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Chapter 278: Correct Choice

Chapter 278: Correct Choice
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Because if such secrets were leaked outside, they would cause an explosion which would plunge the entire human society into chaos.

At this instant, Li Yunmu was completely lost.

There was a saying, the more you know, the more you worry. This line wasn't one bit wrong!

If it was possible, he was willing to become an ordinary person and forget all about this, know nothing like all the normal fluxers.

But Battle Sage An Jing had just informed him that the Earth he lived on wasn't one of its kind—it was actually one of sixty-six identical worlds. And on top of that, these sixty-six earths weren't even real. There was only one real Earth, and it wasn't the one lived on. All the other earths in the parallel universe were just the original one's projections.

Isn't this simply too frustrating?

"In other words, the purpose of this time's Continental Battle is to select participants to send to this real Earth?"

Li Yunmu felt as if his head was going to burst open.

"That's right, it is to choose people who would descend to this original world. What you described previously, it was of that place, not our Earth.

"Our Earth is the true cage, completely sealed off. In this place, there is no path above quasi deities. If you want to obtain a path to go farther, then it can only be found in the original Earth," Battle Sage An Jing explained with a hint of hope in her eyes.

"Then why are you powerhouses choosing Flux Disciples to be the first to descend?" Li Yunmu asked.

"It's simple, really. You should have already guessed it in your heart. The higher one's power, the harder it is to descend on the original Earth. Therefore, we can only choose the most powerful Flux Disciples to represent us. And you are the candidate who will represent Battle Sage Vega and me," Battle Sage An Jing replied bluntly.

Hearing all this, Li Yunmu couldn't help but take in a deep breath. If this was really the case, then the truth wasn't far from what the system had analyzed. All the proud children of heavens were only chess pieces and nothing more.

Battle Sages, Barbarian Kings, Ocean Emperors—these quasi deities were all trapped within this prison without any path to advance forward.

And now all of them wanted their representatives.

But for what?

It was certainly to rely on them to seize the initiative and occupy the highest authority in the new world. For a while, Li Yunmu couldn't think of anything to say to Battle Sage An Jing.

"You don't need to worry. Perhaps other quasi deities will give you commands to execute, but I and Battle Sage Vega won't be the same. The relationship between the two of us can be considered that of allies. What do you think?" Battle Sage An Jing laughed faintly.

"Good," Li Yunmu replied firmly.

The difference between the power of a battle sage and a flux disciple was incomparable, like the difference between heaven and earth.

But Li Yunmu also knew why Battle Sage Vega was seeking to establish an alliance with him, where both parties were on equal status.

The reason was very simple. If Li Yunmu was chosen as one of the people to descend to the original world, then even if the quasi deities possessed the power to shake the heavens, they still wouldn't be able to affect his actions in the slightest.

The only thing restraining Li Yunmu was his family and friends living in this world.

Battle Sage An Jing understood that Li Yunmu was a person with sound logic,s so she said in a gentle voice, "You understanding everything so quickly makes things easier. I don't wish for a conflict to exist between the two of us. We both are equal partners in this alliance. Just let me and Vega deal with the problems like the safety of your family and other trifling matters on this side, and I guarantee that nothing will happen to them. You can descend to the main world with no worries. This will also be an opportunity for you and not just a task to find a path forward for me and Vega."

"I understand. Compared to following in your path after I become a Battle Sage, it is better to find my own. That way, at least I will be in control of my fate." Li Yunmu's voice was extremely firm.

Because of his words, Battle Sage An Jing became a lot more hopeful. She hadn't expected that this person would think of matters so far in the future. Moreover, he also had such confidence in becoming a Battle Sage.

After pondering for some time, Li Yunmu finally gave words to the matter gnawing in his mind, "But what should I do about War God Temple? You must know that they had sent a letter of invitation to participate in the trial by fire which was to enter the Continental Battle. At this moment, I can be considered as a member of War God Temple."

"This was the reason why I came as a member of your Li Sect. You don't need to worry. From the moment I became a quasi deity of the mysterious Li Sect, War God Temple had already struck off your qualifications.

"You should be aware that the combined strength of Battle Sage Vega and Battle Sage An Jing isn't one whit inferior to that of Battle God. Behind me and Vega stands the Central Continent, and do you know about the Dual Star Supreme Battlesuit in detail?"

Before Li Yunmu could reply, Battle Sage An Jing quickly continued, "Dual Star Supreme Battle Suit isn't just one battlesuit, but two of them. One is the light star supreme battlesuit, while the other is the dark star supreme battlesuit. Battle Sage Vega took the light star, while I, An Jing, took the dark star...

The inheritance of this dual star battlesuit can only be passed on to people who possess two independent personalities. And me and Vega are its only successor!"


A shiver passed down Li Yunmu's spine.

The Dual Star Supreme Battlesuit surprisingly had such an enormous secret that it wasn't just one suit but two.

Vega and An Jing, these two had surprisingly obtained the complete inheritance? Instantly, Li Yunmu understood many things. It was no wonder that Battle Sage Vega became a battle sage in just a few years, before she even reached forty.

During her fortuitous encounter, she must've obtained the complete inheritance of the Dual Star Supreme Battle Suit. She then would have possessed it from the time she was an ordinary person.

"Thus, you can be at ease now."


Until this moment, Li Yunmu hadn't said much. But now, he spoke with a serious tone. "What is the aim of Battle Sage Vega?"

"To protect our Earth. With the Heavenly Transformation coming closer and closer, given that the six continents aren't unified and there is the behemoth named fluxer association, I and Battle Sage Vega are the protectors of our Earth plane…"

During this conversation, Battle Sage An Jing had settled most of the doubts in Li Yunmu's heart. Once she achieved that, she quickly departed.

She left behind Li Yunmu, who had a pensive expression on his face.

He had already realized what his next action should be, and that his choice to enter an alliance with Battle Sage Vega and An Jing was presently the most sensible choice he could make. After all, apart from representing the ruling power of the Central Continent, Battle Sage Vega was also the most powerful person on the six continents, just that no one was aware of this fact.

And he, Li Yunmu, was the most valued agent of her. How could entering War God Temple and becoming one of its many representatives compare to this?

Battle God had the power of the transcending power War God Temple behind him, and under his control, there were already Zhan Wuya and Ji Wuxin. How could Li Yunmu dip his fingers in with these two War God Temple's disciple already present?

He would rather be a chicken's head than a phoenix's tail.

Li Yunmu was absolutely certain of his choice.