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Chapter 284: The Concept of Absolute Strength

Chapter 284: The Concept of Absolute Strength
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At this instant, Li Yunmu used up all his ability points on Ghostly Evasion.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!

Within an instant, he upgraded Ghostly Evasion by five levels, and it reached the fifteenth level.

After this, he used the red sun in his chest as the fuel to burst forth explosively, calling out the suppression of flux energy.

Instantly, Ghostly Evasion, which had been upgraded to the fifteenth level, burst with pinnacle strength, and a layer of flame erupted from the red Tyrant Body.

[Congratulations, host. With the use of Ghostly Evasion and Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets, you have successfully comprehended and unleashed Ardent Sun Combustion supreme secret skill, which can be classified as an SSS grade skill. The might of Ardent Sun Combustion will rely upon host's cultivation of Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets and Ghostly Evasion. As their levels grow higher, the power displayed by Ardent Sun Combustion will also increase.

[Congratulations, host, on comprehending a supreme skill. Your temperament has also matured because of this, making you even more reliable.]

The system spoke up once again, and its voice even sounded a little pleased.

"System, you have finally responded."

Li Yunmu was extremely overjoyed at this moment.

On this Black Dragon Island, his connection with the system had been severed for the first time. This was an unprecedented event, and it was hail added to snow after he had lost the little shadow ancestor.

For the first time, he had found himself confronting an unprecedented avalanche.

After losing both the little shadow ancestor and the system, he had lost control over the situation. But after experiencing the initial panic, he hardened his resolve and broke through the shackles he had placed upon himself.

Then, he finally realized that the current him possessed enough strength to confront any difficulty, even after losing the system.

At this instant, Li Yunmu sensed that he had advanced greatly during this short time.

It wasn't the advancement in strength but rather in temperament. From a person that always depended on the system, he became someone who could confront the challenges that came before him with courage and resolve.

This was his biggest harvest, though he also gained an even deeper understanding of the concept of absolute strength.

What bullsh*t mental fortitude, it's just pure crap! The only thing he pursued was absolute strength.

Faster, I want to become even faster!

Ardent Sun Combustion was the first SSS grade Li Yunmu had comprehended by himself. The next instant, the red sun in his chest suddenly exploded with unprecedented power.

This caused a transformation in his body. In an instant, the ray of light became even thicker and sturdier and gradually transformed into a raging sun.

With an irresistible destruction power and speed, Li Yunmu instantly burst forth.

Strictly speaking, Ardent Sun Combustion wasn't just a high level evasion technique—it also contained a terrifying destructive ability.


When Li Yunmu unleashed Ardent Sun Combustion to its pinnacle, the attack of the red sun which was his personification seemed to have knocked against a membrane.

When his head cleared up, the thick cover of dragon mist around him couldn't be seen any longer.

"Dragon tail, this should be the final target, the dragon's tail! It should be the passage for descending Battle Sage An Jing had mentioned!"

Li Yunmu knew that he had finally reached the goal of the final test.

He calmly observed the front entrance of the black passage, with no one around him. From the beginning until now, there had been no one who had reached this region, the goal, before him.

If the contestants continued with what they were doing, they would be eternally trapped within the dragon mist. Regardless of whether they were close or far away, it didn't matter.

Li Yunmu understood one thing, which was that one needed to use absolute strength to break through. This was the most violent, most direct, and fastest as well as simplest method to solve this problem.

If you will set rules for me, I will use absolute strength to break them! Never will I moved according to your rules!

In time, two people gradually appeared beside Li Yunmu.

Hai Yue and Ji Wuxin, these two women had ugly expressions. They had never expected that by doing their utmost to catch up to Li Yunmu they would actually reach the descending point so quickly.

No one had thought that he would unexpectedly use such a method to reach the dragon's tail.

And what was even more surprising, while blindly following him, they had reached it alongside him without much effort.

"What sort of technique did you use just now?" Ji Wuxin asked with a hint of astonishment on her face.

She had obtained the true inheritance of Battle God and possessed the Battle God Martial Step, but she still couldn't solve the riddle in a short amount of time. However, Li Yunmu had been able to accomplish just that.

But he refused to pay any attention to her.

He hated dealing with this sort of arrogant people who thought that just because they were from some transcending power—War God Temple, in this case—they should surpass everyone.

He remembered this woman trying to entice him not too long ago to make him into one of her followers. Her plans had been grand, but it was just wishful thinking on her part.

Li Yunmu cast a glance at Ji Wuxin, then advanced toward the black passage.

This had to be the descending passage Battle Sage An Jing had told him about. It would lead him to the origin world which would be totally different from his world which was just a sealed off cage and had people like Battle God and others who had already reached the peak here and had no way to advance forward.

The fifty-fifth Earth would be unable to trap Li Yunmu. He didn't want to act on behalf of others for he had his own path.

As long as he descended to the origin world, then whether it was Battle Sage Vega or Battle Sage An Jing, both would view him as their equal and would truly treat him like that. Then, he wouldn't have to act passively all the time.

Only when both sides were on the same page could their collaboration gain a true meaning. Moreover, only then would Battle Sage Vega and An Jing earnestly pay attention to issues concerning Li Yunmu.

Hai Yue quickly chased after him and said, "Wait a minute! Many of our companions aren't here yet. If you exhaust the power of the passage, then the others will only be able to descend only in three years, when the flux ancestor will accumulate enough power for another use."

"Flux ancestor!?" A shiver passed through Li Yunmu's heart. "What does this have to do with flux ancestor?"

"This passage is opened by the personification of flux ancestor. He has willingly transformed into this passage to descend. Only because of this can it remain open eternally, otherwise it would quickly close up," Ji Wuxin explained with an ashen complexion.

She had been surprisingly ignored by Li Yunmu.

She now clearly understood that they—she and her master, Battle God—had greatly underestimated this rookie fluxer's strength. Neither of them had expected that he who had awakened less than six months ago would already possess this level of strength.

Ji Wuxin changed her act and no longer acted arrogantly in front of Li Yunmu. Instead, she begun to treat him as a person on the same level as her, while a hint of fear was concealed within her heart.