even other Flux Sages were able to obtain any information.