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Chapter 279: Masters of the Six Transcending Powers

Chapter 279: Masters of the Six Transcending Powers
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Li Yunmu used the next three days to prepare for the final test where they'd have to enter the depths of Black Dragon Island.

By then, he was aware of many things he wasn't before. Knowing that he didn't have much time left in this plane, he decided to stay with his family for the three days he had.

He also gave a hundred million dimensional coins to his sister Liu Ruyan, allowing her to increase the size of her shop. Then he repeatedly reminded Nangong Gongzi, Devil Monkey, and Underworld to take care of his family. As for Flowing Cloud, she was dispatched to stay by Liu Ruyan's side as a helper for the time being.

The arrangements made by Battle Sage Vega's side were also very quick. In the real world, his family had already settled down in a manor in Vega City. Now that they had the protection of Battle Sage Vega and Vega Palace, he didn't need to worry about their safety.

After making these arrangements, Li Yunmu had a little meetup with Li Daxiong, Brother Thin and Crooked Teeth Qiang.

He gave them some items to help in their future cultivation.

In the end, he met with Sister Noujie. After he descended, who could know how long he'd have to stay there? For a while, Li Yunmu's feelings were in disarray.

"Best of luck, I will also descend to the original world. Next year, I will certainly accomplish that. You must do your best to take care."

When they were about to separate, Liu Noujie finally summoned enough courage to take hold of Li Yunmu's hand. She then asked in a firm voice, "You, how do you know about the descending and the matter of the original world?"

Li Yunmu's heart was moved at first, but then her words shocked him. He was aware that this level of secret was something that only quasi deities knew well.

"I won't tell you, hehe, but you must take care of yourself. That side is very dangerous, and the original world isn't like the Fifth Dimension where you were protected by the rules of the world. So you cannot act arrogantly, all right?"

Liu Noujie had taken the initiative to put her small hand into Li Yunmu's hands.

When he felt the softness in his hand as well as the gaze of Liu Noujie filled with concern, it was as if some place in his heart which he had suppressed deeply had been touched. He wasn't able to say anything and could only nod in reply.

He didn't continue to question her about her source of information.

Three days after, the three hundred and ten contestants gathered before the platform on the Black Dragon Island. This time, the people watching the live broadcast discovered that whether it were the powerhouses atop the platform or the three hundred something contests, all of them had very solemn expressions on their faces.

The solemn and serious atmosphere caused an invisible tension to seep into everyone's heart.

The Alliance representative waved his hand, and a black protective cover sprang up around the three hundred and ten contestants. This protective cover cut off all sound transmissions.

The people outside were left completely astonished by an unimaginable scene.

Through the translucent protective cover, they could see that the masters of the six transcending powers had gathered together!

All of them were now on the Black Dragon Island! This information instantly spread through the six continents!

People quickly realized that this final test wasn't going to be simple and that something big was about to happen!

According to the public's memory, the last time the masters of the six transcending powers had appeared together was thirty-six years ago. At that time, a dimensional crack had appeared on the boundary between the real world and the Seventh Dimension which allowed a powerful fiend to enter Earth.

This forced the six transcending masters to join hands and kill the fiend.

Thirty-six years had passed since that event, and no one had expected that these six people who were the closest to becoming deities would surprisingly appear together at the Continental Battle.

In fact, not only the people outside, even contestants like Li Yunmu couldn't help but feel the tension in their hearts rise because of the appearance of these six people.

Bladewood's master, Blade Sage.

Barbarian Shrine's master, Barbarian Emperor.

Ocean Temple's master, Ocean Monarch.

War God Temple's master, Battle God.

Divine Religion's master, Supreme Pontiff.

Frontline Heaven's master, Frontline God.

All the people without exception stared fixedly upon these six people. Each of them represented a transcending power, having established a supreme organization in their continent.

In this world, these six people formed the highest level of humanity's hierarchy.

In an instant, everyone turned silent.

The masters of the six transcending powers didn't say anything for a time. Then, Battle God walked out in front and said, "In the third test, those who won't clear it will die. If there is still anyone among you who wants to forfeit, they can do so now."

Battle God adorned a golden purple battle mask which stopped everyone from seeing his real face. However, there was no one who doubted that he was the most formidable person in the whole world.

His words were directed toward people like Li Yunmu who could be said to represent some sort of power. Battle God's words were to remind those contestants who didn't know the truth that at this stage it was either do or die!

Only the few contestants who didn't know about descending to the origin world had the right to choose.

But in front of the masters of the six transcending powers, there was no one among the three hundred and ten contestants who were willing to renounce at this stage, even if it was extremely likely that they'd die in this final test.

"Apart from facing death, even if you succeed in gain qualifications to descend, it'll be very difficult for you all to return from the original world," Battle God said.

This time, in the group of three hundred and ten contestants, a few people couldn't remain calm anymore. When they thought that this year's Continental Battle was related to the Heavenly Transformation, they instantly realized what they had to do.

Although they didn't know the details, the words of Battle God had been quite clear—they'd be descending to the original world.

In a short while, three people decided to forfeit after some hesitation.

Their decision was correct, but also wrong at the same time. It was correct because they weren't any better than the others, and since they didn't represent any power, even on the eve of the final test, they didn't have any clue about the situation.

But by giving up, they lost the chance to fight to reach the pinnacle.

After a long while, another four people withdrew from the competition. They weren't afraid of facing death, but were unable to give up on the worries of this world.

At this time, Barbarian Niu and Lin Jian turned toward Li Yunmu. Clearly, they didn't know about the situation, so they wanted his opinion.

"This choice may lead you to hell. So make up your mind, but if you choose to remain behind, you must take care of my sister Liu Ruyan until I return."

Li Yunmu slightly explained the situation to the two of them.

As for Li Qinghong, she hadn't wavered in the slightest from the very beginning. Although she didn't know anything about the situation, she wasn't afraid of anything and also have any ties to this world.

Demon was the same. All he wanted was to become powerful and reach the peak.

"Master, I still have a great hatred which has to be avenged," Blade Overlord Lin Jian said.

"Then you should remain behind. With you here, I also won't have to worry about the matter of my family's safety," Li Yunmu said without any hesitation.